Read About How Leon, a Brazilian Engineer, Used Works to Launch His Career of His Dreams

Originally from Bauru, So Paulo, Brazil, Leon is now a remote software engineer for a renowned American financial firm, all while never having to leave Brazil. One can only imagine the excitement and hope he felt when offered the opportunity to work as a remote developer. It is fascinating to explore how one can find such a lucrative U.S. job without ever having to physically travel to the United States, which makes this a phenomenon worth exploring in detail.

Before joining Works

After completing his high school education in 2014, Leon pursued a college degree, and soon after found a full-time software engineer job in Brazil, while also owning his own start-up business. This left him with a demanding schedule, working overnight shifts to make ends meet, despite the returns not being significant.

After five years of hard work and reaching a point of exhaustion in software development, Leon decided to take a break and seek out a job that could offer him both a healthy balance between work and life, as well as financial stability.

Works’ communication proved to be immensely helpful.

While actively seeking a new job, Leon received an email from Works, which he describes as a godsend with a grin.

After thoroughly evaluating his experience and skills, Leon registered on Works’ website and easily aced the exams and coding challenge on Works. He also attributes his success in finding work through Works to his strong command of the language.

In no time at all, Leon landed a prominent position at a top financial technology firm in the United States, where he works alongside a talented team of software engineers producing valuable products.

The work environment at Works is fantastic.

Despite living in Brazil, Leon confirms that the two-hour time difference between his home country and the United States doesn’t impact his life. In reality, he now has more time to pursue his own interests and hobbies.

Despite working from home, Leon stated that the work environment was excellent and emphasized that he feels completely integrated with the team and the entire organization.

He goes on to say, “One thing I particularly appreciate about my profession is everyone I work alongside is incredibly punctual.”

I now have additional time for my loved ones, travelling, and other interests.

Leon’s time at Works has been notable for the remarkable balance he has maintained between his work and personal life. He explains, “I have the flexibility to take short breaks to recharge my energy levels without sacrificing additional working hours.

When Leon had to go for his dental appointment, he recalled that he was able to attend to his work responsibilities and still have ample time to prioritize his personal well-being. Leon further elaborated that having this additional time allowed him to make better choices in terms of his diet and exercise routine.

Leon has an immense passion for motorcycles, specifically cruiser models. Prior to joining Works as a developer, he was unable to take frequent road trips. However, his current position has allowed him to live anywhere he desires while still fulfilling his work obligations.

During his leisure time, Leon is often engrossed in virtual worlds. He also finds time to be with his loved ones, including his fiancee and family.

If you work remotely and are a developer, Works is the ideal place to be.

Leon is convinced that Works is the go-to platform for remote developers seeking to elevate their software development career. According to Leon, joining Works affords the opportunity to work on exceptional projects and develop the essential skills required to achieve one’s professional aspirations.

Works offers the most advantageous opportunities for freelance software developers globally. Through our platform, we bring together some of the most respected American companies, enabling freelancers to embark on exciting and fulfilling projects without requiring them to move to the United States.

What are you waiting for? For more information, visit the Works Employment Opportunities website today.

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