Our Software Outsourcing Program Provides Full-Time Employees, Not Contract Workers

To reinforce a company’s workforce, a short-term solution can be to hire an engineer, accountant, or data entry clerk, rather than recruiting a full-time employee. In the past, this has been a tried-and-true solution for releasing software that was completed, compiled, and made available on CDs. While projects may sometimes require additional help with quality assurance toward the end, this aid may not be necessary until the next release, which could be many years later.

This notion may still hold value in today’s world. As cloud-based solutions become more prevalent, and providing excellent customer experience becomes increasingly important, teams require software developers who possess a thorough comprehension of both the consumer and the product. For software development teams, hiring permanent staff members is preferred over relying on contract workers.

A Game-Changing Method for Outsourcing Software

A new kind of software outsourcing approach has transformed the way engineering teams recruit and retain highly qualified remote staff for extended periods. With Staff Augmentation 2.0, these virtual professionals can be integrated into the team and entrusted with the same responsibilities as their in-house counterparts. This innovative model provides increased flexibility and scalability, providing engineering teams with access to the necessary skills on a project-by-project basis and expert knowledge from the most skilled remote professionals.

When it comes to matching job descriptions with resumes, Staff Augmentation 2.0 takes it to the next level. Our engineering talent pool is composed of candidates who have been assessed and ranked based on various criteria, including technical, situational, and behavioural evaluations. Technical evaluations may entail pair programming and coding tests that are custom-made for a specific stack. Situational evaluations include confirming previous employment and conducting in-depth background checks. Behavioural assessments are based on leadership interviews and evaluations of interpersonal competence.

Hands-On Supervision and Support

At Staff Augmentation 2.0, we offer comprehensive account management and support to both parties involved. Our account managers thoroughly assess the business, technical, and cultural requirements of each client to determine the most suitable partner. Our objective is to identify a partner who can be a valuable team member, taking on responsibility for the client’s roadmap and culture. Once the ideal engineer is selected, they receive onboarding and regular check-ins, and their performance is overseen by a manager who is committed to providing continuous support.

Engineering companies receive both technical and professional support to lessen the administrative burden that comes with the need to employ and manage full-time employees (FTEs). The staff augmentation company provides services such as performance evaluations, IT support, and training and development initiatives to assist firms in managing their engineering staff. Additionally, any issues that arise due to an engineer’s inability to meet the demands of their job are addressed by the staff augmentation company.

For software engineering managers, executing strategies effectively is crucial. To meet this need, Staff Augmentation 2.0 was developed with the goal of linking organisations in search of full-time engineers with highly skilled professionals from around the globe. It is essential that these engineers not only possess the technical abilities to enhance product quality, but also possess the necessary cultural alignment to be a valuable addition to the team.

In terms of software outsourcing, there are various companies to consider. Companies that provide temporary staff and services to bolster existing teams are referred to as Staff Augmentation 2.0. This approach is advantageous for more extended projects as it grants access to high-quality engineers and the required resources to guarantee project success.

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