Put the Best Programmers Through Their Paces in an Interview with Coding Exercises

Is it possible to discover top-notch engineers by conducting coding competitions?

Identifying exceptionally talented programmers is not an easy task. While possessing the required qualifications is crucial, having the appropriate work ethics is paramount in specific fields.

Recruiting managers can assess a candidate’s proficiency and ability to solve problems quickly with the assistance of coding tasks in a single shot.

To help you get started, we present a few example questions, along with an explanation of coding challenges and some factors to consider when developing your coding challenge for interviews. Let’s begin now!

How prevalent are code interview problems?

Coding assessments are commonly employed during the recruitment process to evaluate applicants and assist recruiters in identifying the most appropriate candidates for the position. These types of computer-based evaluations are extensively used in the software development sector when seeking to recruit new staff.

Coding interview questions are employed to gauge the candidate’s proficiency and problem-solving abilities. For instance, questions intended to foster innovative thinking and encourage candidates to contemplate resolutions to typical job-related problems may be presented.

Coding Challenges of Different Levels of Complexity

The type of coding challenges an organization assigns might depend on the type of developer they are seeking.

Now, let’s explore the most prevalent categories:

  • The candidate will receive the assessment via mail and must submit it within the specified deadline. A potential candidate for a position that requires independent work will be able to display their abilities through this assessment, as it is structured to simulate the circumstances they may encounter while on the job, where they will be confronted with a problem and must discover a solution.
  • Pair programming is a coding challenge that involves teamwork during the interview process. Candidates and interviewers collaborate to identify a solution to a problem by exchanging ideas and suggestions. While this interviewing technique can be beneficial in assessing a candidate’s interpersonal abilities and communication skills, the stress of the situation may not be the most effective method for evaluating their problem-solving abilities.
  • The candidate receives a problem to solve and is required to do so using a whiteboard or canvas while in front of the interviewer and/or other members of the development team with minimal assistance. This type of challenge is comparable to pair programming and can cause nervousness, resulting in a subpar performance during the interview.
  • Screening questions, which are essentially coding tests in the form of a quiz, are an efficient means of rapidly assessing a large pool of candidates. However, it is not a precise approach to evaluating a candidate’s problem-solving and procedural abilities, as only the final outcome is observable.

What is the Best Approach to Code-Based Interview Questions?

Providing a coding task during the interview can reveal a great deal about a candidate’s problem-solving abilities and cognitive approach.

To ensure optimal results from your coding challenge, there are four guidelines you should adhere to.

1. Tackle Real-Life Problems

When candidates believe that they are addressing an actual problem rather than being assessed, they are more likely to be motivated and invested in the process. By presenting a genuine and practical scenario, you can provide candidates with an understanding of the types of challenges they may encounter in the position.

2. Draw Inspiration from Obstacles Faced by Your Company

Furthermore, using challenges that your team has encountered or is currently confronting is more engaging than generic questions found on coding challenge websites.

By adopting this approach, you can assess if the candidate possesses a firm understanding of the solutions needed to effectively manage the obstacles they may encounter regularly in their role.

3. Establish Boundaries for the Challenge

It is essential to maintain objectivity when assessing job candidates.

Develop a uniform evaluation method and apply it to all job candidates under consistent conditions. This will increase efficiency and establish a standard to evaluate prospective employees. Learn more about the benefits of using games to evaluate applicants.

4. Avoid Obsessing Over the “Right” Solution.

It is frequently suggested that the process is more significant than the outcome. This idea is analogous to the struggles encountered in coding-while it is crucial to assess the responses of prospective employees, it is also vital to evaluate their methodology.

Face-to-face interactions are especially advantageous in the recruitment process because they enable you to witness the candidate’s problem-solving strategy and evaluate their attitude towards the challenge. While the applicant’s capability to find a solution is significant, their approach and mindset when confronting the problem are possibly even more vital.

Examples of Challenges Faced When Responding to Coding Interview Questions

In conclusion, we have established that tailored coding challenges are more beneficial than generic ones. To illustrate this point, we will provide several examples, some of which are based on authentic assessments conducted by major corporations like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Here are some challenging coding questions that may be posed during an interview.

Example Java Programming Contest Questions

  • Write a procedure to ascertain if a provided string contains any instances of identical characters.
  • Generate a function that, with a list of integers as input, generates another list containing the median and mode values.
  • Produce a function that, for a given string, generates the corresponding text with rearranged words.
  • Develop a function that calculates the maximum permissible weight, based on the given arrays of item weights and values, without surpassing the weight restriction.
  • To achieve this, you must create a function that, for a positive integer n, outputs the nth value in the Fibonacci sequence.

Example Python Programming Competition Queries

  • Construct a function that, given two integers indicating a month and year, establishes whether or not that month and year contain a Friday the 13th.
  • To resolve this problem, you must generate a function that takes two nearly identical strings, differing by only one character, and outputs that character.
  • Create a program that detects duplicate letters within a string to ascertain if a particular word contains them.
  • Generate a function that accepts a string as input and produces a new string with the corresponding hexadecimal values separated by spaces.
  • Construct a function that receives a number and employs its digits to generate the largest and smallest numbers feasible. Report the difference between them as the outcome.

JavaScript Coding Exercises

  • Develop a function that, for a string array, outputs the array element with the longest string.
  • Program a system that, upon receiving a string, identifies the most frequently occurring character and returns it.
  • Devise a technique that determines whether or not two specified texts are anagrams.
  • Establish a technique that verifies if a string is a palindrome and reports either true or false.
  • Develop a technique that, for a string consisting of numerous bracket types, outputs true if the nesting is accurate.

Wrap-Up: Code Interview Challenges

Tasks in coding can serve as a valuable resource to evaluate a candidate’s approach and aptitude for resolving problems. By preparing a coding challenge thoughtfully, we can efficiently trim down our collection of possible hires and arrive at a well-informed hiring decision.

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