Pedro, a Brazilian, Says, “With Works, My Dream to Travel the World Is Turning into a Reality.”

Pedro, an experienced Brazilian software engineer, has always harboured a desire to see the world.

During a recent interview, Pedro disclosed that he is relentlessly pursuing his ambition of touring the world and has been making steady advancement towards it. When questioned about his source of income while having the independence to work on his own schedule and terms, he elaborated on his approach. Here, we will elucidate how he is accomplishing his objective.

Prior to joining Works, working for some of the topmost corporations in the United States seemed like an unattainable dream.

Apart from his impressive expertise in React, Next and Mode, Pedro is a versatile and highly-skilled developer. Additionally, he displays a keen interest in computer hardware and artificial intelligence, displaying his dedication to staying abreast with the latest advancements in the technology industry.

After completing his graduation in computer engineering, Pedro commenced his career as a backend developer.

Pedro had nurtured a hidden aspiration for a long time to be associated with leading digital giants like Google and Amazon at some point in his life. However, the pandemic scenario had thwarted his chances of realizing his ambition.

The question that arises is how Pedro came to know about Works.

While browsing the internet one day, Pedro stumbled upon Works’ website and was instantly captivated. Upon exploring the website more closely, he unearthed its provision of several alluring perks such as excellent salaries alongside prominent American enterprises, flexible work-from-home schedules and no commissions. Without any delay, he swiftly registered for Works’ examinations.

Pedro recently went through the entire screening process for a position at Works, one of the leading American organisations. This process encompassed the completion of an initial survey concerning his professional experience and job history. It was followed by a coding challenge in real-time and several multiple-choice assessments related to the diverse technology stacks in which he possesses expertise. Upon successfully passing all the evaluations, he was extended an offer of employment as a full-stack engineer. Pedro is presently contentedly working with Works.

With a schedule that provides flexibility, even weekdays end up feeling like weekends.

Following his induction at Works, this Brazilian programmer has been reaping the advantages of a pliable work schedule and the freedom to operate from anywhere of his preference, all while earning a generous income. He further observes that notwithstanding the pandemic’s adverse influence on the industry, Works’ employment opportunity places emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, aiding him in staying ahead of the competition and preparing for the future. This is a significant advantage.

With Works’ backing, Pedro has been able to devote his time and abilities to his job without fretting over his monetary stability. Most importantly, he has initiated saving funds towards accomplishing his lifelong goal of backpacking around the globe. Pedro highly cherishes the ability to cherish quality time with his wife and puppy, something a flexible schedule has allowed him to do. As per Pedro, this level of autonomy has transformed every day into a weekend.

Works differentiates itself from the usual gig marketplaces, despite common perception.

Rarely do opportunities arise where an individual can pursue both personal development and a decent income stream. Pedro’s profession successfully meets this need. In addition to this, he elaborates that Works is a destination that extends competent software engineers worldwide the prospect of collaborating with the most prominent tech companies in the US. This platform guarantees an environment for professional growth and expansion.

If you are still uncertain about taking the next stride in your career, why not register for Works‘ AI authentication process? We present you with an opening to work in tandem with some of the most reputed firms in the United States, with the added advantage of performing from any location of your choice. With this chance, you can elevate your career and transform the world into your workplace.

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