Looking to Motivate Virtual Groupwork? Follow These Steps to Do It

As a manager, it can be difficult to ensure that a sense of teamwork and collaboration is maintained when working with employees who are not in the office. What measures can be taken to encourage a team spirit among staff who never get to physically interact with one another? And how can we ensure that this remains in place when everyone is working remotely?

The Coronavirus pandemic has been widely reported to have caused a significant shift in working practices, with thousands of employees now having to work from home. Good teamwork is essential for the successful operation of any business, so it is understandable that many managers are now seeking the best ways to facilitate effective teamwork in this new environment.

To what extent does cooperation facilitate achievement of goals?

Recent research has demonstrated the beneficial outcomes of cultivating a cooperative environment in the workplace. For example, a study from Stanford University revealed that teams achieved better results than individuals working independently. Other research has shown that teamwork also has the potential to enhance morale. Moreover, because contented employees are more productive, the fulfilment of the company’s objectives is guaranteed. The University of Warwick identified that satisfied employees are 20% more productive than dissatisfied workers.

Throughout the years, we have gathered a few key insights that have enabled us to develop a culture of collaboration in the digital workspace. If you are looking for ways to maintain the same level of team engagement as you did while in the office, here are some suggested strategies that may help.

Establish Ground Rules for All Interactions

Irrespective of whether you have spent your entire professional life in a traditional office environment or have been working remotely for many years, effective communication is an essential component of success. The capacity to communicate effectively with colleagues is paramount when it comes to achieving desired outcomes.

In large organizations, it is imperative that the teams are provided with clear guidelines regarding communication. Without adequate protocols in place, it is unlikely that employees will be able to work together effectively. Establishing effective communication systems is, therefore, an essential element of successful team-based operations.

If the current global pandemic has necessitated that you begin managing your team remotely, it is essential that you establish a set of transparent protocols to ensure effective online communication and collaboration. Establishing these protocols will help to ensure that all members of the team are aware of the expectations and requirements when it comes to virtual working, enabling everyone to work as efficiently and productively as possible.

  1. How should staff members interact with one another?
  2. And how, specifically, would you use those tools?

It is essential to ensure that team collaborations and conversations are conducted solely through Zoom and that Slack should only be utilized for concise messages. The project management software I am using grants me amazing communication abilities and helps me stay organized. It is critical to demonstrate your availability, particularly if you are in a managerial position. It is essential to let employees know that they can come to you with any queries or worries they may have, or if they need support with any task they are assigned. All team members, including the manager, must be in agreement about when they are and are not accessible for work.

Methods of high-level management that boost team performance

It can feel overwhelming to be faced with a seemingly endless list of tasks that require your full attention and concentration. Unfortunately, this is what it is like to be micromanaged. Managers who prefer to micromanage strive to ensure that their staff adhere to their instructions exactly and often discourage any new ideas which may be offered by staff members, despite them possibly being more effective. This can leave staff feeling frustrated and unable to progress with their tasks, much like the feeling of having a mosquito stuck in your ear, making it impossible to focus on anything else.

The most effective way to achieve the desired results from your employees is to place your faith in them and allow them to perform their duties without continuous monitoring. A remote team benefits from having a manager with a “big-picture” outlook, as this creates an atmosphere of confidence and mutual trust.

But what methods may be used to do this?

  • There is a wide range of tools available to assist with the management of projects, tasks and deadlines. These tools enable progress to be monitored without the need to interrupt or distract the personnel actively involved in the project. Consequently, it is possible to keep apprised of any developments at any point without disrupting workflow.
  • It is recommended that we hold daily briefings in order to discuss the duties assigned to each team member, identify any areas where additional support is needed, and brainstorm effective ideas. These conference calls would provide an opportunity for team members to collaborate and provide support to one another.
  • It is beneficial for employees to receive feedback that acknowledges their overall efforts, as well as noting areas for improvement. Personalised comments can be especially helpful in this regard, as they provide tailored and specific guidance for employees to develop further.
  • It is essential to motivate your team members to share their opinions on areas where the organization can be improved, as this will make them feel valued. Everyone makes mistakes, so it is crucial that you provide constructive feedback that will help them to develop and grow.

Promote Collaboration by Discussing Common Objectives

It is essential that each and every member of the team comprehends the significance and importance of their work. Every team member brings their own distinct skills, knowledge and perspectives to the table, and it is vital that they understand that their individual input is crucial to the success of the organization. The contributions of each team member are essential in order for the team to succeed and for the company to flourish.

Organizing video conferences, which allow employees to create a virtual environment in which to discuss and set objectives and objectives, is one of the most effective ways to promote collaboration remotely. This enables employees to show management their skills which may have previously gone unnoticed. Furthermore, staff feel more involved in the business’s success when they are aware of its specific aims and objectives. This leads to increased staff retention, ultimately boosting morale and productivity.

Promoting Teamwork with Virtual Water Coolers

Everybody desires a career where they can feel contented and be aware that they are making a meaningful contribution. Additionally, it is advantageous when you have a good rapport with the people you work with. Research has revealed that having a strong sense of community and strong relations with your co-workers is associated with employees remaining in their roles (even if they are not contented).

But how can you make friends if you don’t see them often as you would at an office? To make use of electronic water dispensers.

In order to help protect against burnout, provide a break and create an opportunity to relax, socialization venues can be invaluable. However, they are not only beneficial for this purpose. They can also offer staff the chance to get to know each other on a more personal level and to develop genuine connections with one another.

Having the opportunity to take part in group activities with people from different locations promotes cooperation, as it highlights the importance of working together to achieve a shared goal, regardless of the nature of the activity.

We Can’t Allow COVID-19 To Win

In order to make the transition from an on-site organization to working from home a success, it is essential to be flexible and take full advantage of all the available resources. Having a physical workspace is not a prerequisite for successful collaboration between you and your staff; in fact, it is possible to achieve even better results if it is done correctly.

We’re here to support you during this difficult time.

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