Positions in Salesforce, Broken Down Who Exactly Is a Salesforce Developer?

As a leading CRM platform in the industry, Salesforce provides organisations with the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to challenging issues. Despite this, some executives are unaware of the requirement for Salesforce specialists with specific expertise in order to effectively implement solutions. It is essential to have an understanding of the roles of Salesforce specialists, and how they collaborate to design and deliver the most suitable Salesforce solution for a particular business, in order to fully utilise the platform.

Salesforce is a powerful platform, and to make the most of it, there are six key roles that need to be filled. We will provide an overview of these roles, including Administrators, Developers, Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Consultants. We will explain the responsibilities of each role and why they are essential for the success of stakeholders. With the right information, you can make an informed decision about which role would be the best fit for you.

To begin, jobs in Salesforce are distinct from roles in Salesforce.

In order to ensure clarity, it is important to differentiate between two types of job descriptions. Those found in Salesforce are not the same as those found outside of Salesforce. Salesforce’s user role hierarchy can be simplified as ‘roles’ for ease. This structure is used to allocate users to different roles in Salesforce, usually following the same format as a company’s organizational chart. The professionals who take on the Salesforce roles discussed in this series are the unsung heroes that make it possible to develop inventive solutions for your organization.

Is it possible to define a Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce believes that Salesforce Developers possess the capabilities to be a hero in any organization. They achieve this through aiding businesses in transforming their requirements into comprehensive Salesforce implementations that make maximum use of the platform’s features. Salesforce Developers use the Salesforce Platform (formerly known as Force.com) to create cloud-based solutions that can boost both staff productivity and customer service. The combination of various systems and the customization of settings leads to cloud experiences that meet the expectations of stakeholders and boost profits.

A Salesforce Developer is responsible for project management, solution design and implementation, in addition to possessing an in-depth knowledge of all Salesforce Clouds. They are accountable for developing and implementing data models, front-end technologies, custom user interfaces and creating automation and custom solutions using the APEX programming language. Ultimately, they are responsible for executing the technical tasks required to complete a client’s project whilst adhering to coding standards.

To find qualified Salesforce Developers, check for the following qualities:

  • Superior minds with the ability to create and deploy unique software
  • Expert problem solvers with a focus on analysis and design who create and implement novel business logic and user interfaces.
  • Teams of multidisciplinary developers who are dedicated to writing bug-free code.

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