Preparing for a Productive at-Home Career

As a response to the current lockdown period, our CEO at Works has initiated a series of updates to ensure that our employees stay informed and connected. To facilitate this effort, an extract from our CEO’s email has been communicated to all staff members. We trust that this update will aid in keeping our employees abreast and foster connectivity during these unprecedented times.

As a result of the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, businesses globally have had to promptly switch to remote operations to comply with various lockdown protocols. This sudden transition can be a difficult adaptation for businesses and individuals alike, and any knowledge or tips on ensuring a seamless transition are greatly welcomed.

Works has always supported the idea of remote work and we are delighted to offer our assistance to organisations that are adapting to this future of work. Our CEO at Works has provided valuable insights on how to attain success in a remote work environment. This advice can be beneficial to everyone, from employees seeking guidance to employers seeking a comprehensive and informative approach.

And now, presenting:

Defining Your Workspace

  • It is crucial to uphold a clear differentiation between your personal and professional life. One way to achieve this is by assigning a dedicated space in your home, such as a room, to serve as your workspace. This will enable you to switch into a work-oriented mindset when you enter this space, rather than maintaining a relaxed attitude associated with being at home. By establishing a physical and mental separation between the two environments, you can more effectively convince yourself that you are at work, and enhance your productivity levels as a result.
  • Ensure comfort while seated. Your posture plays a crucial role.
  • Research has proved that maintaining a clean and organised workstation greatly enhances focus and efficiency at work. Establishing an environment that is clean and free from distractions can aid employees in remaining focused, leading to maximised productivity levels. Therefore, taking the time to regularly tidy and maintain the workspace is not only important but also necessary.

Stick to Your Regular Routines and Habits

  • Strive to uphold a regular routine and consistent work hours.
  • While the idea of staying in your pyjamas all day might be tempting, it is crucial to maintain a proper morning routine. Kickstarting your day with a nutritious breakfast, a refreshing shower, and getting dressed will help you feel more organised and motivated to tackle the day’s work. Taking a few minutes to prepare yourself for success can make a significant difference to productivity levels and help you have an enjoyable day.

And Introducing a Few New Ones

  • Keeping three clear lists is imperative to keep track of the tasks that require completion. The first list should contain the items that need to be accomplished on a daily basis. The second list can consist of tasks that are desirable, but can be addressed later. Finally, the third list should comprise of the tasks that will need to be accomplished eventually. By doing so, you can remain organised and on top of your work, even if you are unable to recall what you had for breakfast that day.
  • Always keep a notebook handy as it can be an excellent tool for noting down ideas. Whether it’s potential blog post topics or innovative project ideas, taking the time to write them down can be extremely beneficial. Reviewing these notes at least twice a week can stimulate your creativity since ideas can come from various sources.
  • Even when faced with challenges, it’s crucial to keep working. Experiencing periods of uninspired and unproductive work is common, and it’s important to develop healthy strategies to cope with such moments. Recognising the difference between acknowledging lack of progress and giving up can be difficult. Continuing to quit without putting in the effort may result in falling behind on the work.

Minimising Interruptions

  • To carry on with uninterrupted work, keep your phone (and particularly Whatsapp) away.
  • Being mindful of the type of media you consume while working is crucial since it can significantly impact your mental well-being and productivity. Music, television, news, and even the weather can all affect your mood and productivity levels. Whilst some elements are beyond your control, you can still take steps to create an environment that fosters the task at hand. Taking precautions and preparing your work environment accordingly will help you to achieve an optimal mental state for success.
  • Noise-Isolating Earphones. These are an excellent value, whether or not you have young children around…

Be Kind to Yourself.

  • Regular breaks while working are crucial to ensure the quality of your work remains high. It’s recommended to take a fifteen-to-thirty minute break after every hour of work. This will give your brain the necessary time to assimilate the information you’ve been handling and give yourself a chance to freshen up. Returning to work after the break with renewed vigor and focus will help you increase the quality of your output.
  • Once you’ve completed your work for the day, take a short break and brainstorm an excellent subject for your next blog post. Take a few moments to jot down the critical elements of the topic on paper and display it somewhere you can easily access it later. Remember, when you’re done with your shift, it’s essential to unwind and engage in some leisure activities!

Establish Your Boundaries.

  • Recognising the significance of taking breaks and knowing when it’s time to stop working is essential. To guarantee that you’re providing yourself with enough time to rest and rejuvenate, establish a specific start and end time for your workday, and make sure to stick to it. While certain situations may call for some flexibility, it’s important to avoid letting work overtake your life.
  • Setting boundaries for those in your vicinity is crucial. Ensure that your cohabitants comprehend your working hours and value your time away from recreational activities, household chores, and other similar tasks. Establishing these limits is necessary to make certain that you can concentrate on your work and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Protect Your Mental and Physical Health.

  • Every day, reserve a specific time for yourself to unwind, relax, and let your mind wander freely. If you’re inclined towards spirituality, you can use this time for prayer. Approaching work with a positive outlook and refraining from being weighed down by negative emotions are key. Taking a few moments to clear your head can help you regain perspective and start the day off on the right foot.
  • Keep water handy at your workstation at all times. Drinking several large glasses of water daily is recommended for optimum health, unless you’re consuming similar amounts of wine.
  • Consume light and nutritious meals in the morning and afternoon because overeating or undereating can impede your mental performance.

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Safeguard Human Interaction.

  • Make a conscious effort to spend time with other people. If someone requests something, provide it to them if possible.
  • Try to have a weekly phone conversation with a close friend or family member. It will make your mother proud, and keep you grounded.

Cultivate Gratitude.

  • We possess the ability to choose our thoughts and emotions, and research shows that cultivating gratitude leads to increased happiness.
  • Recognising the individuals who have supported and motivated us throughout our path is crucial for leading a content and satisfying life. Dedicate time to acknowledge their contributions and express sincere gratitude for everything they’ve done for us as it is an excellent way to enhance our own happiness. Regularly cultivating an attitude of gratitude is an effective approach to promoting a sense of contentment.
  • As the world community navigates the health crisis caused by the pandemic, it’s vital that we appreciate the good health we possess. It’s easy to overlook the fact that we are able to read this message, so remembering how fortunate we are to have this ability is crucial.

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