Preparing for and Succeeding in a Technical Interview that Takes Place over the Phone or Online

Thorough planning is the cornerstone of success.

Numerous programmers dream of working for a leading company, but facing the interview can be daunting and success is not guaranteed. The key to making a good first impression and securing the position lies in meticulous preparation.

Gabriela De Luca and Maria Rios from Works, along with Joo Ferreira of Worksn, recently had a conversation about the prerequisites for acing a technical interview at a multinational company, as well as the challenges that applicants encounter, particularly if English isn’t their mother tongue.

Being chosen for an interview with a multinational corporation indicates that you are a skilled candidate in your field. As you go through the interview process, it is critical to exhibit exceptional communication and problem-solving skills.

What sets you apart from other candidates is your behaviour and communication outside of the technological domain.

  • Technical expertise alone is inadequate:

    Before taking any actions, it is critical to comprehend the scenario. In order to achieve this, it is advantageous to initiate a conversation with the interviewer, ask inquiries, and seek clarification during the discussion.
  • Challenge yourself and demonstrate your mettle.

    Elaborating on the reasoning behind resolving a problem can be a valuable exercise, as it provides a greater understanding of the work being done to the audience. In reality, the process of arriving at a solution may be more crucial than the outcome itself.
  • To Express commitment:

    Businesses desire workers who can contribute more than just technical abilities. Displaying an enthusiasm for things beyond your conventional duties can demonstrate your dedication and provide interviewers with insight into your character.
  • Get informed about the subject:

    It is strongly advised to conduct comprehensive research on the company before submitting an application. The Works team can assist in gaining an understanding of the business’s goods and services, competitors, and mission statement, enabling you to answer interview questions with confidence and stand out from the other applicants.

The panel concurred that it is normal for non-native English speakers to feel anxious about conducting job interviews in English. Proposed solutions to alleviate this anxiety included:

  • Engage in Introspection:

    It is recommended to anticipate potential questions and practice answering them with a colleague or even in front of a mirror. Preparation for common interview questions should revolve around your experience, credentials, and technical abilities.
  • Familiarise Yourself with the Local Vernacular.

    Ensure that you understand the significance of terms such as “back-to-back” and “ping” within the context of your company and industry.
  • It’s not a contest:

    There’s no rush. Present your thoughts slowly and carefully.
  • Unwind and Stay Calm:

    Staying poised and self-assured can be challenging in a job interview. For those who get anxious in such situations, it is recommended to practice some basic relaxation techniques that can be employed immediately.
  • Follow an “English Only” Practice:

    Reflect on having the same conversation you just had, but in English, while doing routine tasks such as grocery shopping or getting a cup of coffee. This will assist you in improving your English abilities in a more authentic setting.
  • Be Authentic by:

    Being authentic and embracing one’s background is crucial rather than pretending to have a different accent. When interviewing, it can be stressful to be concerned about mispronouncing a word, thus it is essential to be aware of unfamiliar pronunciations that might cause confusion.

Currently, due to the prevailing circumstances, most interviews are being conducted remotely, making it crucial to prepare yourself adequately to make the best possible impression. There are various measures you can take to guarantee that you are prepared for your interview.

  • Stay Online:

    Ensure that you have a stable and fast internet connection in order to communicate with the interviewer without any disruptions.
  • Find a Calm Space where you can Think Clearly:

    The ideal location for a meeting or presentation should be quiet, well-lit, and free of distractions like busy streets or people walking nearby. The environment should be conducive to the audience’s attention to maintain the focus on the presenter.
  • Dress Professionally:

    Despite the relaxed dress code for remote work, it is still essential to appear professional during an interview. It is worth keeping in mind that you may be asked to stand up during the meeting, so wearing trousers or professional attire is recommended to make a good impression.
  • It Operates Similar to a Traditional Interview:

    It is crucial to maintain the same level of professionalism during virtual interviews as you would during in-person ones. For instance, be punctual, show respect towards the interviewer, and stay attentive throughout the interview.
  • However, this is not the case:

    Before the call, determine which platform (e.g., Zoom, Teams or Webex) will be utilised. It is recommended to wear a headset instead of relying on the built-in microphone and participate in a test call to become familiar with the platform. It is also advantageous to familiarise oneself with the whiteboard application before the call.
  • Mishaps are Bound to Occur:

    It is common knowledge that telecommuting can be challenging at times. If an issue arises, it is necessary to provide the interviewer with a comprehensive explanation of the situation to ensure that they understand the problem.

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