New and Improved Algorithm Models for Collaboration

While outsourcing software development is not a new idea, constructing a team for this purpose can be a challenging task for Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), often leaving them feeling uncertain about the outcome. They are faced with critical questions, such as ‘is it beneficial to partner with an external organisation?’, ‘will the quality of output suffer because of a remote team?’, ‘should I opt for a single supplier or examine alternate options?’ and ‘how do I maintain security?’. Addressing these queries becomes essential.

At the beginning of the year, a well-regarded US consultancy partnered with Works, addressing similar concerns. The objective was to establish an innovative project which required collective efforts to develop a service-delivery center, employing advanced artificial intelligence and data science algorithms.

Scalability, Utility, and Security

Algorithms must be capable of recognizing patterns within images, identifying sentiment in text, and determining language in written and spoken formats. To cater to various requirements, such as vehicle tracking, facial recognition, and emotion detection, these models have to be combined and developed as a service accessible to customers.

To maintain the platform’s security, strict protocols were implemented to safeguard users, involving encryption of sensitive data and multi-level authentication. The system’s resilience was likewise vital to provide a flawless experience to millions of users. These measures were not only necessary for public safety but also for business and educational purposes.

To guarantee smooth end-to-end delivery, a team with a diverse set of technical abilities, including UI/UX, Data Science, AI, DevOps, Frontend/Backend and QA Engineers, was indispensable. Additionally, a Project Manager and Scrum Master were required to establish an efficient workflow that incorporated a variety of expertise and experience, as real-time user documentation was also needed.

To tackle this challenge, Works devised a solution based on our Delivery Team Approach. Our staffing team promptly identified the required roles and skill sets to ensure exceptional coding criteria, superior software quality, and an enhanced user experience. We used our highly rigorous selection process to choose the Top 1% of IT talent in the market.

At the beginning of the development process, it was necessary to establish the project’s scope, technology, and development backlog to form a smaller, core team. The principal challenge was how to effectively supervise a remote team of 25 and speed up the development schedule.

The concerted efforts of the project manager, scrum master, and technical lead were the driving force behind accomplishing these objectives. They worked together to design a flexible team framework that enabled continual development of front-end, back-end, QA, and technical writing services. Moreover, by constantly benchmarking and assuring quality throughout the software development process, a performance of 90% or higher was obtained for each new feature, with minimal modifications required in the accompanying documentation.

Our Specialities

At Works, we take pride in our proficiency in assembling teams of highly skilled engineers, specialising in a wide range of technologies, in a short span of time. Our adeptness in this area enables us to scale quickly, deliver exceptional solutions, and minimise development cycle issues. With the involvement of our senior engineers, we are able to reduce expenses, accelerate time-to-market, and instil confidence in our customers by efficiently implementing our processes.

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