Methods for Promoting Open Communication Between Development Teams and Their Clients

Being Open and Honest Is Essential

Any development team of quality will strive to build a relationship of honesty and trust with their customer. Clients seek out development companies that are reliable and responsible, and these can be demonstrated through openness and transparency. This means that the team will provide insights into the progress of the project.

At Works, our nearshore outsourcing firm, we have seen increased productivity and satisfied customers as a result of implementing more streamlined processes. By ensuring there is transparency between us and our customers, they are more likely to remain motivated and engaged with the project. Furthermore, this allows us to be prepared for any unexpected issues that might crop up during the project’s development, so that our customers are not taken by surprise.

Maximize access

At the beginning of each development project, it is essential to appoint a client-facing project manager who is available at all times. Many organizsations mistakenly neglect to hire a project manager when outsourcing services, which often results in a disastrous outcome due to the fact that developers are not equipped to handle such communication. It has been beneficial for us to be in the same time zone as our US customers, as this allows us to easily plan calls and project discussions throughout the day. From my experience, when we are more accessible to our customers, they have a greater understanding of where we are in the process and how long it is expected to take.

Transparency in organisational structure

At Newco, we always strive to be open and honest with our clients regarding who is responsible for which tasks. Although the project manager will typically be the main point of contact between developers and clients, there may be occasions when the developers themselves need to communicate directly with the customer. This can often be a source of discomfort for the customer, as they may not be familiar with the sender of emails and may be concerned about the security of information being sent. This is especially true when the project involves sensitive technological components, and it is important to ensure that the customer feels confident in the security of their data.

It is essential for any team to have a well-defined organizational structure in place. However, the most essential factor in ensuring a contented workforce is the establishment of open and transparent communication.

At Works, we recognize the importance of building a strong relationship with our customers from the outset. To this end, we often introduce ourselves and our staff to our customers via email, so they know precisely who they should expect to see on the job. Similarly, if there are any changes to the roster, we make sure to inform our customers right away. Moreover, this is also a suitable time to lay out responsibilities and expectations for the project at hand. In this way, every customer has a clear understanding of who is accountable for what, which helps to promote effective communication and ensure a positive start to the working relationship.

It has been noted that unexpected things can occur during the course of any development process. For instance, it may be necessary to add an additional specialist to the team. We strive to be transparent to our customers, so we are confident that they will understand if there is a need to modify our plans.

Maintain early contact

For several weeks after being paid, there had been no communication from the development company, which is a major issue that results in an unfriendly, detached relationship. Project managers should communicate with both their customers and their developers from the beginning of any project, as they do not wish to be left playing catch-up with either the customer’s revisions or their own budget restrictions.

It has been suggested that misunderstandings and miscommunications can have a significant financial impact on businesses, with one study estimating that businesses lose an average of $62.4 million every year due to inadequate communication. This demonstrates the importance of effective communication in business, as the consequences of not doing so can be severe.

At Works, we recognize the importance of having open communication from the outset. We strive to ensure that our customers are comfortable with the frequency of contact they receive from us. Some customers may prefer to have weekly updates, while others may only require contact on an as-needed basis. We strive to maintain honest and reliable interactions with our customers, so they can have trust and faith in our services.

Own up to your shortcomings

It is unavoidable that mistakes will occur from time to time. Having to apologize to a customer for an error can be a difficult situation for any business to face. Unfortunately, some companies try to cover up their mistakes rather than admitting to them, but this can be counterproductive in the long run. When programmers attempt to keep the customer in the dark about any errors, it can lead to a damaging lack of trust.

It is important to avoid apologizing and instead provide a thorough explanation of the situation. This will allow the customer to understand what happened and provide them with potential solutions for the future. By being open and honest, it can help to strengthen the relationship between both parties and encourage a successful partnership.

Don’t waver from your principles

A trustworthy relationship requires consistent behaviour. Maintaining regular contact with customers may be accomplished in many ways:

  1. It is essential that we consistently meet a high standard of performance throughout the entire project. Our customers expect that all sections of the project are constructed to the same quality, and we must ensure that any discrepancies are avoided. This responsibility lies with all members of the team, from project managers to testers, and we must strive to maintain a constant level of excellence.
  2. It is essential that project managers maintain a consistent level of communication with their clients. If they have promised to deliver a report on a certain day, then it should be sent out as promised. Bombarding clients with emails and then failing to reply for weeks afterwards will not lead to a positive outcome. To ensure that the project is successful, it is important for all parties to be aware of and abide by the same communication expectations throughout its duration.
  3. Falling behind on deadlines is a sure-fire way to demonstrate unreliability in a development team. This can leave the client unsure of the progress of the project and when it will be completed. To avoid this, it is important to maintain a consistent track record of meeting deadlines, which will not only show reliability but also reduce the need for emails checking the status of the project.

Take into account the customer’s viewpoint

Ultimately, it is essential to demonstrate credibility by attentively listening to the client’s wishes. It is unfortunately common in many businesses to have a meeting with a customer who expresses a desire but then moves on quickly. Establishing an open culture begins with this basic step; if the development team actively solicits and takes on board the feedback from its customers, they are well on the way to creating a transparent working environment.

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