Preventing Untrue Statements About Your Company

To safeguard your business’s reputation and financial well-being, it’s crucial to proactively prevent the dissemination of inaccurate information. Rather than waiting for circumstances to emerge, implementing preventative measures is necessary. This post outlines some of the essential regulations to keep in mind.

Preserve a Favorable Image

A strong reputation helps companies combat baseless accusations thrown their way. Hence, it’s critical for businesses to take proactive measures in PR and marketing to uphold their online standing. Here are some effective plans to enhance online presence.

  • Share your company’s history.

    To promote our business, we must create a plan that includes consistent circulation of impactful promotional materials, including articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, and social media posts. We must pay attention to every detail and prioritize quality over quantity. Furthermore, we should articulate our principles, such as candor and integrity, and support them with examples of their implementation.
  • Motivate your workforce.

    Diligent employees can significantly impact a company’s brand image in the market. While organizations must never coerce their workers into sharing their experiences online, they can encourage them to do so by regularly supplying them with current and shareable corporate information.
  • Embrace transparency and integrity.

    It’s crucial to acknowledge accountability in the event of an unfavorable circumstance. For instance, if a data breach occurs, a public statement should be released, explaining the reason behind the breach, the measures being taken to tackle the issue, the prevention plan against such atrocities in the future, and how the impacted users will receive support. Regular updates must be given when required.

Evaluate Systems for Online Reputation Management

It’s advisable to utilize a social media monitoring service to keep a tab on any mentions of your business, products, or employees. Frauds may create fake accounts using your company’s name or a similar name and post misleading or inappropriate material as if it is from you. It’s essential to be aware of this potential issue and take appropriate action to prevent it. Moreover, the following video provides a summary of the supplementary advantages of social monitoring (also referred to as social listening).

If you come across any deceitful accounts or misinformation about your business, it’s essential to act promptly. For instance, when false information related to Starbucks was circulated insisting that Starbucks was providing a 40% discount to undocumented Americans on the occasion of the Starbucks Dreamer Day, the company promptly released a statement clarifying that it did not support such an event.

Pay Attention to Authentic and Fraudulent Ratings

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, around 4% of all online reviews are estimated to be fake. This, in turn, has a direct economic impact, with the estimated worth of dishonest ratings affecting the global online spending, reaching a staggering $152 million. As potential rewards far outweigh the expenses, it has become an increasingly popular tactic.

Enterprises must remain alert and act quickly to eliminate any fake reviews. Numerous departments and government agencies are tirelessly working to combat this problem. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a statement to the industry, stating that it will hold accountable those who deceive consumers through endorsements.

Be Cautious of Unfavorable Gossips.

In recent times, due to false reports of corporate CEOs’ deaths, the share prices have plummeted. Mistakes in financial figures can instigate such rumors, and the unfortunate emergence of malicious entities leveraging Disinformation as a Service (DaaS) solutions to disseminate material through several media outlets, fabricate realistic-looking social media profiles, and disseminate content has further exacerbated the problem.

Numerous incentives can propel people to disseminate fake data, including financial profit, competitive edge, disruption, or issue advocacy. Therefore, it’s indispensable to monitor social media to swiftly identify and take necessary actions against such speculations.

Eliminate False Bids

Starbucks timely responded to refute the false claims, but it’s worth pondering over the aftermath had they not. According to a Candidsky’s blog, a marketing firm, they expressed their belief that “employees may have felt swamped over the sheer number of individuals wanting to avail of the discounted beverages” and also speculated the possibility of police utilizing the shutdowns to apprehend non-documented people.

Adopting a different course may have had dire consequences. Even if the worst-case scenario is averted, it’s still vital to evade customers expressing their discontentment with the company’s inability to deliver on its pledges in public remarks.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Prepare a plan delineating your next moves for every scenario. The strategy needs to address the questions of who, what, where, when, and how.

  • Who is responsible for taking action?

    It’s advisable to have several PR or communication experts accountable for supervising all channels and devising an action plan for unforeseen occurrences.
  • What will be the response?

    Disproving the false information and presenting the facts in a cordial manner is often the optimal response.
  • Where will they execute it?

    Typically, the platforms where your audience is most active should be emphasised while posting. While quality is crucial, quantity should not be dismissed. It’s advisable to publish a press release and distribute it through your regular online channels, such as your website, blog, and social media profiles.
  • When should it be done?

    Once the false information has been detected, the correct details should be disseminated as soon as possible.
  • Which approach do they intend to utilise?

    While it’s essential to convey the accurate information quickly, it shouldn’t be done at the expense of an ill-conceived or impolite response.

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