Methods for Recruiting off-Site Programmers

Hiring a remote developer can be a significant investment of resources and time. When not managed properly, your business may end up spending excessive energy and resources without securing the intended outcomes. Therefore, it is crucial that the essential steps are taken to guarantee a fruitful hiring and searching process in Works.

To discover the ideal remote developer for the available position, it is important to carry out the following steps: promoting the job, examining all of the received applications, conducting phone interviews to have a better comprehension of each candidate, and performing any relevant tests to evaluate their suitability. Eventually, evaluating the suitability of the remote developer could take some time and it is important to gauge their performance when they start working in Works.

If you are managing and responsible for building a team of outstanding developers in Works, this article is customised for you. This is the perfect place for you if you are determined to give your best effort. This content provides you with the proper advice and details to put together a first-rate team of developers.

While considering the recruitment of remote developers, significant concerns to deliberate are:

  • Where can I find skilled programmers?
  • What content should I incorporate in my job advertisement to make it more attractive to eligible candidates?
  • What methods can I use to assess their compatibility?
  • What about their individual traits and competencies?
  • What would be a reasonable pay rate for them, if applicable?

This guide is designed to provide you with answers to all of your queries. By the end of this guide, you will have more trust in your skills to hire the best candidates for your business in Works.

Alright, let’s commence!

What are the advantages of Collaborating with Remote Developers?

Various researches have proven the power of remotely working developers, making it an appealing choice for companies. Remote employment comes with several benefits that make it a desirable staffing solution. One primary advantage is having more control and flexibility over one’s work environment. Also, remote work has multiple pros for workers, such as enhanced work-life balance, improved independence, and the ability to work comfortably from home.

Let’s have a look.

Advantages for Employees

  • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance –

    The correlation between transportation problems and mental health has been well-established. Longer commutes, traffic congestion, and other delays can increase stress levels and lead to depression. However, for remote employees, having the freedom to choose where they work brings a host of benefits. They can work from their preferred café or the convenience of their own home, where they can take breaks to prepare healthy meals or even do household chores.
  • Autonomy –

    Remote developers require exceptional self-discipline and independence to fulfil their responsibilities successfully, without constantly worrying about the workflow, in order to achieve success.
  • Time-saving –

    By working remotely, developers can boost their productivity and efficiency as they have increased control over their surroundings and work schedule, resulting in minimal time waste.
  • Productivity –

    Since remote workers are not exposed to the annoyance of troublesome colleagues or bosses, they report feeling more satisfied and performing better. Companies can also see performance improvements in various aspects such as recruitment, training, and supervision of remote personnel.

Benefits for Companies

  • Reducing Additional Costs

    By allowing employees to work remotely only two days a week, employers could save up to $11,000 per year on office costs such as rent, utilities, stationery, and other related facilities.
  • Access to Skilled Workforce –

    Employers can tap into a wider pool of talented individuals with diverse experiences by offering a salary that is competitive with other companies in the region. Additionally, remote work flexibility allows for access to knowledge from any part of the world.
  • Diversity –

    In today’s industry, the advantage that can be gained through remote work is highly valued due to the versatility it offers.
  • Enhanced Success and Well-being of Employees

    By fostering contentment and involvement among your personnel, your organisation will project a favourable market image. This commitment to the company’s objectives will result in increased productivity, as workers will be more driven and inspired to work towards the shared goal.

Benefits of Nature

Remote work has several benefits in terms of promoting sustainability and safeguarding the environment. As per Global Workforce Analytics, significant cost savings can be realized if employees were to work from home for only half of the year. This would not only reduce the carbon footprint of businesses but also have a favourable impact on the environment.

  • Cost incurred on fuel – $20 million
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions – 54 Million Tonnes
  • Oil Equivalent – 640 million barrels

The Top Three Challenges of Outsourcing Software Development

While remote work can provide several advantages, the recruitment and management of remote developers can pose unique challenges that can impact both the organisation and its personnel. These challenges need to be addressed to ensure a productive and successful remote work setup.

While the benefits of building a remote software development team are more significant than any possible drawbacks, it is crucial to be aware of any potential challenges that may come up and should be resolved proactively.

Outlined below are a few challenges that need to be addressed. We will discuss some measures to overcome these hurdles shortly.

Efficient Identification of Skilled Job Applicants

Upon publishing an online job advertisement, the wave of job seekers applying may appear daunting.

You may receive an unmanageable number of applications, necessitating a comprehensive assessment of each one to identify suitable candidates.

Job Posting and Administration

Managing a job advertisement across a multitude of platforms may consume significant time.

You may need to advertise the job on at least five different websites, and each website may require you to log in and manually review the applications you receive.

Challenges Presented by Language Differences

In case your enterprise is established in a nation where English is not the primary language, you might have already encountered a programmer with inadequate language proficiency. Despite claiming fluency, some programmers may not be proficient in English. It is therefore critical to ensure that all developers hired by your company possess the required level of English proficiency.

While the team has exhibited their programming prowess, it is crucial for the team leader to hire remote programmers with adequate English language proficiency, particularly for a team operating in an English-speaking setting.

Designing a comprehensive screening and interview process is the most effective approach to circumvent the aforementioned challenges that can arise while hiring remote developers.

To recognise a capable developer, comprehending the qualities they should possess on paper and in practice is beneficial.

A Manual for Composing a Job Description for Remote Programmers

The first stage in the hiring process is advertising the job opening. It is crucial to focus on the job ad’s tone since this has a significant impact on the outcome of the search for a remote developer. Creating an effective job ad is vital and requires careful attention to detail to ensure that the perfect candidate is found.

Strive to make your company enticing to elite developers.

One can derive ideas and inspiration on how to craft a compelling and impactful job post by referring to examples found on websites like We Work Remotely. Writing a job description need not be a complex process; these suggestions can assist you in creating a comprehensive and informative advertisement that will appeal to the right people.

Discover the elements of a job description and how it can aid candidates in identifying unsuitable applicants before initiating the application process.

Job Description

It is crucial to utilise job titles that precisely depict the associated duties and responsibilities. Avoid using flowery language like “rockstar” or “ninja” and instead, use descriptive titles like “iOS Engineer” or “React Developer” that accurately reflect the position. This ensures that candidates comprehend the job requirements before applying and maintains professionalism in the hiring process.

Job Specification

Candidates must comprehend the job duties, compensation and benefits package, and what the company seeks in a successful hire for the position they are applying for. Being familiar with these particulars can aid them in making an informed choice and showcase their suitability for the role.

Candidates may prefer either bulleted lists or narrative paragraphs, but it is advisable to integrate both for optimal effectiveness.

Instead of drafting a job description from scratch, explore the feasibility and precision of utilizing a template. Indeed exemplifies several templates applicable to various job positions, enabling you to adjust them to fulfil your specific needs.


In job descriptions, it is crucial to utilise succinct bullet points to precisely depict the position’s duties. Enriching the job description with comprehensive details allows potential candidates to gain a profound understanding of their obligations and their compatibility with a remote team. This guarantees that candidates possess the essential skills and expertise to excel in the position.

If candidates are disinterested in applying, they can withdraw from the recruitment process, freeing up time for the hiring team. To refine the list of potential candidates, it is ideal to establish specific criteria for the position, such as mandating a professional certification or a minimum of five years of related experience.

Recruiting Remote Programmers: What Are the Best Practices?

Concocting an efficient job description is a critical primary measure in the hiring process. Procuring a developer who not only possesses the requisite competencies, but also acclimates themselves seamlessly into the company culture, can prove to be a formidable undertaking. Nonetheless, the resources consumed in this pursuit can yield significant dividends if a fruitful employment is attained.

Create a Job Post

As a hiring manager, it is your duty to provide job seekers with all the pertinent information they need to make an informed decision regarding the position you offer within your company. This necessitates producing an engaging job advertisement that precisely manifests your company’s values and objectives. By competently conveying these values and objectives to potential candidates, you can guarantee that only the most qualified and best-suited candidates will be enticed to your organization.

Composing a job posting necessitates providing an all-inclusive job description, an apt job title, and a list of mandatory qualifications. Additionally, providing potential applicants with a compelling incentive to work for you is vital. Highlighting the benefits of working for your organization can facilitate distinguishing yourself from the competition and securing the best candidates for the job. Consider offering competitive remunerations, flexible working arrangements, opportunities for professional development, and a supportive work setting. Display the advantages of working for your organization and emphatically illustrate why your organization is the most desirable workplace.

Application for Funding and Assessment of Proposals

As applications commence, it becomes your responsibility to meticulously assess them. With a scarcity of resources available to small businesses, it is judicious to eschew procuring a dedicated recruitment manager.

Furthermore, this is not necessarily disadvantageous. Although it is time-consuming, it enables you to scrupulously scrutinise each applicant’s material.

Unravelling the Enigma of an Exceptional Cover Letter and Resume

Presuming that your enterprise maintains a favourable reputation and presents a compensation package that is commensurate with other organizations in your field, finding an employee possessing the necessary technical prowess should not pose substantial difficulty.

When recruiting for a team, it is indispensable to accord priority to candidates with exceptional communication abilities and a distinct personality. This guarantees that the designated candidate is better adapted to function in a team environment.

To discover more about “Selecting the Appropriate Candidate(s),” kindly keep scrolling down.

To Conduct an Interview with the Potential Employee

The following phase of the recruitment process begins when a chosen few accomplished candidates have been singled out. This phase is typically dubbed the interview phase, in which prospective candidates are summoned for a formal conversation to showcase their skills, qualifications, and expertise.

When hiring for any position, such as software development, assessing a job candidate’s communication abilities is crucial. However, the recruitment process entails more than merely examining their communication skills. To acquire additional understanding, please read on.

Challenge the Candidate to Manifest Their Proficiency

Ascertaining a candidate’s proficiency by putting their technical capabilities to the test is critical to ensuring their competency aligns with their proclaimed expertise. This can be accomplished by soliciting concrete evidence of the candidate’s alleged competencies. This is a standard protocol and is strongly advised.

Enlist Freelance Programmers, and all Rejoice in Unison

If the optimum scenario of locating and recruiting the appropriate developer(s) is realised, it is improbable that any subsequent obstacles will come to pass. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that your recruitment process was exhaustive and methodical, mitigating the possibility of any potential complications.

Does Anyone Possess Proficiency in Identifying a Good Programmer? There Are 5 Attributes You Should Seek

In order to initiate the hiring process of remote developers, it is imperative to have a well-defined comprehension of the requisite qualifications and expertise. Having this knowledge in advance guarantees that you have suitable candidates for the position and streamlines the selection process.

Discovering the appropriate remote software engineer is pivotal for a prosperous and productive enduring partnership. There is a plethora of high-calibre and dedicated experts on the market, underscoring the need to dedicate the requisite time and effort to find the ideal match.

Hiring an unsuitable developer could have grave consequences for the financial and reputational well-being of the company. Although the likelihood of such a catastrophe is low, it is crucial to take all necessary measures to prevent it.

An adept programmer ought to have not only the customary attributes and vocational expertise but also interpersonal skills that are especially germane to remote work. It is imperative to recognise these skills to guarantee that the programmer can operate capably and autonomously in a remote setting.

  1. Discipline

    Staff should have a robust sense of self-motivation and the capacity to operate independently to excel in a remote work context. When recruiting software engineers, it is essential to determine if they are capable of preserving their productivity without necessitating constant micromanagement.
  2. Communication

    Effectual communication, both in written and oral forms, is pivotal for a successful developer. This is a valuable skill that should not be disregarded as it is critical for productive teamwork with other colleagues. Additionally, being able to communicate fluently in the primary language spoken in the company is indispensable for any prospering developer.
  3. Initiative

    Veteran developers, who can competently steer a project to fruition without requiring physical presence at the office, are in high demand within the industry. These individuals typically possess a wealth of knowledge and experience enabling them to promptly recognise and tackle any obstacles that may emerge over the course of the project.
  4. Balance

    Remote work furnishes programmers with greater adaptability in their personal lives, resulting in heightened levels of productivity. Although a superhuman programmer may seem alluring, someone with an all-encompassing life beyond work is frequently a more desirable option. Burnout is a significant issue that can have deleterious ramifications for an organisation if not properly managed.
  5. Maturity

    As a competent programmer, one can accurately gauge the duration required to finish a task or accomplish a project for their manager. Despite its intricacy, software development can be volatile, and even routine tasks can take longer than anticipated due to unintentional mistakes or unanticipated hindrances.

Being a proficient programmer, one can furnish management with a precise appraisal of the duration needed to culminate a task or project. Nonetheless, it is crucial to bear in mind that software development is intricate, and even the simplest of tasks can take longer than projected owing to unexpected challenges or complexities.

While it is indispensable that a developer can exhibit their technical proficiency, it is their interpersonal abilities that will ultimately ascertain their value and worth.

It is widely accepted that individuals with inadequate interpersonal skills are improbable to succeed when operating as part of a team. To guarantee the efficacy of a remote team, efficient collaboration is an indispensable ingredient.

A curriculum vitae ought only to be employed to determine whether the candidate holds the required knowledge, experience, and education for the post.

When a candidate submits a cover letter along with their application materials, it can offer a glimpse into their character. An efficacious cover letter should manifest authentic eagerness for the position, exhibit adept writing proficiency, and be a captivating perusal.

To summarise, it is apparent that an adept programmer will not only possess the technical know-how to excel in assessments and exhibit their expertise on paper but also demonstrate excellent communication skills and other soft skills during the interview process as well as through their portfolio. A first-class developer can exhibit their competencies in all areas, setting them apart from their peers.

As per a corporate headhunter’s recommendation, it is crucial to give preference to candidates who can establish their competence in guiding a team, rather than those whose resumes are brimming with self-centered “I did this and I did that” declarations. It is vital to discern which candidates possess the attributes required to be an accomplished team leader.

Is it more advantageous to employ a freelancer or a full-time remote developer?

The decision between a freelancer and a full-time remote developer is yet another crucial aspect to contemplate.

A freelancer developer is a solo programmer who is recruited for a temporary period to accomplish a specific target or a predetermined set of objectives. Freelance developers generally enroll in online platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Works, which enable them to verify their skill sets and exhibit their capabilities. These platforms present a stage for freelance developers to demonstrate their expertise and find the most befitting project for their distinct requirements.

Full-time personnel are individuals who have been contracted on a permanent basis, and usually are more familiar to the employers. These workers can anticipate remunerations and benefits that are commensurate with comparable positions in the same sector.

When making your decision, the intricacy and magnitude of your project necessitate careful consideration. The dissimilarity between part-time and full-time programmers may be more conspicuous than envisioned. It is crucial to assess the effect that the size and complexity of the project may have on the selection procedure. Moreover, it is sensible to contemplate the divergence between part-time and full-time programmers and their potential contribution to the project.

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Remote Developers

Flexibility in their work schedule is likely to be appreciated by freelancers, and as an employer, you will benefit from being able to define and adjust expectations for your autonomous contractors.

  • Expense

    Obtaining the services of a freelancer may prove to be a budget-friendly resolution for firms as they are not compelled to compensate for supplementary benefits such as health insurance or social security. Additionally, if the freelancer resides in a country with a low cost of living, companies can potentially save even more on expenses.
  • Risk Reduction

    As a freelancer, there are no failsafe measures in place in case of unjustified termination or any kind of prejudice or harassment. Therefore, it is crucial to be ready for the worst-case scenario, despite the fact that it is far better to appoint the most fitting experts from the outset.
  • Quality

    Freelancers have a personal stake in satisfying their clients as they are liable for their work financially. This is different from permanent employees, who may not consistently perform at their best during their tenure with a company. On the contrary, contract workers are aware of the renewal dates of their projects and endeavor to preserve them.

Disadvantages of Freelance, Offshore Programmers

As self-governing contractors, freelancers are not compelled to be entirely devoted to one organization, hence they can retain a measure of independence. This is their entitlement as independent professionals.

  • Multi-Tasking

    Several freelance developers work on several tasks simultaneously. This means you must work alongside their schedule and conform to their terms.

    Bestowing a project to a freelancer can be daunting, notably when the work in hand is especially intricate. However, freelance marketplaces develop trust and confidence between clients and service providers by employing ratings and reviews. This enables clients to make well-informed determinations about who to collaborate with and gives freelancers the occasion to exhibit their prior works and create a robust reputation.
  • Accessibility from Within

    Independent programmers do not become as deeply embedded in your company’s culture as a full-time employee would.

    Freelancers might experience certain difficulties integrating seamlessly with team members who hold a permanent position. To avoid this challenge, it is crucial to cultivate an atmosphere that fosters candid conversation and collaboration, so that every individual can feel like an integral part of the team, regardlessof their employment status. Implementing this would not only ensure that all team members can work together seamlessly, but it would also help the team achieve its goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.
  • Investment

    It is fairly common for freelance developers to handle multiple projects simultaneously, meaning that certain clients might take precedence over others. Hence, it is important to keep in mind that the top priority of a freelance developer may not always be the prosperity of your business.

    By and large, part-time developers may not be as driven to achieve the desired outcomes for your project as full-time workers would be. To attain optimum success, it is strongly advised to employ developers who have a vested interest in the success of your product, and to secure their services full-time.

Benefits of Employing Full-Time Remote Developers

Remote developers who have a full-time position are obligated to assist you during business hours. Now that you are aware of their availability, you can rest assured.

  • Investment

    The level of investment of full-time developers in comparison to freelance developers, to some extent, is greater. The amount of compensation they receive is primarily determined by the level of market acceptance of the product that they are creating.

    As full-time developers dedicate prolonged hours of work to one organization, they are only inclined to apply to businesses where they feel content and satisfied.
  • Focus

    Full-time developers are not required to give priority to one client over another and are not compelled to handle multiple projects at once. Their attention is exclusively on your product, while the success of the development process is wholly reliant on efficient project management by you.
  • Organization’s Topology

    Developers who are dedicated to the sustained prosperity of their project will establish robust links with their team members and acquire a thorough comprehension of the product they are developing. This allows them to build a more cohesive and comprehensive product with the support of their colleagues.

    In this business arrangement, full-time programmers are valuable as they progressively enhance productivity over time.

Disadvantages of Employing Full-Time Remote Developers

Surprisingly, one of the primary downsides of full-time remote engineers is the permanence of their employment. If insufficient consideration is given to the notion of having remote developers on board as part of the team, potential problems may arise in the long term.

  • Expenses Associated with Substitute Materials

    The cost of employee turnover is substantial.

    According to a research study conducted in 2017, replacing an employee with an average income is estimated to cost around $15,000. Additionally, offering full-time employment provides the worker with the opportunity to gain an understanding of the company’s inner workings, which can boost their long-term efficiency.

    The loss of productivity caused by a departing employee can be challenging to quantify. Maintaining a low turnover rate should be a top priority.
  • Training Costs

    Upon adding new developers to the organization, it is crucial to provide them with sufficient time to become acquainted with the organization’s tools, the team’s procedures, and the project’s codebase. Dedication of necessary time and resources to this task is vital, as it guarantees that the organization is making the most of its investment.
  • Cultural Compatibility

    If you have previously engaged in personnel recruitment, you have likely encountered situations where a recruited individual was not a good fit for the corporate culture. Employing a full-time worker is a significant decision that can be challenging to undo, making it a difficult situation to handle.

    Thankfully, by implementing team meet and greets into the interviewing procedure, you can enhance the likelihood of receiving approval from team members. While it is not a completely infallible solution, it offers each person a chance to participate in the decision-making process.

What Type of Remote Developer Do You Require?

The appropriate answer is contingent on the inquiry’s subject matter.

For a company in its early stages, hiring a freelance developer to build a minimum viable product (MVP) could be the most suitable choice.

When dealing with an established codebase, enlisting the services of a full-time developer will be more advantageous in the long run. Independent contractors are not positioned to provide the necessary financial support at this point.

Situations are not always as straightforward as they appear, and you might not have the resources to assemble a dispersed workforce.

You may be searching for a compromise between a freelancer and an employee, without encountering any of the negatives associated with either option.

6 Places to Search for Remote Developers to Employ

Now that you have knowledge of the essential qualities to seek and the distinctions between freelancers and full-time workers, are you questioning where to locate experienced computer science professionals?

Companies have access to various techniques for procuring the most exceptional remote talent, including the use of job boards and freelancing marketplaces. Prior to deciding which method to utilise, it is critical to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each approach.

If you have browsing experience online, you are probably already familiar with some of these sources. However, for those who are novices to the internet, this is an excellent place to start. Furthermore, personal exploration can offer considerable understanding and knowledge.

  1. Specialist Outsourcing Companies

    Outsourcing companies can offer a valuable service in locating and hiring remote developers for your project. By outsourcing the recruitment process, you can ensure that the task is completed efficiently and according to your specific requirements. Just supply the necessary details, and the outsourcing firm will take charge of the rest. This can save you both time and resources while ensuring that the job is accomplished to your satisfaction.
  2. Freelance Work Platforms

    Although freelance marketplaces are generally renowned for providing short-term agreements as opposed to permanent work opportunities, it is still feasible to locate remote developers who are interested in a full-time position. However, this is not the most effective approach for identifying potential candidates, and other methods should be considered.

    If you are seeking an alternative to the traditional recruitment techniques such as job boards and social media for locating and hiring remote software experts, Works can provide you with a viable solution. We can assist you in procuring the appropriate talent for your business, regardless of where they are located.
  3. Job Posting Websites

    If you are seeking remote employees, job boards are an excellent place to begin. Job boards like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn Jobs are likely to be familiar to you, but you may not be aware of the numerous specialist job forums that are highly regarded within the programming field.

    A Quick Note: Make sure to indicate in the job description that this is a remote position when advertising it on global job sites.
  4. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a priceless resource for professionals in any sector, providing a unique platform for establishing meaningful connections and identifying career prospects. The job board is one of the website’s most prominent features, and it is an excellent place to start if you want to locate qualified employees or expand your own professional network. It may necessitate some effort, but devoting your time to using LinkedIn will undoubtedly yield benefits in the long term.
  5. Referrals

    It is commonly acknowledged that the most efficient method of procuring new employees is through referrals. This occurs when a potential candidate is recommended for a position by someone within the employer’s network, whether it is a professional or social connection. This approach is advantageous as it can assist employers in identifying the most suitable candidates, resulting in enhanced decision-making.
  6. Reddit

    It may come as a surprise that you can locate developers through an online forum. Subreddits on Reddit provide a distinctive opportunity to enter a small community within the larger website, and there are several subreddits that are entirely dedicated to hiring programmers.

For additional comprehensive information on where to discover and hire remote developers, visit Works’ blog.

How to Select the Suitable Candidate(s)

Following the job advertisement, you have received a great deal of applications, which presents a thrilling challenge. Nevertheless, you may be pondering the most relevant criteria when selecting the perfect candidate.

It is important to remember that when faced with a considerable number of applications, the hiring process for engineers can be a prolonged one. Regardless of your company’s objectives, it is advantageous for all parties concerned to allocate ample time for this process.

Initially, it may seem unproductive to spend sufficient time and effort to meticulously scrutinize potential candidates for the developer position; nonetheless, it is critical to bear in mind that you should be striving to locate the perfect applicant for the role, rather than compromising with just any available developer. By thoughtfully evaluating each candidate and avoiding rushing the hiring process, you can help to ensure the avoidance of any potential issues in the future.

By following these steps, you can reduce your alternatives and ensure that you have made the optimal decision.

Minimize the Pool of Prospective Candidates

To commence the hiring process, it is crucial to filter out CVs that do not satisfy the necessary criteria. Some warning signs can be rapidly identified, and by disregarding these applications, it can save time and resources in the long term.

  • First Warning Sign: Failure to read the job description.

    This is quite common. Some programmers send their resumes to recruiters indiscriminately.

    Several job seekers often neglect the requirements specified in the job description, leading to a lack of coherence in their CV. This can imply that they are not entirely committed to the project they are applying for.

    Avoid interviewing these candidates.

    Examples of things that should alert you before hiring someone are:
    • It is evident that the people in question do not possess the necessary skills and abilities. For instance, if the necessity was for a Python developer, but someone with expertise in Java was presented, this would not be appropriate.
    • Even if they applied with 1-3 years of experience, which is less than the 5-7 years of experience that was explicitly demanded, they are still not proficient enough at present.
    • They have set their clocks to the improper time zone. They did not comprehend that you require developers who operate in particular time zones.
  • Red Flag #2: Their cover letter appears unoriginal and/or unimpressive.

    On certain occasions, a cover letter may carry more weight than a CV. Sometimes, people may try to enhance their qualifications by overstating their level of competency. For instance, an individual may allege to have five years of JavaScript experience when they only have three.

    Numbers can be arbitrary, but emotions cannot. Companies such as Basecamp appraise cover letters to determine if an applicant is worth considering.

    Applicants are strongly encouraged to exert their maximum effort when drafting their cover letters. Consequently, any cover letters that lack quality should be dismissed.

Selecting the Best Five Candidates

At this juncture, you should have a significant number of CVs to sift through to determine your top five potential candidates. Keep in mind that, following this stage, you will be hiring remote engineers, so ensure that the applicants you choose showcase outstanding potential.

It is recommended to be picky and only pick the top three candidates, though many firms, such as Works, adopt a more adaptable approach and pick up to five candidates during the interview stage since it is not always feasible to locate the perfect contender.

Assessing cover letters from your developers should be an uncomplicated procedure. While evaluating each candidate, it is crucial to evaluate their level of eagerness, writing prowess, and overall coherence. Taking these aspects into consideration will assist you in shortlisting your top five candidates.

Quick tip: When writing your job advertisement, highlight the significance of succinct writing to streamline the cover letter review process. This section can also be utilised to furnish potential candidates with instructions on what to incorporate in their cover letter. For instance, the following suggestions can be provided when drafting cover letters:

  • Introduce yourself to us.
  • Discuss your work.
  • Elaborate on your participation in the future of the company.
  • Enumerate the benefits you expect in return.

Writing skills are a priceless asset to possess, regardless of the job position an applicant is vying for. Having the ability to compose a lucid and brief cover letter is evidence of a candidate’s communication prowess and can indicate their proficiency in conveying their ideas professionally.

Always opt for the superior wordsmith.

Assessing Prospective Employees

By now, you should have five shortlisted candidates who meet all of the requirements (at least on paper) and are eligible for an interview.

Given the remote nature of telephone or video interviews, the procedure for interviewing prospective candidates differs from that of a conventional in-person meeting. As you won’t be able to physically meet the candidates, extra measures may be necessary to guarantee a comprehensive and successful recruitment process.

To pinpoint the perfect candidate for the job, it is crucial to utilise a diverse array of techniques and resources to formulate an interview process that can effectively evaluate whether the applicant is the suitable choice.

Screening and Interviewing Remote Developers: A Guide

Here at Works, we have developed several tactics to evaluate prospective remote developers prior to offering a job. We constantly assess and modify our interview process to ensure it aligns with our current business goals.

To guarantee that you can properly assess each of the candidates you are interviewing, it is essential to allocate ample time in devising a comprehensive and structured process. Preparing ahead will enable you to manage the procedure efficiently, thereby preventing you from feeling swamped.

Interviewing remote developers for a project is an arduous and time-consuming process, hence a methodical and comprehensive approach is crucial. This phase in the hiring process holds immense significance, as it is vital to select the perfect candidate for the position.

Challenges Involving Perplexing Code

Avoid wasting your precious time conducting interviews with unqualified candidates.

It is imperative that every prospective remote developer undergoes a coding assessment to determine their programming proficiency. This will shed light on the candidate’s approach towards resolving programming challenges. This is a priceless technique for precisely assessing their abilities.

Assigning a project that takes about thirty minutes to an hour will allow you to comprehend the method that the candidate employs while coding, documenting, testing, and executing their code.

Brief Video Presentation

Over the past few years, video resumes have grown in popularity amongst job seekers. This mode of interviewing offers employers a succinct and informative evaluation of a person’s technical skills, communication abilities, disposition, and eagerness. By viewing a video resume, employers can acquire a better comprehension of a candidate’s strengths and limitations within a brief duration of usually three to five minutes.

Discussing in a Technical Manner

Technical interviews offer a chance to delve deeper into a candidate’s specific skills and professional credentials. Typically, interviews include a set of questions tailored to the job and seniority level being hired for, enabling you to evaluate the person’s capability to showcase their proficiency.

Apart from assessing a candidate’s skills and expertise, a technical interview presents an outstanding opportunity to understand the projects they have accomplished and take delight in. It is also an excellent method to acquire a deeper comprehension of how they handled challenging scenarios in the past, their approach towards a particular project or obstacle, and other relevant subjects.

Inquire about their career and personal growth aspirations, what motivates them, and what they aim to achieve in the new position.

In order to understand a developer, it is imperative to ask questions that encourage them to share their interests and opinions. There will be fewer “Trivial Pursuit” style questions and more time spent conversing.

Pair Programming

Pair programming is an agile software development approach that involves two developers collaborating on a single feature or subsystem. This technique bestows two distinct roles to the developers: the driver and the navigator. The driver writes the code, while the navigator provides guidance and direction towards achieving the intended outcome of the code. This partnership between the two developers allows them to work together efficiently and productively, ensuring that the desired result is attained.

In a pair programming interview, the interviewer assumes the role of navigator, while the candidate serves as the driver. Through this structure, the interviewer can evaluate both the technical proficiency and oral communication skills of the candidate. This type of assessment facilitates a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate’s credentials.

Pair programming serves as an indicator of a candidate’s ability to collaborate with others, as it involves problem-solving with a partner.

If you want to expand your knowledge on different pre-employment screening and interview procedures, the resources listed below could prove to be extremely beneficial. We have collected a variety of materials covering topics such as background checks, personality assessments, reference checks, and many more. Acquiring this information can help you gain a better comprehension of how each screening or interview process operates and how to prepare for them most effectively.

  • For video lectures

    To access Zoom in the US, please visit:
  • For coding challenges:

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  • For working collaboratively, specifically in pair-programming:

    Slack ( and GitHub (


If you are not familiar with it, seeking and recruiting remote engineers might seem like a time-consuming and tiresome process.

Recruiting new team members can prove to be a challenging and time-consuming process, as you may receive a vast number of inappropriate applications, unsolicited emails and LinkedIn messages. The process may include lengthy rounds of interviews, tests, extended discussions on payment and benefits, and a convoluted onboarding procedure. It’s essential to keep in mind that, despite the significant effort required, the entire process can be quite disorganized.

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