Methods for Attracting Top Product and Engineering Professionals

In a recent webinar hosted by Flatiron Health, Keith Cowing – Director of Product Management – shared strategies for effectively sourcing exceptional product and engineering talent. The webinar aimed to equip attendees with the necessary resources and know-how to locate and recruit truly exceptional individuals who can help their organization achieve its full potential.

Keith Cowing brought with him a wealth of experience to his role as Director of Product Management at Flatiron Health. Prior to that, he served in various positions such as Business Analyst at Goldman Sachs, CEO and Founder of Seamless Receipts, and Product Manager at LinkedIn and Twitter. This diverse background has given him an intimate understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to recruitment strategies.

In a fiercely competitive job market, it’s critical for businesses to carefully evaluate their strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent. The most skilled and experienced employees are always in demand and consequently have a wide range of options available to them. Failure to make the work environment and organization appealing to such candidates is likely to result in missing out on the very best individuals. As Keith notes, such an outcome is best avoided.

Accessing high-quality personnel is a vital aspect of building an accomplished team for any business. Using Drew Houston’s dating pool analogy, Keith highlights the fact that many individuals trying to find a partner may feel disheartened, viewing the pool of potential matches as too small. However, the actual challenge is that there are numerous potential partners to choose from, making it even harder to find the right one. Similarly, to attract the best talent, your company must be as appealing as possible, or else candidates will look elsewhere. This comparison can also be applied to the process of recruitment.

To effectively secure and retain elite talent, companies must offer more than just competitive salaries and free perks. A prime example of this is Nike, which initially targeted runners as its primary customer base. The company name, Nike, originates from the Greek word for ‘triumph’, while the iconic swoosh logo symbolizes the sound of runners passing their opponents. Such imagery of success and excellence has contributed to making Nike one of the most attractive employers for both athletes and customers alike.

Actions, as they say, speak far louder than words, especially when trying to build a relationship. While it’s certainly commendable to describe the exciting work that your company is doing to potential employees, demonstrating it will have a greater impact and surely pique their interest.

Keith suggests that a moderate level of pressure could be employed as a recruitment strategy to attract candidates. Candidates should be made aware of the challenging nature of the job role and the intricate goals that come with it, but those who are still eager to take on the challenge may be welcomed to join and embark on a journey of growth and achievement. This way, individuals who are drawn to challenging tasks will be highly likely to respond positively to your job advertisement.

The interview process is a crucial part of any successful hiring campaign, allowing you to discern between individuals who are a good fit for your organization and those who are not. While the so-called “airport test” – assessing a potential employee based on whether or not you would enjoy their company at an airport – is commonly used, Keith argues that this approach is flawed and can result in the hiring of individuals who have the same characteristics as yourself. Instead, it’s better to prioritize finding someone with the specific skills and abilities that align with your organization’s requirements for success. While it’s important to find someone you ‘click’ with, this factor should be secondary to the individual’s qualifications for the job.

The next crucial step is to create a comprehensive strategy outlining the entire interview process. This should include a detailed description of the ideal candidate’s qualifications, the objectives of the phone interview, and the criteria for a successful interview. It’s also important to be aware of any constraints, while taking some calculated risks. The film Ocean’s Eleven is an excellent example of how a group of unconventional individuals successfully execute a heist due to the unique skills each individual brings to the table. Moreover, having a diverse group of individuals to work with offers a distinct advantage.

Finally, ensuring the retention of recently hired personnel completes the puzzle. Cultivating an open and trustworthy organizational image in the decision-making process can help to mitigate any potential biases and remain focused on the information needed to achieve a beneficial outcome. Despite its apparent simplicity, this aspect of employee retention is frequently neglected. Keith stresses the importance of promoting career growth so that employees feel valued by the organization as they develop their skills and increase their worth.

At Works, we are committed to delivering the highest level of excellence in remote IT engineer recruitment. We aim to provide exceptional HR services to support you throughout the entire hiring process – including assistance with hiring, invoicing, compliance, and taxes when recruiting workers and freelancers from other countries. Our primary objective is to ensure that you have access to the best talent in the industry, allowing you to entrust your most critical technological initiatives and technical projects to the finest remote developers available.

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