New and Improved Algorithm Models for Collaboration

Although outsourcing software development is not a novel concept, the sheer number of decisions Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) must make when constructing a team can often make the process seem more like a gamble than anything else. Questions such as ‘should I collaborate with an external business?’, ‘will there be a reduction in output quality as a result of our remote team?’, ‘can I acquire all I need from one supplier or is it necessary to compare options?’ and ‘how can I ensure safety?’ must be taken into account.

Earlier in the year, Works collaborated with a highly respected US consultancy which had similar concerns. To make this cutting-edge project a success, everyone had to join forces to create a service-delivery center powered by the latest artificial intelligence and data science algorithms.

Scalability, usefulness, and safety

It is essential that algorithms are able to identify patterns within images, detect sentiment in text and determine language in both written and spoken formats. These models must be packaged together as a service, and made available to customers for a variety of applications, such as vehicle tracking, facial recognition and emotion detection.

In order to ensure the security of the platform, stringent measures were put in place to identify and protect users. This included encryption of sensitive data and multiple levels of authentication. Furthermore, the platform’s robustness had to be coupled with scalability to ensure a seamless experience for millions of users. These measures were not just for public safety, but also for commercial and educational use.

Recruiting a team with a diverse range of technical skills, such as UI/UX, Data Science, AI, DevOps, Frontend/Backend and QA Engineers, was essential to ensure successful end-to-end delivery. Moreover, as real-time user documentation was also required, it was necessary to have a Project Manager and Scrum Master to establish an effective workflow that incorporated a range of specialisations and experience.

Works were able to provide a solution to this situation based on our Delivery Team Approach. Our staffing team acted swiftly to identify the roles and skillsets required to ensure optimal coding standards, software quality and an improved user experience, utilising our highly rigorous selection process which only chooses the Top 1% of IT talent in the market.

At the outset of the development process, there was a need to define the project scope, technology and development backlog in order to create a smaller, core team. The greatest challenge was how to efficiently manage a remote team of 25 and expedite the development timeline.

The successful attainment of these objectives was only possible due to the concerted collaboration of the project manager, scrum master and technical lead in the creation of a flexible team framework that enabled the continuous development of front-end, back-end, QA and technical writing services. Furthermore, a performance of 90% or higher was achieved in relation to each new feature with minimal rewrites to the accompanying documentation as a result of ongoing quality assurance and benchmarking throughout the software development process.

What makes us special

At Works, we are proud of our ability to quickly assemble teams of highly proficient engineers, specialising in a broad range of technologies. This allows us to scale quickly while delivering superior solutions and minimising development cycle issues. By leveraging the expertise of senior engineers, we are able to reduce costs, speed up time-to-market, and instil confidence in our customers as we implement efficient processes.

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