Productivity Boosters: The Fundamentals of Time Management

It is possible to be creative within the confines of a given timeframe. However, even the most well-planned schedules can be disrupted if tasks are not completed in a timely manner and are instead moved to a later date.

Despite having a wealth of engineering knowledge and experience, it is important not to let inadequate time management skills prevent you from taking advantage of potential opportunities.

However, you need not fear; we have you covered. In order to better manage your time and get more done, consider the following suggestions.

You can’t keep saying “I don’t have time”

Bryant McGill famously remarked, “You have time for what you create time for in life.” This serves as a reminder that it is not the quantity of time spent on work, meetings or research that is significant, but the quality. Prioritize those activities that are essential for your professional development. Rather than complaining about a lack of time, become accustomed to making time for tasks that will enhance your progress.


With new programmes and technologies constantly emerging, it can be easy to become distracted from day-to-day tasks. It is rare for technologists to be able to gather all of their projects together and tackle them in the order in which they are received. A common mistake is prioritizing tasks based on personal preference, rather than urgency or lack of interest.

It is important to identify the one task that needs to be completed today and prioritise it accordingly. To ensure that objectives are met, it is advised to start the day with the most important task. This can help to build momentum and focus attention on tasks that are of particular interest. Additionally, a calming morning routine can be beneficial. Incorporating physical activity and a nutritious breakfast can help you to start the day with ease and tackle your duties with enthusiasm.

Understand the importance of knowing when to stop

It can be easy to be distracted from the task at hand when responding to notifications on WhatsApp. To ensure concentration and to prevent distraction, it is recommended to set an away status on IM, email, Slack and other platforms. This will inform colleagues that you are currently focusing on a project and should not be interrupted. To ensure the task is completed to a satisfactory level, it is best to log out of all social media accounts until this is done. When time permits, conversations with friends and colleagues can be enjoyed and appreciated.

Clear the clutter and make your home a sanctuary.

Gretchen Rubin’s words that ‘outer order leads to inner calm’ are an apt reminder that a decluttered workspace can provide a sense of ease. As Marie Kondo puts it, ‘if an item does not bring you joy, let it go’. An orderly environment can bring a sense of peace and focus, thereby aiding task completion.

Avoid doing too much at once.

It is not advisable to multitask if you wish to produce quality output. Concentrate on one task at a time and ensure you give it your full attention.

Recess Times

Ensure you take adequate time to rest and restore your energy levels. Incorporating short breaks throughout the day can help with concentration and productivity. Take a few minutes to get some fresh air and exercise and give your eyes a break from screens. Set clear boundaries for yourself to prevent five-minute coffee breaks from escalating into two hours and ensure you don’t spend the whole day at your desk. Taking regular breaks can help to maintain focus and productivity.

Master the art of declining offers…

It is important to set limits and prioritize tasks for the day. If the workload exceeds capacity, it is necessary to respectfully decline or postpone tasks. Saying “yes” to every request can lead to a backlog of tasks with low priority. Your own job should always be the focus. However, in quieter periods, it can be beneficial to offer assistance and share knowledge.

Keep in mind that it’s okay to seek assistance as well

It is inevitable that you may require assistance from your colleagues at some point in your career. Do not hesitate to approach your peers for advice but be mindful of their time. Working together as a team and supporting one another will contribute to increased productivity and success.

Having an effective way to manage time is essential for any professional in the technology sector. Maximizing productivity through improved organization can help to give your career a boost.

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