Nearly 2-Thirds of Top Engineers Think Telecommuting Is Here to Stay

CTOs that are open to remote work have access to an international pool of talent.

“The Big Apple” (September 22, 2022) Works, a global talent network that assists businesses in building remote engineering teams, has published survey findings which point to a long-term move towards remote working. According to the survey, 74% of engineering managers interviewed indicated that their teams have adopted remote working due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and 66% of respondents stated that they would like to continue with this approach even after the pandemic is over. With the rising prevalence of permanent remote work, engineering managers now have the chance to reevaluate their recruitment tactics and draw from a larger selection of candidates from around the globe, resulting in higher productivity and a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

The increasing trend of telecommuting was already gaining traction prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, but the virus has certainly caused it to accelerate. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Works, “What is particularly remarkable about this shift is that the advantages associated with telecommuting do not appear to be fleeting.” This demonstrates that esteemed engineers have come to the realisation that it is possible to maintain productivity while gaining access to a much wider range of skilled personnel from all around the globe.

Key results from Works’s remote engineering survey include:

  • Only around one-fifth of all engineering teams were remote before the advent of Covid. The epidemic has contributed to a rise in that figure to 74%.
  • More than two-thirds (66%) of technical teams anticipate maintaining remote access after the danger posed by Covid-19 has passed.
  • After the epidemic, just 22% of engineering managers would rather have their engineers work in an office.

Works conducted an online survey of 100 Chief Technology Officers and Vice Presidents of Engineering from both rapidly expanding startups (with a minimum of 200 employees) and well-established corporations.

As businesses become increasingly aware of the potential of the global talent market, the need for a reliable partner to help source, screen and match the right technical personnel to the right enterprises is becoming ever more apparent. At Works, we provide this service to a host of prominent engineering companies such as GitHub, Cloudflare and Bleacher Report, enabling them to benefit from the world’s best talent.

Works is an innovative global talent network established in 2022 with a mission to bridge the gap between the world’s most talented software engineers in emerging economies and leading engineering companies. In the past few years, Works has evaluated tens of thousands of engineers and devised strategies to identify and nurture potential talent in overlooked areas. By lowering the barriers that previously hindered companies from hiring the best engineers from around the globe, Works has revolutionised the way teams and products are formed.

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Works specialises in the recruitment of remote technology experts across industries, providing comprehensive Human Resources services to assist with the management of remote workers and international staff. This includes assistance with hiring, invoicing, and taxes. Our mission is to help you source and employ top-tier remote developers so that they can lead your most important technological projects and ventures.

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