Pride at Work: Inspiring Tales from the LGBTQ Tech Community

June is an important month for commemorating the progress and accomplishments of the LGBTQ community. Pride Month is a symbol of the ongoing effort towards achieving equality and serves as a reminder to provide fair access to educational and employment opportunities for LGBTQ students and employees. Each year, the community comes together to celebrate Pride Month by engaging in festivities and events. This is a chance to appreciate the bravery and determination of those who have championed the cause of rights and recognition, and to acknowledge the strides taken towards achieving equality.

The remarkable bravery of these IT specialists has influenced many others to pursue the creation of a fair and accepting environment for LGBTQ individuals. Hence, numerous job prospects are now available and inclusive for those who identify as LGBTQ.

At Works, we are dedicated to offering a secure and safe atmosphere for all our users, respecting their gender identity and sexual orientation. We value the significance of providing an inclusive environment where individuals of the LGBTQ community can enhance their professional capabilities. Our goal is to foster a culture of respect where everyone is treated equally and provided equitable opportunities to thrive.

This blog post shares inspiring stories of LGBTQ team members at Works.

A Story of Pride: Romulo’s Journey

Romulo Espinosa, a Designer on the Developer Success Team, shared that coming out as LGBTQ+ was his most challenging experience. He was anxious about people’s reaction to his sexual orientation and struggled with self-acceptance. However, with the support of his close friends and family, Romulo learned to embrace his identity.

Romulo shared that during his early twenties, he entered into a romantic relationship with a man after previously dating women during his teenage years. He was curious to explore his preferences further and found that he preferred male companionship. Although initially, he struggled to acknowledge his attraction to men, he was supported by his openly gay friend’s family and found the courage to come out to his own family at the age of nineteen. With time, he developed a sense of comfort and acceptance and received unconditional support from his parents.

Romulo expressed his gratitude for the diverse and inclusive environment at Works, citing team happy hours as one of his favourite moments of the week. He also stated that he felt at ease talking about his personal life, including his romantic relationships with either boyfriend or girlfriend, without the fear of facing any negative repercussions.

Romulo stressed the significance of Works’ efforts towards creating an inclusive and equitable workplace for all, especially for the LGBTQ community. He commended the company’s support for professional development, evident in initiatives such as #PrideAtWorks. Romulo believes that Works is an organisation that celebrates diversity and is determined to create an environment that is welcoming and appreciative of all employees, irrespective of their gender identity.

As a member of the LGBTQ community in the tech industry, Romulo aspires to create a more equitable society. He envisions a future where people are accepted and employed based solely on their qualifications, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Romulo believes that Works is contributing towards this vision by creating a secure work culture where individuals can freely express their true identities.

Rakel’s Prideful Journey

Rakel Cogliatti, a Senior Learning and Development Specialist at Works, reflected on her early years and her journey towards coming out. She shared, “Growing up in a very conventional and religious family in Brazil, I struggled for some time to come to terms with the idea of being in a romantic relationship with someone of the same gender. However, after being in a committed relationship for several years, I made the decision to come out as gay to my family at the age of 27. Although I was afraid of their response, my friends were already aware of my sexual orientation and were very accepting.”

Rakel discussed how members of the LGBTQ community face marginalisation due to societal prejudices. She shared her own experience of discrimination, stating, “My roommate and I faced several instances of bias while searching for an apartment. It took us twelve attempts to find a suitable place to live.”

Rakel underlined the significance of creating a secure and inclusive environment for the LGBTQ community in all aspects of life, including family, education, and work. She further stated that Works sets an excellent example of such an environment. Rakel expressed her appreciation, saying, “I’m grateful to be part of a workplace like Works, where I feel secure in knowing that my sexual orientation won’t affect my job security. During our weekly happy hours, I can be myself and communicate on non-work-related topics. I was even able to invite my wife to the call, and my colleagues expressed interest in meeting her. Every company should aspire to have the same level of acceptance and embrace diversity as Works does.”

Rakel stressed the importance of the LGBTQ community and their dependence on mutual support. She also highlighted Works’ dedication towards developing an inclusive and welcoming workplace where all employees are embraced and respected, and where members of the LGBTQ community can obtain the resources and adjustments they require to flourish. Rakel further expressed her pride in supporting LGBTQ developers as they advance in their computing careers.

Samuel’s Prideful Story

On his first day at Works, Samuel Sinzza, the company’s new Senior Developer Success Specialist, shared a significant moment of his life with his colleagues. He presented them with a picture of himself and his boyfriend, and his colleagues responded with compassion and acceptance. Samuel was impressed by the level of understanding and kindness shown by his coworkers and felt that Works was a perfect organisation for him to work at.

Samuel reiterated that Works provides an especially hospitable and comprehensive workspace for individuals of all backgrounds. The organisation allows individuals from a variety of cultures and ethnicities to come together in unity, without feeling marginalized or ostracised. Furthermore, Works is a secure and supportive space for members of the LGBTQ community.

As a member of the LGBTQ community, Samuel highlighted the significance of establishing a secure and welcoming work culture in the tech industry. He acknowledged that discrimination against the LGBTQ population remains an issue in the employment sector and suggested that offering a remote work environment, such as Works, would create a more comfortable space for individuals.

Samuel further elaborated that, repeatedly, he has observed Works’ developers seizing opportunities to alter their lives in significant ways. He noted that these developers have achieved significant professional success, despite their sexual orientation or gender identity. To help these individuals in their quest for both professional success and personal fulfillment, Works has established #PrideAtWorks, an event aimed to assist developers in exploring and commemorating their identities.

Hassan’s Prideful Journey

Hass, a Senior Manager in Works’ Global Communities, reminisces about his upbringing. He encountered several obstacles, which made it difficult for him to form strong relationships and feel included. As a refuge, Hass found solace in the world of theatre where he felt he could be himself, free from judgment.

Hass recounted his path of discovering and engaging in the LGBTQ rights movement, which eventually led him to the position of editorial assistant for After his time there, Hassan joined Grindr, a dating app for the LGBTQ community, where he worked on developing their workplace brand and received significant recognition. Hassan also acknowledged the competitiveness of the engineering industry in which Grindr operates, making it challenging to acquire the best talent. Consequently, he developed a comprehensive strategy to help Grindr attract and retain their top employees.

Recently, I was facing an ambiguous situation in my professional life, so I decided to invest in my career by enrolling in a course on product management. As a result, I became a member of HOUSE, a network of queer and trans people of colour who have flourished at the intersection of technology and culture. Joining this team has been incredibly fulfilling as it has enabled me to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

Hassan commented, “Upon joining the Works company, I appreciated the work environment and the success of the remote-first approach.”

Hassan proclaimed that Pride Month is one of his dearest festivities. Despite some people’s belief that it is unnecessary to outwardly express joy and liberation in one’s sexual orientation through pride, the LGBTQ community continues to face extensive discrimination and hostility in all facets of life. To commemorate this distinctiveness and the achievements made in spite of these challenges, we celebrate Pride Month in June. As a result, we are introducing initiatives such as #PrideAtWorks to foster authentic camaraderie in the developer community and offer support and guidance.

Is Works an LGBTQ-friendly workplace?

Definitely! Works is dedicated to facilitating the professional growth of LGBTQ community members and fostering meaningful relationships in a secure and welcoming setting. If you are a software developer searching for a full-time job with an attractive salary in the United States, please check out our Apply for Jobs page. We offer developers the necessary tools to create successful and lucrative long-term positions with some of the most reputable firms in the country.


  1. When is Pride Month observed?

    Pride Month is celebrated in June to honour and commemorate the Stonewall uprising of 1969 in New York City.
  2. I’m uncertain; on which day is Pride Day celebrated?

    Pride Day is observed every year on June 28. Click here to learn about upcoming Pride events in the workplace in 2022.
  3. Firstly, what does the acronym PRIDE signify?

    The acronym PRIDE stands for “professionalism” (PR), “respect” (RE), “integrity” (IN), and “diversity” (DE).

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