React, Elm, and TypeScript: 3 Hot New Features for JavaScript in 2023

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To gain insights into JavaScript’s future and its look in 2023, the State of JavaScript conducted a poll that received responses from over 16,000 participants.

Let’s begin by analysing the key findings from the poll.

JavaScript frameworks that will trend in 2023

JavaScript is widely used in the software development process, from front-end to back-end, due to its increasing popularity in recent years. The survey respondents ranked the frameworks considering all these factors. To learn more about JavaScript, visit JavaScript.

These will be the prevailing themes in frameworks in 2023:

React.JS is the most commonly used front-end framework.

While React.JS is widely used, developers are more inclined towards adopting Svelte and Solid for future growth.

It’s possible that developers’ high expectations have led to the reduction in React.js’s popularity. People tend to have higher standards for popular products or services.

Angular.JS remained in the second position in both actual usage and general familiarity.

Next.JS is currently the most extensively used framework for developing both frontend and backend applications.

The JavaScript survey findings also disclosed the following:

Regarding compiling JavaScript, nearly 98% of participants opted for TypeScript.

An increasing number of individuals are using tsc as a build tool to convert TypeScript to JavaScript using the tscconfig.json file.

JavaScript developers also found bullish coalescing and optional chaining to be popular.

Over 70% of the surveyed developers opt for WebStocks as their preferred browser API.

Software engineers often employ the Jest testing framework to assess both JavaScript and TypeScript programs. The popularity of React.JS is growing because of its effortless integration with the Jest testing framework.

Webpack is the default choice for constructing JavaScript applications. Vite, with its upgrades over Webpack, is gaining popularity rapidly.

According to a survey, there is a substantial community of JavaScript developers in the United States, with the numbers globally increasing as well.

Firstly, let us examine the most significant attributes of the surveyed participants:

An overwhelming majority of respondents have experience working with JavaScript for over three years.

The survey found that over 14% of respondents were citizens of the United States.

Approximately 70% of the survey participants responded in English.

More than 39% of the participants fell between the age group of 25 to 34 years.

Precisely what makes TypeScript so agile?

The most common questions and answers for TypeScript interviews in 2023

As of 2023, front-end developers most commonly use React.JS as the preferred JavaScript framework, while for back-end development, Next.JS is favoured.

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Is JavaScript still relevant in 2023?

Undoubtedly, JavaScript continues to be a widely preferred option for developers globally, facilitating the development of a diverse variety of applications and technologies.

What is the most in-demand JavaScript framework currently?

React JS is the most popular and widespread JavaScript framework, on which JavaScript developers lean heavily.

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