Productivity-Boosting Vue Development Tools

Vue.js is renowned for being lightweight, having a supportive community and an array of development tools available. Vue developer tools are a great boon to programmers, providing them with a shortcut while still producing an optimized user experience, thus making it a popular choice. While there are numerous Vue developer tools available, some are more useful than others. We have compiled a list of the most beneficial Vue.js development resources to aid developers in their quest.

The Top Tools You Need as a Developer for Working with Vue

The Vue CLI (Common Language Infrastructure)

With their sheer effectiveness, Command Line Interface (CLI) is a favourite tool amongst JavaScript developers. Vue CLI tool, created for smoother Vue development, has become more common. It possesses helpful features such as rapid prototyping which facilitates trial and error during the developmental process.

Experienced developers with a strong grasp of Vue will value Vue CLI as a handy tool when building dependable applications. This software offers an interactive platform for constructing projects, thereby reducing development time considerably. Furthermore, Vue CLI’s runtime dependence can be upgraded, expanded through plugins and configured to match the project’s requirements.

Alongside its command-line interface, Vue CLI also offers a complete graphical user interface for developing Vue.js projects, making the integration of essential front-end tools easier than ever. Additionally, the software comes with an array of approved plugins that streamline the process of incorporating these tools into one’s project.


Nuxt.js is a top choice when it comes to front-end development with Vue.js. It is renowned for its simple learning curve, making it a perfect option for developers who want a complete framework and who want to get up and running quickly.

By utilizing the capabilities of Nuxt.js, developers can create a diverse assortment of programs including server-side rendered platforms, single-page applications, progressive web applications, and static webpages. This is why Nuxt.js is an excellent tool for building generic project templates quickly and easily.

Nuxt.js simplifies and speeds up the coding process by enabling developers to start without any need for setup and by allowing them to gather data from any Vue component quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the software offers an extensive ecosystem of modules, containing over fifty distinct modules, thus significantly expediting the project’s development process.

Developers can take advantage of these modules to seamlessly build a sitemap, integrate Google Analytics, and reap the benefits of progressive web apps. Moreover, these modules provide features such as component auto-import and the ability to create a search engine optimized platform, allowing the full extent of their capabilities to be leveraged by developers.


Vue.js powers both the theming system and static site generator of VuePress, thus making it a potent development tool for static website creation which is highly popular among Vue.js developers. Originally, it was intended for creating technical manuals, but it has since evolved into a sophisticated and efficient content management system.

With Vue.js, one can integrate it into Markdown files, which enables them to customize existing themes or create new themes from scratch using VuePress. In addition to this, VuePress is capable of supporting many coding languages, as well as integrating with service workers and Google Analytics. Furthermore, the software provides a plethora of native features.

VuePress offers a responsive design by default, and provides options to customize the menu bar, sidebar, and homepage if needed. However, as the software is still under development, some of the features that are standard among its rivals are not yet available to developers.


Vue.js has recently embraced Gridsome as its official site generator, which is known for its rapid performance and dependability. Thus, Gridsome is an excellent option for developers seeking to build static websites and applications using Vue.js. With its default setup, Gridsome offers blazing fast performance, securing its spot as the preferred tool for developing potent Vue.js applications.

The utilization of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the installation of an entire website is an excellent option for developing Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) and facilitates a simple and secure deployment. Gridsome’s infrastructure is designed to handle large amounts of traffic without encountering any crashes, thus granting it a reputation as a dependable option for Jamstack websites, which are constructed with an emphasis on static site generation, APIs, and JavaScript.


To tackle a common challenge among Vue.js developers, the Vuex state management library was developed, which integrates a clearly defined pattern and programming library for dealing with application state management within Vue.js applications. Vuex is designed to function as a central repository for all of an application’s front-end data.

Vuex is an incredibly potent front-end program that deploys four distinct objects – state, getters, mutations, and actions – which operate together to manage the whole system. By leveraging these four objects, Vuex is capable of offering a holistic solution for complex application development.

Tools for Design Exploration and Visualization (Vue)

The Vue Design System is a valuable asset for developers using the Vue.js framework. It is a free resource that streamlines the process of developing user interfaces by offering a comprehensive array of project-creating patterns, tools, and strategies. The design system contains an assortment of useful components such as:

  • Providing updates on the design system’s status as each component is developed.
  • Automatically generating live, editable documents.
  • The swift access of tokens, patterns, or elements across all Vue.js components can considerably expedite the development process.
  • Configuration is effortless with live reloading, SCSS, utility functions, and automatic prefixing.
  • Code formatting is automated and the setup is preconfigured for you.

The Vue Design System is based on Theo – an open-source style guide generator and webpack plugin developed by Vue – which equips developers with the required tools to seamlessly integrate these functionalities.


When it comes to delivering an exceptional Vue library, Vuetify is widely regarded as one of the most robust Vue solutions available. It is a material design framework that does not require any prior design expertise, making it ideal for developers of all levels. Since its launch in 2014, Vuetify has continuously gained popularity and recognition.

Developers highly value Vuetify’s UI components for their capability to generate reusable elements that can be implemented in any part of an application. These components can be utilised to design native mobile applications, single-page apps, and progressive web apps.

The Vuetify tool can be used to build a brand new application or can be integrated with an existing one. Additionally, the premium version of Vuetify, which can be purchased, grants access to various more advanced design templates.

Extensions for Firefox to Develop with Vue.js

Vue.js is a top-rated Firefox extension that simplifies the analysis and debugging of applications. By adding a Vue tab to the Firefox developer tools, developers can quickly and easily scrutinise the states, components, events, and more, allowing them to identify and resolve issues in no time. This renowned Vue development tool is indispensable for Firefox users.


Quasar, a Vue.js framework, provides developers with the capability to swiftly produce user interfaces with superior performance and quality. This framework shines amongst its peers thanks to its remarkable performance metrics and extensive customisation options. As a result, developers can create applications that are both dynamic and tailored to their specific requirements.

This technology is incredibly versatile and can be effortlessly integrated into any development process, such as designing a progressive web app, single-page app, desktop application, mobile application, service worker replacement, or browser extension. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly experience for developers as it is designed to operate effortlessly with their command line interface.

Quasar is a widely used choice among programmers because it allows cross-platform applications to be developed with a single set of code. By integrating into the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript minification process, Quasar aids in saving time, simplifying code, and reducing code quantity.

Visual Studio Code Editor

In the realm of software development, Visual Studio Code (or VS Code) is a prevalent source code editor renowned for its ability to aid in the management and control of various tasks. Vue is just one of the programming languages that can be effortlessly edited within this free and open-source integrated development environment (IDE). JavaScript is another language that can be optimised within this platform.

This program presents an effective and simple solution for coding, testing, and resolving bugs. It operates on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, and includes an IntelliSense feature that offers smart suggestions based on imported modules, function definitions, and variable types. The program is customizable to a great extent, allowing users to adapt it to their specific preferences with a range of add-ons like skins, scripting languages, debuggers, and more.

Final Thoughts

As a Vue.js developer, it is crucial to pick the correct tools for each project to ensure successful development. With a vast array of Vue tools to choose from, relying on trustworthy and valuable resources is crucial to guarantee a successful outcome.

Our team has meticulously curated a collection of the most advantageous resources for Vue.JS developers. These resources are intended to enhance the efficiency and swiftness of their projects without sacrificing quality. We suggest investigating these state-of-the-art resources and implementing those that best fit the specific project at hand.

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