Methods for Attracting Top Product and Engineering Professionals

Yesterday, Keith Cowing, Director of Product Management at Flatiron Health, presented a webinar on strategies for successfully attracting highly qualified product and engineering personnel. The goal of the webinar was to provide attendees with the tools and resources necessary to identify and recruit the top-tier talent that is necessary for any organization to reach its fullest potential.

Prior to joining Flatiron Health, Keith had gained a wealth of experience in a variety of business roles, including Business Analyst at Goldman Sachs, CEO and Founder of Seamless Receipts, and Product Manager at LinkedIn and Twitter. His extensive background has enabled him to gain intimate knowledge of the efficacy of different approaches to recruitment, enabling him to recognize which strategies are successful and which are not.

It is essential to evaluate approaches to recruiting and retaining exceptional talent, as the most talented and experienced employees are in high demand and have many options. Therefore, if businesses do not make their environment and organization attractive, they may miss out on the opportunity to acquire the best and brightest workers. As Keith suggests, this is a situation that should be avoided.

Gaining access to high calibre personnel is a crucial part of constructing a successful team for your business. Keith further develops Drew Houston’s analogy of the dating pool and the search for top talent, stating that many single people feel discouraged due to the perception that there are too few attractive individuals available for relationships. He believes that the actual challenge is that eligible singles have a plethora of potential partners to select from. In order to attract the best talent, you must make your company as attractive as possible, or else they will look elsewhere. This same concept can be applied to the recruitment process.

In order to successfully attract and retain the best talent, employers must offer something more than attractive pay packages and free snacks. To illustrate this point, Nike provides a great example. When the company first began, its focus was on athletes who run. The origin of the company’s name, Nike, comes from the Greek word for ‘triumph’ and the recognizable swoosh logo symbolizes the sound of air passing as a runner surpasses their competition. This imagery of success and excellence is what makes Nike a compelling choice for athletes and customers alike.

It is widely accepted that actions speak louder than words, particularly during the initial stages of establishing a relationship. Expressing to a potential employee the exciting work that you are doing is commendable, however, demonstrating this to them will create a more powerful impact and will certainly pique their interest.

Keith proposes that a moderate level of pressure could potentially be utilized as a strategy to attract candidates. Candidates should be informed that the job duties are demanding and the goals are intricate, but they may be welcomed to embark on the journey with you if they are still eager to take on the challenge. Individuals who are drawn to difficult tasks will be highly likely to respond to your job advertisement.

The interview process is an essential part of hiring, allowing you to differentiate between those who have the potential to succeed in your firm and those who are not suitable. Although the so-called “airport test” – judging a potential employee based on whether or not you would enjoy spending time with them at an airport – is often used, Keith believes this isn’t the best approach and can lead to the hiring of individuals who share similar traits to yourself. Instead, it is better to prioritize finding someone with the specific skills and abilities that you need for your organization to succeed. Seeking out someone you ‘click with’ should be secondary to finding an individual with the right qualities for the job.

The next step is to develop a comprehensive strategy that outlines the entire interview process. It is imperative that a more thorough description of the ideal candidate’s qualifications, the objectives of the phone interview, and the criteria for a successful interview is included. Additionally, it is important to acknowledge any limitations and take some risks. The film Ocean’s Eleven serves as a great example of this as it portrays a group of unconventional individuals who successfully execute a heist due to the distinct set of skills that each individual brings to the table. Furthermore, having a more varied group of individuals to collaborate with yields an additional advantage.

Ensuring the retention of newly hired employees is the final element to complete the puzzle. By fostering an open and trustworthy image in the decision-making process, it can help to allay any potential biases and focus on the information required for achieving an agreement. Despite its apparent ease, this way of keeping employees is frequently overlooked. Keith further emphasizes the importance of promoting career growth so that employees still feel valued by the organization as they expand their abilities and their worth increases.

At Works, we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of excellence in recruiting remote IT engineers. We strive to provide the best in HR services, assisting you with the entire hiring process, including help with hiring, invoicing, compliance, and taxes when recruiting workers and freelancers from other countries. Our mission is to ensure that you have access to the best talent available, enabling you to entrust your most critical technological initiatives and technical projects to the top remote developers in the industry.

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