No Matter Where They Are Located, It Is Essential to Hire the Best Talent

Many companies are known to prioritise potential employees who are located in close proximity to their office when making hiring decisions. This ensures that any potential candidate has the convenience of being able to physically attend their workplace in a timely manner.

Many businesses traditionally favour candidates who are available to attend the workplace in person every day. However, this approach does not necessarily ensure that the chosen applicant is the most qualified individual for the role, or the best fit for the job.

The notion of remote employment is a relatively novel concept in the business realm. In recent years, the emergence of the internet and technological progress have made it entirely feasible for companies based in the United States to hire personnel from India without the need for either party to relocate.

As the trend of remote working continues to gain traction across the world, companies now have the potential to extend their recruitment efforts to a much broader talent base. However, many businesses remain hesitant to seize this opportunity, feeling apprehensive about the idea of having a workforce comprised of employees who will never set foot in their office.

Prior to making a decision to not hire these applicants, it is important to consider the potential benefits of hiring remote workers. Such advantages include saving on overhead costs, increased employee productivity, and granting employees the flexibility to work from wherever they choose. Additionally, remote workers can also offer a broader talent pool for employers to choose from and increased diversity in the workplace.

According to research, employees who work remotely are more productive

A recent study conducted by Stanford professor Nicholas Bloom revealed that employees who work from home tend to be more productive and focused. This is largely attributed to the improved work-life balance, the pleasant atmosphere of their home, and the lack of a commute to work. The contentment of these remote employees was found to have a positive effect on the quality of their work, resulting in a 13% increase in performance.

Employee turnover rates are lower in remote workers situations compared to traditional employees

In a recent study conducted by Bloom, it was discovered that when organisations implemented remote working practices, the rate of resignations decreased by 50%. A variety of factors can lead to an employee choosing to end their employment, such as a long commute, a desire for more family time, or relocation. However, if an employee is not required to be physically present in the office, there are significantly fewer reasons for them to resign from their position.

Working from home has been shown to save money for companies

Employers have the potential to save money on office space costs when there are fewer staff members working on-site. Additionally, businesses that employ remote workers may experience cost savings associated with employee benefits such as lunch, transportation, and relocation expenses.

When considering the potential benefits of hiring a remote worker, it is worth considering the advantages that a highly skilled individual who works remotely can bring to an organisation compared to an average employee located locally. Remote workers can provide access to a larger and more diverse pool of talent, can reduce overhead costs associated with having employees on-site, and can provide increased flexibility and responsiveness to the organisation’s needs. Additionally, remote workers may offer increased opportunities for collaboration and creativity, as well as improved work-life balance for the employee. Ultimately, opting for a highly skilled remote worker can provide an organisation with greater potential for success.

Despite initial misgivings, it is becoming increasingly evident that remote working is the way of the future. Every year, more and more gifted individuals make the decision to work from home, and this trend is likely to continue to rise. It is important to remember that the fact that an employee is working remotely should not be a deterrent to acquiring the best possible talent available on the market.

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