Recruiting and Leading a Multicultural Workforce

Ismael Mouradi, the Director of Talent Acquisition at Foodics, oversees the recruitment process for the development of the company’s restaurant management software and POS. In a recent interview with Works, he shared his experience of building and managing a remote team, which has helped him establish a more efficient work schedule, access a wider range of skilled professionals, and develop a productive routine.

Embedding rituals into business tools can boost their efficiency.

To consistently facilitate communication between its globally dispersed team, the Foodics relies heavily on Slack for both real-time and ad hoc messaging. The team has established a weekly routine and leverages the comprehensive messaging tool for their business-related interactions. The CEO conducts a virtual “All Minds” meeting every Thursday, which enables the entire company to exchange fresh ideas and recognise previous accomplishments.

Working remotely promotes greater flexibility in the workplace.

Making use of the ubiquity of remote work, Foodics has succeeded in extending its offerings to customers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. Ismael, the Director of Talent Acquisition, can draw from an extensive talent pool, enabling him to attract skilled professionals from all over the world.

In-person interactions can significantly uplift morale.

Foodics recognises the significance of in-person meetings in fostering team unity and cooperation. As per Ismael, Foodics periodically organise “gatherings” at designated sites, where they summon members of the local community. These events incorporate team-building activities and an overview of the company’s goals. Attendees are encouraged to share feedback and recommend prospective enhancements.

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