Recruiting Developers with the Right Skill Set: The Biggest Challenge of 2022

According to a recent survey conducted by Reveal, 53% of IT professionals believe that sourcing software developers with the requisite skillset will be the most challenging issue for the software industry in 2022. The survey also sought to ascertain how organisations plan to save costs and expand their operations in light of this impending difficulty.

Apart from hiring qualified software developers, the following are the key challenges that businesses will face in 2022.

  • 46% of IT professionals believe that retaining talent will be difficult this year.
  • The demand for IT services has seen a substantial increase in recent times, yet 39% of IT professionals polled in a survey revealed that they do not have the necessary resources or funding to meet customer expectations in a timely manner.
  • 43 % of respondents believe that keeping employees engaged will be difficult in 2022.
  • 31 % of respondents believe they will not have enough time to complete the work.
  • Moving employees back to the site, according to 29 %of respondents, will be the most difficult challenge for businesses in 2022.

According to the survey, managers are looking to hire skilled software developers for the following frameworks:

Here’s what the survey found out about saving money

  • To save money, 54% of respondents are willing to adopt a digital workspace in 2022.
  • 53% of respondents intend to use low-code or no-code development platforms to reduce turnaround time and increase team productivity.
  • In 2022, 45% of respondents plan to implement embedded analytics, while 43 percent plan to use design-to-code platforms to save money.
  • 48% of respondents intend to use remote workers. This move will allow them to reduce office space and eliminate physical offices.

Business intelligence (BI) is becoming more popular

Business Intelligence (BI) is a field that is rapidly growing in relevance, with 79% of respondents expecting an increase in interest in BI and data analytics tools in 2021. BI involves the science of analysing data and using the information gathered to make informed decisions regarding trends and marketing changes. As the amount of data available for analysis continues to grow, BI will become increasingly important for businesses to make informed and effective decisions.

In addition, the percentage of software developers who use embedded analytics in apps has increased from 33% in 2020 to 58% in 2021.

Using Business Intelligence, software developers make critical decisions in areas such as sales, productivity, CRM, and new market opportunities.

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