Methods for Optimal Coordination with Your Software Engineers

Developers are a vital component of our company, responsible for driving growth through product development, supply chain management, and online sales. Without their coding expertise, our company would be unable to move forward and might even face the risk of collapse.

It’s crucial to treat individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) equally and not as if they belong to a higher class. It’s essential to keep them informed about all pertinent information. Communicating with developers can be tough, and people with ASD may struggle with socializing and communication skills, which could make them seem peculiar. Nevertheless, it’s critical not to overlook them.

To ensure smooth functioning of the company, it’s crucial to identify the best approach to interact with the concerned groups. It may be necessary to make subtle changes in the way the communication is established with engineers.

Wondering how to improve your interaction with software developers? Let’s take a closer look.

Have thorough knowledge of the subject matter.

Misunderstandings can occur even when information is shared. Developers possess extensive knowledge in their specific domains, but expressing it in simple terms can be challenging because of the intricacy of their skills.

Before every meeting with developers, it’s important to have a good grip on the topic of discussion. Establishing a clear objective and approach beforehand can help facilitate a quick and efficient conversation. A strong comprehension of the matter being discussed can ensure better communication with the developers.

Note down your objectives.

Once you have a clear comprehension of the project, it’s crucial to record all pertinent information. Preparing a detailed report outlining the project’s objectives and processes can serve as a helpful guide for the developers.

Good documentation is highly prized by programmers working with any coding language. It not only aids them in their work, but also shows that sufficient effort has been made in documenting the process, which is always appreciated.

Understand the reason behind it

Before making a request to a developer, it’s essential to comprehend the reason behind it. It’s not just because your employer instructed you to, but also why it’s needed for the website or application. Simply saying, “We want button X to look fancy,” may not be taken seriously by the developer. However, if you elaborate on how the request can help button X stand out more by making it appear ‘shiny’, there’s a better chance of the request being fulfilled.

When a developer asks for an explanation for a specific request, it’s essential to provide a clear and concise explanation to communicate effectively with them.

Be clear on the end product

Developers perform better when they have a detailed comprehension of the task at hand. For example, when referring to a ‘shiny button’, it’s crucial to specify the exact effect you’re aiming for. In this case, you might actually be referring to a subtle highlight around the button to make it stand out on the page.

It’s crucial to provide the programmer with a concise narration of the intended outcome and to ensure that no essential details are left out. Confirm that the programmer grasps the significance of the word “shiny” in this particular context.

Show politeness in your interactions.

As a manager, you may not be familiar with the workings of a developer, but it’s crucial to realize that they are still individuals who should be treated with courtesy and respect. As a manager, you have probably learnt the art of persuasion to excel in your role, and this skill should be reflected when interacting with software engineers. Demonstrating politeness and recognition of their achievements is vital to establish a successful working relationship.

Avoid pretending to be knowledgeable in programming.

It’s not advisable to use technical jargon when conversing with developers. Requesting for information through the use of method calls or functions is not recommended. Unless you are a software developer, such emails shouldn’t be sent.

The programming team members may not find humor suitable in this situation. In fact, you might receive a reply full of bureaucratic language and delivered in a condescending manner.

It’s recommended to avoid using pseudo-code while communicating with engineers. It’s important to use a clear and jargon-free communication style.

Avoid “scope change”

We have noticed that a scope modification has been made, which might impact the punctual completion of the project plan. Our developers are working assiduously on the project, and it’s crucial to ensure that any adjustments are communicated and agreed upon before implementing them.

If a scope shift is inevitable, the best approach is to inform the developers at an informal meeting. During this conversation, it’s essential to be equipped with a thorough explanation of why the change has been made, a clear depiction of the updated outcome, a written document of the modified scope, and a courteous communication style towards the developers.

Today’s meeting will discuss the project scope’s alteration. We are still figuring out the details, but we need everyone’s cooperation in this undertaking. We understand that this may not be the preferred outcome, but we appreciate your support.

The way you present this news (along with the depth of information you provide in the meeting) could significantly affect the project’s success.


Developers are valuable team members who contribute significantly to a company’s success through their diligent work in software development. It’s important to appreciate and respect their efforts. It takes only a little effort to work collaboratively with this team, and the benefits of doing so are evident.

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