Microsoft Unveils 5 Characteristics of Great Developers

In order to develop outstanding software, it is essential to recruit highly-skilled software engineers. However, it is even more important to recognise the characteristics that distinguish excellent developers from those who are merely average. To explore this notion, Microsoft conducted a survey of 1926 engineers, which sought to identify the five most distinguishing qualities of excellent developers.

Let us take a deeper look at each of these characteristics.

Good developer characteristics: Exceptional coding abilities

It is undeniable that coding is essential for the development of software. Therefore, it is evident that the ability to create high-quality code is a distinguishing factor that sets apart skilled engineers from their peers.

Skilled coders are adept at dealing with varying levels of code complexity whilst remaining attentive to the finer points. Additionally, they must be cognizant of any external factors, such as system states, connected components, and underlying dependencies, that have the potential to affect the functionality of their code.

Good developer characteristics: Maximum work value

According to a Microsoft study, exceptional engineers habitually modify the software product in order to maximise potential value and minimise costs. They devote a considerable amount of time to evaluating the finished product prior to releasing it to the public, ensuring that any necessary repairs will not incur excessive expenses.

It is essential for competent developers to continue to explore with small modifications and adjustments to maximise their earning potential. Moreover, exceptional programmers are not afraid of making mistakes. They continually grow and develop their skills by learning from their missteps.

Good developer characteristics: Making well-informed decisions

Microsoft suggests that software engineers who are proficient at their craft have an edge over their peers. They are open to incorporating new information into their decision-making process and are willing to explore alternative solutions to any given challenge. This type of agile thinking provides them with a competitive advantage.

The recent study revealed that successful software engineers possess the ability to unlearn at the right times. By gathering and scrutinising the pertinent data, they make well-informed decisions, illustrating their propensity to adopt a data-driven approach to their work.

Good developers characteristics: Cooperative and trustworthy

Good developers strive to make their team members‘ tasks easier whenever possible. They understand how to manage expectations and are comfortable asking for help when needed. Additionally, they proactively offer their own ideas to their teammates to help them be more successful in their work.

Engaging in introspection and working to improve oneself are two important qualities of a successful software developer. Microsoft also noted that reliable and honest developers are essential. When someone is seeking assistance, they should be open and honest about the situation, rather than withholding information or adding to the confusion.

Good developers characteristics: Lifelong learners

A recent study has revealed that highly skilled developers are highly motivated to explore new technologies and advancements in their field. They demonstrate a natural curiosity and enthusiasm for discovering new information, as well as a strong dedication to self-improvement through continued learning and skill acquisition. This passion for self-development allows these developers to stay current, remain competitive, and achieve success in their professional and personal lives.

So, what qualities distinguish an excellent developer?

A competent developer brings a multitude of benefits to a company. Not only do they promote cooperation and collaboration among the team, but they also possess the skills and knowledge to help the business reach its goals. Additionally, the enthusiasm and commitment of a competent developer encourages other developers to strive for excellence, creating an atmosphere of productivity and transparency.

However, finding skilled coders is not always straightforward.

It is essential to find engineers who are able to live up to the standards that are promised by many job portals, as these platforms often fail to provide the level of talent they advertise at reasonable prices. Consequently, it is imperative to identify developers who are truly competent.

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