Misguided Opposition to Outsourcing and Employment

Many organisations considering staffing a technology team with in-house engineers face a difficult decision between efficiency and quality. In today’s market, there is a critical shortage of qualified developers, which has caused recruitment processes for in-house engineers to become increasingly protracted despite the urgency of project timelines. Despite this, many Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) remain hesitant about outsourcing technology projects due to a perceived lack of control over the development process for offshore projects and the unpredictable dependability and consistency of freelancers.

The current global pandemic has completely revolutionised the job market in a number of ways. Firstly, the need for physical location as a prerequisite for employment has been significantly diminished due to the rise of remote work. As a result, many IT professionals have chosen to leave high-cost cities and technology hubs in order to take advantage of the affordable cost of living and quality of life offered in other areas. Additionally, businesses have reported increased productivity resulting from the utilisation of remote staff. Consequently, these developments have effectively debunked the notion that location is a crucial factor in the job market.

Mike Burns, Chief Information Officer of Benco Dental, a company that employs a thousand people, commented that, “We could be much more effective if we operated differently than we have been.” He went on to explain that the elimination of physical distance between individuals provides them with the ability to “concentrate” and “collaborate with others.” Burns concluded, “This is a major change for us.

Simultaneously, an innovative approach to engineering staff augmentation is connecting businesses with highly skilled engineers from all over the world. This process is designed to fill the gaps in technical expertise for both short-term and permanent positions. Unlike freelancer marketplaces and software development outsourcing services, these companies are rigorous in their screening of engineers, ensuring that they are capable of contributing immediately upon joining a team.

Staff Augmentation 2.0, a newly developed technique, has been gaining traction in recent years in comparison to the traditional methods of project-based outsourcing and temporary freelancing. We are dedicated to providing engineers and their customers with an array of support services, such as access to IT resources, professional growth opportunities, and metrics for tracking performance. This way, we can ensure that we are providing the highest quality of service and support.

Here are the four main features of Staff Augmentation 2.0:

  • Involvement throughout the long haul
  • Comprehensive screening and smart pairing
  • Assistance in all phases of hiring, scheduling, and termination
  • Instantaneous distribution of top-tier talent

It is a fact that there is a substantial amount of technical expertise available to businesses that is located outside of the United States and major tech hubs. This pool of developers is enthusiastic to join forces with industry pioneers and develop modern products. A HackerRank study of the best places to work for software engineers found that the United States was only 28th. Staff Augmentation 2.0 bridges the gap between customers and this talent, carefully pairing engineers with employers in order to ensure a suitable cultural and technical fit, which is essential for more lengthy projects. The customer is able to benefit from the skill and proficiency of experienced senior engineers in a much shorter time frame with fewer administrative and human resource expenses.

At Automattic, we strive to only hire the best and brightest individuals when it comes to recruiting new employees. Our founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg, who created WordPress entirely without ever meeting his team in person, emphasises two key qualities that we look for in our candidates: identifying the world’s greatest people and then allowing them the freedom to get to work. As the famous movie quote goes, “Just stay out of their way.”

With the advent of Staff Augmentation 2.0, companies now have access to the most talented professionals from all over the world, as well as the resources necessary for their success. Rather than outsourcing, this form of recruitment is akin to having a free, global recruiter. It allows businesses in the US to acquire the necessary expertise when needed and for an indefinite period of time.

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