Read About How Leon, a Brazilian Engineer, Used Works to Launch His Career of His Dreams

Leon, who originally hails from Bauru, So Paulo, Brazil, is now employed as a remote software engineer for a renowned American financial business. It is intriguing to consider how Leon was able to secure such a lucrative U.S. job from his home country without ever having to travel to the United States. One can only imagine the sense of optimism and excitement that Leon must have experienced when presented with the opportunity of working as a remote developer while residing in Brazil. It is certainly worth exploring this phenomenon further.

Prior to starting at Works

In 2014, Leon completed his high school education and then went on to attain a college degree. Subsequently, he obtained a full-time position as a software engineer in Brazil, while also managing his own start-up business. This created a hectic schedule for Leon as he had to work overnight shifts in order to make ends meet; however, the financial returns were not substantial.

After toiling for five years and reaching a point of software development exhaustion, Leon decided to take a break. He sought out a job that would afford him a healthy work-life balance and financial stability.

The communication from Works was a huge help.

Leon was on the lookout for a new job when he got an email from Works. He says with a grin, “The email came as a godsend to me.”

After carefully assessing his experience and expertise, Leon enrolled on the website and successfully completed the Works exams and coding challenge with ease. He also credits his ability to obtain work through Works to his established proficiency with the language.

After only a short time, Leon secured a position at a leading financial technology company in the United States. He proudly declares that, together with a team of software engineers, he is developing products of immense value.

The work atmosphere at Works is great.

Leon, who hails from Brazil, asserts that the two-hour difference in time between his home country and the United States has no bearing on his life. In fact, he now has more time available for his own interests and pursuits.

Leon remarked that the workplace was a superb environment to work in, even though he is based at home. He asserted that he is deeply integrated with the team and the organization as a whole.

He continues, “Everyone I work with is really timely. That’s one of the things about my profession that I like the most.

I have more time for my loved ones, travel, and other pursuits.

Leon’s tenure at Works has been distinguished by the remarkable work-life balance he has managed to maintain. He remarks, “I have the flexibility to take small breaks in order to replenish my energy levels without sacrificing extended working hours.

On the day Leon had to attend his dental appointment, he recollected afterwards that he was able to attend to his professional duties with plenty of time left over to focus on his personal wellbeing. Leon went on to explain that this extra time enabled him to make better choices concerning his dietary habits and exercise regimen.

Leon has a profound admiration for motorcycles, in particular cruiser models. Prior to becoming a Works developer, he was unable to take regular car trips. However, his current job has granted him the opportunity to reside in any location of his choice while still meeting his professional duties.

Leon spends a lot of his free time absorbed in virtual worlds. He often spends time with his loved ones, including his fiancee and family.

If you’re a remote developer, works is the place to be.

Leon believes that Works is the premier destination for remote developers looking to take their software development career to the next level. According to Leon, joining Works provides an opportunity to be part of extraordinary projects and develop the necessary skills to reach one’s professional goals.

At Works, we provide the most advantageous opportunities for freelance software developers from around the world. Our platform brings together some of the most reputable American companies in one place, allowing freelancers to pursue exciting and rewarding work without the need to physically relocate to the United States.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? To learn more, check out Works’s Employment Opportunities website.

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