Medical Insurance for Asia from AXA Mansard and Works

Asian technology professionals, rest assured!

At Works, we take great pride in placing a strong emphasis on individual attention. It’s a critical part of our approach, enabling our technical experts located in any part of the globe to benefit from our guidance and assistance as and when they need it.

At Works, the happiness and satisfaction of our community is our top priority. As a result, members of the Works Talent Network can take advantage of a growing selection of perks created to improve their standard of living and help them succeed in their individual and career pursuits.

We have collaborated with reputable healthcare providers to guarantee that all members of our community and their loved ones have equal access to top-notch medical services at reasonable prices, regardless of their employment status.

AXA Mansard and Works Join Forces to Support Technology Professionals in Asia

As a professional in the technology industry, it’s crucial to make taking care of yourself and your family a top priority, even though the sector can be challenging and require constant focus over long hours.

Wellbeing encompasses not just the lack of illness or disability, but also physical, psychological, and social health. Achieving professional success requires giving your all at work, and optimal physical and mental health can assist in achieving this goal. Health insurance can provide you and your family with a sense of assurance and stability.

Works is thrilled to unveil our partnership with AXA Mansard, offering budget-friendly healthcare coverage to technology professionals in Asia. Our exclusive collaboration ensures that individuals who opt to join the healthcare program will be responsible for covering the cost of their coverage.

At AXA Mansard, we are committed to empowering our clients and fostering serenity regarding their health and wellness. Our medical insurance schemes are designed to provide you with comprehensive care, whether you need inpatient attention or outpatient services.

Insured individuals who sign up with AXA Mansard will be entitled to receive the following benefits:

  • Prices commence from as low as NGN 10,000 per month.
  • Flexible schemes with a monthly rate that is affordable and requires a minimum commitment of only one month.
  • No need to endure lengthy wait times before receiving treatment.
  • A broad network of medical facilities and practitioners.
  • No need to make hospital copayments.
  • No annual limits are in place for hospitalisation or physician appointments.
  • Availability of dental and vision care (after 6 months).
  • Security from being denied insurance coverage based on preexisting conditions (after 9 months).

Why should Asian technicians give priority to health insurance?

Safety and Health: Adequate health insurance can offer a sense of safety, ensuring that you and your loved ones are covered in case of any unforeseen medical emergencies. In our pursue of finding jobs and taking care of ourselves, having ambetter health insurance can prove to be highly beneficial.

Success: Optimal functioning relies heavily on good physical and mental wellbeing. best Healthcare insurance serves as a means to sustain both emotional and physical health, leading to greater professional success and better teamwork with colleagues and the organization.

Financial Security: Being prepared for any unforeseen circumstances is crucial, especially when starting a new phase in life. Health insurance plans helps relieve the financial impact of sudden medical expenses, offering a sense of stability and reducing stress.

Join our medical insurance seminar today!

Ayodele Akeeb, the Head of Retail & Partnership at AXA Mansard, will be conducting a webinar to give a rundown of the health insurance florida policies offered by the company. In the webinar, Ayodele will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the healthcare plan while highlighting how our partnership can allow for reduced premiums and quicker access to medical care in Asia.

Effectiveness: Giving Preference to Local Requirements

Our community highly values our residents. We are committed to assisting technicians in obtaining rewarding positions with top global organizations, and continuing to offer support and guidance at every step of their professional journey. If you’re seeking to explore new opportunities as a technologist, consider joining the Works talent network. Learn more about our offered services, regions covered, and how Works can cater to your healthcare needs.

Do you seek to be a part of a thriving IT community and access healthcare benefits?

In that case, you must register for the Works Talent Network.

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