Methods for Promoting Open Communication Between Development Teams and Their Clients

Transparency is Crucial

Establishing a relationship based on honesty and trust is a top priority for a competent development team. Clients value dependable, responsible development firms that consistently demonstrate transparency and openness. This includes providing regular updates on the project’s progress.

At Works, our nearshore outsourcing company, we have noticed a boost in productivity and customer satisfaction since we have started implementing more efficient processes. By promoting transparency and openness with our clients, we are able to keep them motivated and engaged throughout the project’s development. Additionally, this enables us to be proactive in tackling any unforeseen challenges that may arise, ensuring that our customers are not caught off guard.

Optimize accessibility

At the onset of each development project, it is crucial to assign a project manager who will serve as the main point of contact with the client and is readily available at all times. Some companies make the mistake of not hiring a project manager when outsourcing services, which often leads to unfavorable outcomes because developers aren’t equipped to handle client communication. Being in the same time zone as our US customers has been advantageous for us, as it makes arranging calls and project discussions throughout the day more convenient. In my experience, boosting our accessibility to our customers means that they have a better understanding of our progress and expected timeline.

Openness in Organizational Structure

At Newco, we prioritize transparency and honesty when it comes to clarifying responsibilities within the team to our clients. Although the project manager often serves as the primary go-between for developers and clients, there are instances when developers may need to communicate directly with customers. This can make clients uneasy, particularly if they are unfamiliar with the sender’s identity and worried about data security, especially when the project involves sensitive technological elements. It is vital to assure customers that their data is secure and instill confidence in them.

While having a clear organizational structure is crucial for any team, promoting open and transparent communication is the most vital element in ensuring employee satisfaction.

At Works, we value the importance of establishing a strong rapport with our clients right from the beginning. To achieve this, we often introduce ourselves and our team to our customers through email, so they can be familiar with the individuals who will be working on their project. In addition, we make it a point to immediately notify our customers when there are any changes to the team. Furthermore, this presents an opportunity to clearly define project responsibilities and expectations, ensuring that every client understands who is in charge of what. This encourages effective communication and sets the tone for a positive working relationship.

It has been observed that unforeseen events may occur during the course of any development project. For example, it may be necessary to include an additional specialist to the team. We value transparency with our customers, and we trust that they will comprehend if our plans need to be adjusted.

Establish Early Communication

A significant problem leading to a distant and unfriendly relationship with development companies is the lack of communication weeks after receiving payment. This issue can be avoided by project managers who establish communication with both clients and developers right from the onset of the project. By doing so, they can address any customer revisions or budget constraints proactively instead of playing catch-up later. Hiring product managers is highly recommended to facilitate these actions.

Research has shown that misunderstandings and miscommunication can result in substantial financial losses for businesses, with one study estimating an average loss of $62.4 million annually as a result of insufficient communication. This highlights the critical role of effective communication in business, as the ramifications of inadequate communication can be severe.

At Works, we understand the value of transparent communication from the very beginning. We make it a point to ascertain our clients’ preferred frequency of contact and strive to fulfill their needs consistently. Some customers may prefer a weekly update, while others may prefer to be contacted only when the situation demands it. Our aim is to cultivate trustworthy and dependable relationships with our clients, engendering their confidence in our services.

Take Responsibility for Your shortcomings

Errors are bound to happen from time to time. Offering apologies to clients for these mistakes can be a challenging situation for any business to navigate. Unfortunately, some businesses resort to concealing their errors rather than owning up to them. However, this approach can backfire in the long term. When programmers attempt to hide their mistakes from the client, it can result in a detrimental loss of trust.

Rather than simply offering apologies, it is crucial to provide thorough explanations of the situation. By doing so, clients can gain a clear understanding of what transpired and receive recommendations for potential solutions in the future. Adopting an open and honest approach can strengthen the relationship between both parties, encourage transparency, and contribute to a successful partnership.

Adhere to Your Principles

To build a relationship based on trust, consistency is key. There are several ways to achieve regular contact with clients:

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  1. Throughout the entirety of any project, it is crucial to uphold a high standard of performance consistently. Our clients anticipate that every segment of the project will be executed to the same level of quality, and it is our responsibility to prevent any inconsistencies from arising. This responsibility falls on every team member, from project managers to testers, and we must endeavor to sustain an unwavering level of excellence.
  2. Project managers must maintain a consistent level of communication with their clients at all times. If they have committed to delivering a report on a specific day, it is imperative that they follow through with their promise. Consistently bombarding clients with emails followed by weeks of radio silence will not foster positive outcomes. Ensuring that all parties involved understand and comply with the same communication expectations for the duration of the project is critical to its success.
  3. Failing to meet deadlines is a clear indicator of unreliability within a development team. This can cause clients to feel uncertain about the project’s progress and completion timeline. To avoid such circumstances, it is essential to maintain a steady track record of meeting deadlines. This not only demonstrates reliability but also diminishes the necessity for frequent emails inquiring about the project’s status.

Consider the Customer’s Perspective

Attentively listening to clients’ needs and desires is crucial to establishing credibility. Unfortunately, it is common for some businesses to have a meeting with a client, only to swiftly move on without addressing their expressed desires. Establishing an open culture necessitates taking this fundamental step. If the development team actively invites and incorporates feedback from clients, they will be on the right track towards creating a transparent work environment.

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