Productivity-Boosting Vue Development Tools

Vue.js is renowned for its generous and supportive community, lightweight architecture, and abundance of development tools. The Vue developer tools are a major asset to programmers, as they enable them to save considerable time compared to creating complex applications from scratch, while still providing a polished user experience. Although a wide variety of Vue developer tools are available, not all of them can be considered equivalent. To assist developers in their search, here is a compilation of some of the most useful Vue.js development resources available.

Tools for developers that are the best for working with Vue

The Vue Common Language Infrastructure

Due to their effectiveness, Command Line Interface (CLI) tools have become a popular choice amongst JavaScript developers. To further facilitate Vue development, the Vue CLI tool was created. It provides useful features such as rapid prototyping, which enables developers to trial new ideas before fully implementing them.

Skilled developers who have a good understanding of Vue will find Vue CLI to be a valuable asset when constructing reliable applications. The software provides an interactive platform for creating projects, allowing developers to significantly reduce the timeframe needed to complete tasks. Additionally, Vue CLI’s runtime dependence is upgradeable, expandable with plugins, and able to be configured to suit the project.

In addition to its command-line interface, Vue CLI offers a comprehensive graphical user interface for working with Vue.js projects, making it easier than ever to add the necessary front-end tools. Furthermore, it has a suite of official plugins that simplify the process of incorporating these tools into one’s project.

Nxt JS

When it comes to front-end development, Nuxt JS is highly regarded as one of the best tools available when working with Vue.js. Its ease of use and learning curve make it an ideal choice for those looking to get up and running quickly with a comprehensive framework.

Utilising the features of [Name], developers are able to create a wide range of programs. This includes the development of static webpages, progressive web applications, server-side rendered platforms, and single-page applications. This makes [Name] an ideal tool for quickly and easily generating generic project templates.

Nuxt makes the process of writing code much smoother and quicker, as you can begin without any setup, and you can collect data from any Vue component swiftly and easily. Even better, it offers an extensive module ecosystem comprising more than fifty individual modules, so you can greatly accelerate the creation of your project.

Using these modules, developers can easily create a sitemap, integrate Google Analytics, and benefit from the advantages of progressive web apps. Features such as component auto-import and the development of an SEO-friendly platform are also available, allowing developers to take full advantage of the capabilities these modules provide.


Vue is a powerful engine that powers both the static site generator and the theming system of VuePress. It is a highly sought after development tool among Vue.js developers for creating static websites. Initially envisioned for the purpose of authoring technical manuals, it has since evolved into a sleek and efficient content management system.

Vue can be used within Markdown files, allowing you to customise existing themes or create a new one from the ground up with the help of VuePress. It supports a wide variety of languages, as well as integrating with service workers and Google Analytics. Furthermore, VuePress provides a number of features natively.

VuePress comes with a responsive design by default and offers the ability to customise the menu bar, sidebar, and homepage (if desired). However, as VuePress is still in development, certain features that are commonplace among its competitors are not yet available to the development community.


Vue.js has recently adopted Gridsome as its official site generator, renowned for its swift performance and reliability. This makes it an ideal choice for developers looking to create static applications and websites with Vue.js. By default, Gridsome provides a lightning fast experience, cementing its place as the go-to tool for those looking to create powerful Vue.js applications.

The use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the installation of an entire website makes it an ideal choice for the development of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) and enables a straightforward, secure deployment. Gridsome’s infrastructure is equipped to handle high volumes of traffic without crashing, making it a reliable choice for Jamstack websites, which are developed with the aim of static site generation, APIs and JavaScript.


In order to address a widely encountered issue among Vue.js developers, the Vuex state management library was created. This add-on provides a well-defined pattern and programming library to deal with application state management within Vue.js applications. Vuex is designed to serve as a centralised repository for all the front-end data of an application.

Vuex is an incredibly powerful front-end program that is characterised by its utilisation of four distinct objects – state, getters, mutations, and actions – that work cohesively to manage the entire system. By using these four objects, Vuex is able to provide a comprehensive solution for complex application development.

Software for Visualising and Exploring Designs (Vue)

The Vue Design System is an invaluable resource for developers utilising the Vue.js framework. It is a free program that simplifies the creation of user interfaces by providing a comprehensive range of project-starting patterns, tools, and techniques. The design framework includes a selection of useful components, such as:

  • Giving updates on the design system’s status as individual parts are developed.
  • Making live, editable documents automatically.
  • Creating a token, pattern, or element and having it immediately accessible across all Vue.js components may greatly speed up the development process.
  • Configuration is simple with live reloading, SCSS, utility functions, and auto prefixing.
  • Code formatting is automated and setup is done for you.

The Vue Design System is based on Theo, an open-source style guide generator and webpack plugin developed by Vue, which provides developers with the necessary tools to easily implement these functionalities.


When it comes to delivering a superior Vue library, Vuetify is widely recognised as one of the most powerful Vue solutions available. It is a material design framework that does not necessitate any prior expertise in design, making it ideal for developers of all skill levels. Since its release in 2014, Vuetify has achieved increasing popularity and recognition.

Vuetify’s UI components are held in high esteem by developers due to their ability to create reusable components that can be employed in any part of an application. These components can be used to create native mobile applications, single-page apps, and progressive web apps.

The Vuetify device can be employed to construct a completely new application, or it can be integrated with an existing one. Additionally, the premium edition of Vuetify, which is available for purchase, offers access to a variety of more intricate design templates.

Firefox extensions for developing with Vue.js

Vue.js is a highly-rated Firefox add-on that makes analysing and debugging applications much easier. By adding a Vue tab to the Firefox developer tools, developers can quickly and effortlessly inspect states, components, events, and more, allowing them to identify issues and resolve them in no time. This popular Vue development tool is a must-have for Firefox users.


Quasar, a Vue.js framework, offers developers the ability to quickly create user interfaces with top-level performance and quality. This framework stands out amongst its peers due to its impressive performance metrics and extensive customizability. As a result, developers are able to create applications that are both powerful and tailored to their specific needs.

This technology is highly versatile and can be easily incorporated into any development process, such as creating a progressive web app, single-page app, desktop application, mobile application, service worker substitution, or browser extension. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly experience for developers, as it is designed to work seamlessly with their command line interface.

Quasar is a popular choice among programmers due to its ability to enable the development of cross-platform applications using only a single set of code. By integrating into the process of minifying CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, Quasar helps developers save time, make code more accessible, and limit the amount of code used.

Code Editor for Visual Studio

In the world of software development, Visual Studio Code (or VS Code) is a popular source code editor renowned for its ability to assist with the administration and management of a wide variety of tasks. Vue is only one of several programming languages that can be easily edited within this free and open-source integrated development environment (IDE). JavaScript is another language that can be optimised within this platform.

This program provides an efficient and straightforward solution for writing code, running tests, and fixing bugs. It works on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, and has an IntelliSense feature that provides intelligent suggestions based on imported modules, function definitions, and variable types. The program is also highly customizable, allowing users to modify it with a range of add-ons such as skins, scripting languages, debuggers, and more to suit their individual preferences.

Closing Remarks

As a Vue.js developer, it is essential that you select the appropriate tools for each individual project in order to ensure the success of your development. With a broad range of Vue tools available, it is paramount that you rely on reliable and useful resources to guarantee a successful outcome.

Our team has carefully compiled a selection of the most beneficial resources for Vue.JS developers. These resources are designed to help optimise the efficiency and velocity of their projects without compromising on quality. We recommend exploring these cutting-edge resources and adopting those that appear to be most suited for the particular project at hand.

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