Microsoft Unveils 5 Characteristics of Great Developers

To create exceptional software, it is crucial to hire software engineers who possess exceptional technical skills. However, it is equally vital to discern the traits that set exceptional developers apart from their average counterparts. In a recent survey by Microsoft, which included 1926 engineers, the top five qualities that distinguish exceptional developers were identified.

Now, let’s delve into each of these qualities in greater detail.

Qualities of a Good Developer: Exceptional Coding Skills

Without a doubt, coding is a fundamental component of software development. For this reason, the capacity to design top-notch code is an essential characteristic that differentiates adept engineers from their colleagues.

Proficient coders have the ability to cope with varying degrees of code complexity while giving attention to detail. Moreover, they should be mindful of external factors, including system states, interconnected components and underlying dependencies, that may impact the performance and functionality of the code they create.

Qualities of a Good Developer: High Work Ethic

As per a study conducted by Microsoft, outstanding engineers regularly tweak a software product to enhance its value and reduce costs. They dedicate ample time to thoroughly test the final product prior to launching it, making certain that any required fixes will not result in excessive expenses.

Competent developers must experiment with slight tweaks and adjustments to fully optimise their earning potential. Furthermore, skillful programmers do not shy away from making mistakes. They persistently expand and fine-tune their abilities by learning from their errors.

Qualities of a Good Developer: Sound Decision-Making

According to Microsoft, software engineers who are skilled at their work have a clear advantage over their colleagues. They remain receptive to new information and alternative perspectives when making decisions and tackling challenges. This type of adaptable thinking gives them a competitive edge.

The recent survey uncovered that accomplished software engineers possess the ability to unlearn certain things when necessary. By collecting and thoroughly analysing relevant data, they make informed decisions, showcasing their inclination towards adopting a data-driven approach to their work.

Qualities of a Good Developer: Collaboration and Trustworthiness

Competent developers endeavour to make their colleagues’ tasks simpler whenever feasible. They possess the ability to manage expectations and are at ease seeking assistance when required. Furthermore, they voluntarily present their own ideas to their team members to aid them in achieving more success in their work.

Practising self-reflection and striving for personal growth are two crucial qualities of a prosperous software developer. Microsoft also highlighted the significance of trustworthy and candid developers. When someone requires help, they must be transparent and truthful about the situation, rather than withholding crucial information or adding to the confusion.

Qualities of a Good Developer: Continuous Learners

According to a recent survey, highly proficient developers are highly motivated to explore new technologies and advancements in their field. They exhibit a natural inquisitiveness and eagerness to learn new things, as well as a strong commitment to self-improvement through continuous learning and the acquisition of new skills. This zeal for self-development enables these developers to remain current, stay competitive, and attain success in both their professional and personal lives.

So, What Sets Apart an Exceptional Developer?

An adept developer brings numerous advantages to a company. They foster teamwork and collaboration among colleagues while also possessing the proficiency and expertise to assist the organisation in achieving its objectives. Moreover, the enthusiasm and dedication of a skilled developer inspire other developers to aim for greatness, establishing an environment of productivity and openness.

Nonetheless, locating proficient coders is not always a simple task.

It is crucial to discover engineers who can meet the standards that many job portals guarantee, as these platforms frequently don’t offer the level of talent they advertise at reasonable rates. Therefore, it is vital to recognise developers who are genuinely proficient.

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