Most in-Demand Skills for IT Staff Augmentation

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In 2023, Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric (GE), declared to investors that their belief is that every industrial company will become a software company, emphasising the importance of expertise in software development. This was followed by an even more remarkable move from the corporation in the same year, when it spun out its first software startup. This demonstrates the importance of software development to the world’s largest and most successful corporations.

In order to stay ahead of the competition and prepare for the future, companies of all sizes are investing in specialised software, such as General Electric have done. To make this a reality, these companies are now working with IT staff augmentation firms to supplement their internal teams. Executives can use this service to source external companies that have the most sought-after programmers. This approach allows companies to leverage the expertise of highly skilled professionals and gain access to a broader pool of resources.

Candidates for development positions should possess an advanced level of proficiency in a popular programming language, demonstrate outstanding technical skills, and have the capacity to collaborate effectively with others in a team environment.

Languages for Computer Programming

Gaining proficiency in a single programming language is the first step to becoming a sought-after software developer. Although there are hundreds of languages available to create a variety of technologies, four stand out from the rest due to their simplicity to learn, the amount of freedom they offer and the broad range of technologies they are applicable to.


JavaScript is the most widely used programming language globally, and it is employed by organisations of all sizes, from small startups to the biggest staff augmentation companies in the world, to construct interactive websites and applications.

The language has experienced a great deal of success due to the fact that it can be employed for both front-end and back-end development. This is highly advantageous for developers as it enables them to use the same language throughout the whole project, without having to switch between different languages.

Uber is an exemplary mobile app that has been developed using JavaScript. The ride-sharing company has utilised the renowned JavaScript framework, Node.js, to both create and improve their driver-matching system. Through the implementation of JavaScript, they have been able to vastly accelerate their RPC (remote procedure call) processing speeds.


The Java programming language, which focuses on objects, is now one of the most widely used languages in the industry.

The ease of use of the language is enhanced by the automated memory allocation and garbage collection features, making it an ideal language for beginners. Additionally, the language includes a networking component which enables distributed computing, allowing developers to divide components across multiple machines in a network without any negative impact on performance.

Currently, Java is used to create web servers, large-scale corporate software, Android apps, and eCommerce web applications.

Java is an essential language for businesses that wish to create powerful corporate applications or web servers, as it lies at the core of the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that any IT staff working on such initiatives have a thorough understanding of the language.


Python is a highly popular high-level programming language, developed in 1991 to replace the commonly used C family of languages, due to its improved code readability. This helps to drastically reduce the amount of time needed for programmers to complete their coding projects, making it a preferred choice for many.

Python’s broad range of support libraries enables numerous common programming tasks to be automated, significantly reducing development time and the size of the codebase. Furthermore, Python is capable of interoperability with other programming languages and platforms as a result of the range of third-party modules available from the Python Package Index.

Python is widely used in the software industry, and it is used to make anything from AAA video games to desktop programmes and websites.

Python played a crucial role in the development of the popular and critically acclaimed strategy game, Civilization IV. As lead designer Soren Johnson explained, Python was used to develop all of the in-game displays, including the primary interface. When asked why Python was chosen for this task, Johnson replied “we required a widely-supported scripting language that could complement our core code.” Furthermore, he


The C language family is one of the earliest and most prominent programming languages in existence and is still widely used today. It was initially developed in the early 1970s, predating many other languages, yet has managed to remain popular amongst programmers due to regular updates and advancements over the years.

Furthermore, programmers have developed a number of variants on C. Java, C#, C++, and E are four of the most common successor languages.

This programming language is widely used for the development of applications for iOS, Android, and Windows, and is considered to be a mid-level general-purpose language. It is also used for the creation of the kernels for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Abilities in Technology

Engineers working on augmented software must possess a high level of technical proficiency in order to be able to effectively solve problems and reduce development time. This requires a comprehensive knowledge of data structures, databases and algorithms.

Data Structures and Algorithms

In order to be successful as a software engineer, it is essential to have a comprehensive knowledge of both algorithms and data structures. These are two of the core topics that are covered in most computer science degree programmes.

Despite no longer being a requirement for many information technology companies, the fact that a bachelor’s degree is not essential has had both positive and negative implications upon the industry. This shift has enabled organisations to employ more diverse talent and reduce their entry requirements, but it has also left a number of experienced developers with significant deficiencies in their knowledge base.

Data structures and algorithms offer an insight into the internal workings of computers, empowering developers to create code that utilises their full potential. This knowledge is invaluable, as it enables developers who are knowledgeable in algorithms to identify the most efficient solutions to problems quickly. Even more importantly, they can assess the pros and cons of various options to make the optimal choice.

An old adage in the field of computer programming is “Smart data structures and stupid code works a lot better than the other way around.”


Due to the relative ease with which modern programming languages such as Ruby and C# enable database administration, some programmers have begun to undervalue its importance. However, developers should be mindful that the data model and application requirements could considerably impact the choice of database.

Performance issues, such as N+1 queries that retrieve an excessive quantity of records and cause delays in speed, are usually the consequence of an inappropriate choice of database. Furthermore, when data is normalised without care, redundant information is increased and the integrity of the data is compromised.

High-quality staff augmentation partners are actively seeking engineers with database capabilities in order to improve software speed and reduce development times. This approach offers customers the benefit of cost savings and easier software maintenance, both of which are beneficial to businesses looking to grow while still operating efficiently.

Soft Skills

The importance of so-called ‘soft skills’ in the software development process is often overlooked, yet these are just as critical as hard skills in achieving successful outcomes. Soft skills refer to an individual’s qualities and behaviours that help to create and maintain positive interactions with those around them; these are essential attributes for success when working in a team.

Candidates with excellent teamwork abilities amongst software engineers are often noticed for their skills, enabling them to support their colleagues in reaching deadlines and highlighting any errors present in their code, despite the fact that their own contributions may only form a minor part of the final product. This is particularly important in Agile development teams as every individual is held accountable for the success of the project.

To finish, those involved in the development of improved software should take ownership of their efforts. Mistakes will inevitably occur; however, the most capable software engineers are those who accept accountability for their actions and strive to learn from them.

Having the Right Information Is Crucial

For providers that wish to create bespoke software but have a limited budget for an internal development team, IT staff augmentation companies may be a viable alternative. It is essential, however, that Chief Executive Officers take the necessary steps to ensure that the augmented staff they bring onboard have the necessary proficiency and experience to carry out their tasks efficiently.

As a software developer, it is essential to have a good understanding of at least one of the most popular programming languages. JavaScript, Java, Python and C are some of the most widely used languages for creating new software and any software developer should be proficient in one or more of these languages.

The most desirable developers for this project will be those with an impressive technical aptitude and the ability to work effectively as part of a team. This elite group of augmented developers will help to ensure smooth progress throughout the project, and guarantee that the end product is perfectly tailored for its intended audience.

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