Most in-Demand Skills for IT Staff Augmentation

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In 2023, investors were told by the CEO of General Electric (GE), Jeffrey Immelt, that every industrial company will become a software company which highlights the value of software expertise. GE followed with a significant initiative in the same year, spinning out its first software startup, underlining the importance software development holds for the world’s most prominent and lucrative corporations.

To have an edge over the competition and be future-ready, businesses of all sizes are investing in customised software, following in the footsteps of General Electric. They are partnering with IT staff augmentation firms to enhance their internal teams, thus bringing in specialised external assistance for their executives. With the help of this service, they can collaborate with external entities that have the best and most in-demand programmers. This enables companies to capitalise on the proficiency of professionals who are experts in their respective fields, resulting in access to a wider range of resources.

To be eligible for development positions, candidates should exhibit an exceptional level of aptitude in a widely-used programming language, exhibit excellent technical abilities, and possess the capability of working collaboratively with team members in a constructive environment.

Computer Programming Languages

Becoming an acclaimed software developer begins with gaining mastery in a single programming language. Out of the vast selection of programming languages suited for designing different technologies, only four can easily be learned, provide extensive flexibility and are suitable for a diverse range of technologies.


Organisations of all sizes, from startups to the world’s most extensive staff augmentation companies, utilise JavaScript, the most widely used programming language worldwide, to build interactive websites and applications.

JavaScript is successful primarily because it can be utilised for both front-end and back-end development. This is an exceptionally beneficial aspect for developers as it enables the use of the same language across the entire project, without the need to switch between multiple languages.

The development of the exemplary mobile application, Uber, relied heavily on JavaScript. Aride-sharing company such as Uber employed the widely-popular Node.js JavaScript framework to create and improve its driver-matching system. By using JavaScript, Uber has accelerated its RPC (remote procedure call) processing speed to a great extent.


Java, a programming language renowned for its object-oriented approach, is now one of the most widely employed languages in the industry.

Java language is user-friendly and is further complemented by its features for automated memory allocation and garbage collection, which makes it well-suited for beginners. Furthermore, its networking component facilitates distributed computing, where developers may partition components across multiple machines in a network to eliminate any performance impact.

Java is currently associated with creating web servers, large-scale corporate software, Android applications, and eCommerce web applications.

Java is a fundamental language for companies seeking to develop powerful corporate applications or web servers, as it forms the foundation of the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Therefore, it is imperative for IT personnel working on such projects to have a comprehensive knowledge of the language.


Developed in 1991, Python is a high-level programming language that has gained immense popularity due to its enhanced code legibility as compared to the commonly used C programming languages, resulting in significant time savings for programmers, which makes Python a preferred choice for many.

Python is equipped with a wide range of support libraries that allow for the automation of several common programming tasks, leading to a considerable reduction in development time and codebase size. Additionally, Python can work seamlessly with other programming languages and platforms, thanks to numerous third-party modules accessible from the Python Package Index.

Python is employed extensively throughout the software industry and is well-suited for developing a wide range of applications, from AAA video games to desktop programmes and websites.

Python played a pivotal function in the development of Civilization IV, a popular and critically-acclaimed strategy game. According to lead designer Soren Johnson, Python was leveraged to generate all the in-game interfaces, including the primary interface. When asked for the reason behind opting for Python, Johnson responded that it was a widely-supported scripting language that could seamlessly complement their core code. Moreover, he


The C language family, one of the earliest and most influential programming languages, is still in widespread use today. C programming originated in the early 1970s, predating several programming languages, and has sustained its popularity amongst developers due to frequent upgrades and improvements over the years.

Furthermore, developers have devised several variants of C, including Java, C#, C++, and E, which are among the most prevalent successor programming languages.

This programming language is extensively employed for developing applications for operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows, and is broadly regarded as a mid-level general-purpose language. Furthermore, it is used in creating the kernels for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Technology Skills

Developers tasked with developing augmented software must have a remarkable level of technical expertise to efficiently solve problems, thus reducing development time. This mandates a thorough understanding of algorithms, data structures, and databases.

Algorithms and Data Structures

To thrive as a software engineer, an extensive understanding of both algorithms and data structures is indispensable. These two topics lie at the heart of most computer science degree programs.

Although no longer an obligation for several information technology companies, the absence of a bachelor’s degree has impacted the industry positively and negatively. This change has enabled businesses to hire candidates with diverse backgrounds and reduce entry constraints, but it has also left many experienced developers with substantial gaps in their knowledge base.

Algorithms and data structures provide a glimpse into the internal processes of computers, allowing developers to write code that leverages their full potential. This knowledge is priceless, since it aids developers proficient in algorithms to swiftly identify the most efficient solutions to problems. What is even more important is their ability to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different alternatives to make the best decision.

An old saying in computer programming states that “intelligent data structures and simple code function much better than the converse.”


Because modern programming languages such as Ruby and C# make database management so simple, some programmers have started to underestimate its significance. Nevertheless, developers must keep in mind that the data model and application needs may significantly influence the selection of the database.

Performance problems, such as retrieving excessive data through N+1 queries that slow down the process, usually result from a non-optimal selection of the database. In addition, carelessly normalizing the data increases redundant information, which undermines data integrity.

Premium staff augmentation partners are actively seeking developers with database expertise to accelerate software performance and cut down development time. This method saves costs for customers and enhances software maintenance, thus propelling businesses towards growth while operating smoothly.

Interpersonal Skills

The significance of ‘interpersonal skills’ in the software development procedure is frequently disregarded, yet they are just as important as technical skills in achieving successful results. Interpersonal skills describe an individual’s characteristics and behaviours that foster positive interactions with others; these attributes are indispensable for success when functioning in a team.

Developers with excellent teamwork abilities are often recognised for their skills, enabling them to support their peers in meeting deadlines and detecting errors in their code, even if their personal contributions constitute only a small proportion of the final product. This is especially critical in Agile development teams where every team member is responsible for the project’s success.

In conclusion, those engaged in developing better software must take responsibility for their work. Mistakes are bound to happen; however, the most competent software developers are those who take responsibility for their actions and endeavour to learn from them.

Accurate Information Is Vital

For firms wishing to create custom software but have a limited budget for an in-house development team, IT staff augmentation companies may offer a viable alternative. However, it is crucial that Chief Executives take the necessary measures to ensure that the augmented staff they enlist possess the requisite skill set and experience to execute their duties competently.

For a software developer, it’s vital to possess a firm grasp of at least one of the most popular programming languages. JavaScript, Java, Python, and C are among the most commonly used languages for developing new software, and any software developer must be skilled in one or more of these languages.

The most sought-after developers for this project are those with an exceptional technical acumen and a flair for teamwork. This top-tier group of augmented developers will assist in ensuring seamless progress throughout the project and ensure that the final product is bespoke for its target audience.

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