Managing Distributed Teams Effectively? Try One of These 8 Slack-Based Tools

Slack may be a newcomer, but it has proven to be a valuable tool for managing remote work and enhancing team collaboration with speed and efficiency.

As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc, employing this software has become essential.

While Slack’s basic features are essential for most teams, its collection of add-ons can boost remote productivity. When optimized with appropriate tools, creating a virtual workplace can be both productive and comfortable. To take staff management to the next level, consider utilizing these 8 resources:


Bringing to mind the days when students were praised for their exceptional accomplishments, it is beneficial for Human Resources experts to explore using Karma as a means of raising team spirit and recognising employees. An approach based on point-system might be employed to evaluate and acknowledge the achievements of team members. It is therefore essential that expertise in Karma be a vital part of the Human Resources professional’s arsenal.

By tracking the accomplishments of your employees and rewarding them accordingly, Karma can boost morale for the entire team, resulting in increased happiness.

As it is typical for remote workers to feel disconnected from their work, utilizing Karma is an effective way to demonstrate appreciation for their contributions.

Moreover, expressing appreciation to your team members is crucial for a thriving enterprise. By generating detailed reports for managers to assess, Karma’s performance monitoring system offers useful intelligence on employee performance.

There are various ways in which Karma can be utilized:

  • Encouraging and rewarding outstanding performance within the team can lead to an improvement in productivity. Therefore, a point-based system to recognize employees based on their performance should be taken into account.
  • Staff members who accumulate a predefined number of Karma points will be additionally compensated, on top of their regular salary. Implementing a system that rewards performance can inspire employees to strive for excellence.
  • Motivating employees to increase their productivity is an effective way to prompt action. One possible approach is to reward teams for achieving a critical delivery ahead of schedule.

Application for Office Culture

Officevibe is an engagement tool that surveys and polls employees to obtain feedback on how to enhance working conditions and increase morale.

By obtaining feedback through these polls, you can determine precisely what your team needs to enhance and identify any shortcomings or flaws in its processes.

To learn more about how Officevibe can improve your work experience, continue reading.

  • By using this tool, you can diagnose and tackle the problems currently impacting your team, such as insufficient collaboration, employee disengagement, and excessively positive feedback. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent any further decline.
  • By expressing gratitude for the contributions of your colleagues, you can enhance their confidence in their capabilities and dedication.
  • Soliciting feedback from your employees can strengthen teamwork and productivity.
  • Based on employee feedback, alterations to corporate policies can be implemented to improve employee treatment and satisfaction.

Zoom Feature Recently Introduced by Slack

Studies have demonstrated that face-to-face meetings are 34 times more effective than electronic communication methods, such as texting or emailing. Consequently, consistent in-person interactions are critical for managing remote employees efficiently.

Zoom for Slack is a business video conferencing platform that enables easy sharing of voice, screen, and video content within Slack channels and groups. Simply type “/zoom” into the chat box and a link URL for the meeting will be generated.

Listed below are some of the most advantageous features of Zoom:

  • You can engage in a one-on-one conversation or arrange a gathering for as many as 500 people.
  • Upload the meeting recording, as well as a summary, participant count, and any relevant details, to the designated channel as requested.


Businesses often endeavour to establish a strong sense of solidarity and cohesion among their employees, but this can be challenging when team members are geographically dispersed. For instance, remote workers may not realise how much they are appreciated. The ‘donut’ technique can help to address this issue.

Arranging a virtual meeting for your employees is a practical approach to encourage discussion and establish connections before commencing work. Hosting virtual coffee or lunch gatherings, as well as online doughnut sessions, are all feasible ways to conduct online social events for remote teams.

This can aid in enhancing team collaboration as a team-building exercise.

The Donut bot is among the most popular Slack integrations offered by Works. Every Tuesday, employees are partnered and motivated to organise a Zoom virtual coffee (or happy hour) with their respective colleague in the following week. This fosters the company’s culture by promoting connections between employees who may not have the chance to encounter each other otherwise.


Jibble is a remarkable tool for improving productivity through the monitoring of employees’ start/end times, attendance, and other metrics. Slack is a perfect platform for disseminating the app and guidance on usage to your team.

By utilising commands such as “in” and “out,” operations can be managed efficiently. Reviewing timesheets and logs enables businesses to enhance their operations and gain insight into the start and end times of their employees’ shifts.

If you have an additional task and are aware of their usual work hours, you can contact the appropriate individual.

Furthermore, the timer can be divided into specific projects. Forming a blog team, for instance, enables task delegation to:

  1. Writing
  2. Editing and Quality Assurance
  3. Engaging visuals and keywords
  4. Sharing information via social media

It is essential to monitor time for all activities to ensure timely completion of tasks. For instance, if quality control and editing procedures are taking longer than expected, the underlying cause should be identified and appropriate measures should be taken to address the issue immediately.

Developing flexibility is advised, even if software solutions are accessible, especially for newly remote workers who may be unfamiliar with time management or find some tasks challenging. The significance of monitoring employee performance is frequently overemphasised by managers.


Dash empowers organisations to generate temporary channels to expedite the delivery of specific projects. Comparable to Slack channels, these channels guarantee that every contributor remains focused on the task at hand.

By utilising the “/dash” command, a new channel can be established, and members can be added. This attribute can be particularly advantageous when the primary channel becomes too chaotic, such as when a remote team is working on a short-term project.

Archiving channels can enable you to declutter your platform and eliminate the need to delete old channels.


When staff members work from a remote location, straightforward queries can be challenging to get resolved. For instance, in a typical work environment, if a product review meeting is to be scheduled, one could quickly inquire the best time from their co-workers.

Polly presents the matching functionality in a digital setting. Queries and multiple-choice alternatives can be published for workers to cast their votes or provide feedback on any decision.

Polls can serve as an excellent method of staying in touch with customers. By disseminating the polls via widespread channels, customers can offer their feedback in an organised and relevant manner.


Having to repeatedly remind team members of their responsibilities and deadlines can be exhausting. Implementing ToDoBot, a Slack add-on functioning as an efficient task management system, can address this issue. With ToDoBot, you can effortlessly arrange and monitor your work progress, participate in conversations about it, and establish deadlines.

Rather than squandering time organising a project management platform, you can promptly commence assigning tasks to staff.

Furthermore, you can keep your customers apprised of your project’s progress. Public Slack channels can be used to keep customers and clients informed about progress. Collaborating with customers to develop a joint plan and advancing the most critical deliverables is feasible

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