Recruiting Online: 7 Common Mistakes

With the onset of COVID-19 and Rule 19 leading to many businesses shifting to a remote setup, team leaders have had to become accustomed to a new working environment. This has often been compounded by the need to experiment with virtual recruiting tactics in order to onboard new employees. Whilst it is understandable that there have been some hiring blunders under such unprecedented conditions, it is important to recognize the challenges faced.

Some may view the addition of an anonymous applicant, even if they are from the same country, as a form of ‘Russian roulette’. However, when managed correctly, remote working can provide many more advantages than disadvantages. What are the most frequent issues encountered when searching for a job online?

Seven Errors That Often Get Made During Online Job Searches

Don’t hire someone without first meeting them.

It is essential to ensure that video calls are not avoided in the virtual recruitment process. As with traditional recruitment, a face-to-face interview is often necessary before a candidate is hired for a role. Although a physical meeting may not be possible due to distance, free applications such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime and Zoom offer the same functionality. Establishing a video chat with a potential candidate provides an opportunity to assess their punctuality, which can offer valuable insight into how they could manage their time when working.

By having a face-to-face conversation with the prospective employee, it is possible to assess their attitude and work ethic. Additionally, any potential cultural mismatches, or difficulties in communication due to a lack of a shared language, can be determined. The candidate’s body language during the video chat can provide insight into whether their values are aligned with those of the organization.

Not Inquiring About Methods of Work Organization

Working remotely does not mean working in isolation. Rather, it involves fewer supervisors. It can also require collaborating with individuals in different time zones. To ensure success in remote working arrangements, it is important to ensure that the new hire is comfortable with this kind of structure and management. Verifying this information before making any hiring decisions is essential.

Due to the dispersed nature of remote work, the ideal candidate should be self-reliant and require minimal supervision. It is important to ask them about their daily routine and how they prioritize tasks. It would also be beneficial to determine if the applicant is able to meet deadlines without feeling overwhelmed by the workload, so questions about the strategies they use to stay organized should be asked.

Not Checking Applicants’ Credentials

It is important to remember that, despite appearances, every candidate has a history. A thorough background check should be undertaken to gain an understanding of their accomplishments, morals, social habits, temperaments, triumphs and failures. Employers must be thorough and resourceful when gathering this information, particularly when using online recruitment methods. If a specialist recruitment agency is not being used, the background check of a candidate should be the first priority.

Utilizing your personal and professional networks is a great beginning point when searching for a suitable candidate. If someone with relevant experience is able to vouch for the applicant, there is reduced risk in employing them. If you are unfamiliar with a potential hire, it is possible to gain an insight into them by performing a quick search on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. This may assist in avoiding the employment of individuals with a history of punctuality issues or substance abuse.

Company’s Expectations Were Not Communicated.

Employees must be aware of and adhere to the expectations and remote rules, processes and internal documentation of the company. Inadequate oversight of virtual teams should not be an excuse for workers to disregard applicable policies. Failure to install the necessary infrastructure or take the necessary precautions could lead to disastrous outcomes if employees are not made aware of the need to protect confidential information. Similarly, employees will struggle to succeed if they are not aware of their expectations.

Hiring the least expensive candidates is mistake

If you take this course of action, there is a possibility that you will recruit somebody who does not have the essential competencies or is unable to meet the expected standard of service. Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee success in this scenario. However, if you are willing to invest extra time in editing the work of your new recruit, then this is acceptable; however, it is worth bearing in mind that your time also has a financial value.

It is important to strike a balance between salary and quality when hiring a remote worker. To achieve this, it is essential to evaluate each applicant’s track record in relation to the objectives of the company. It may be beneficial to hire a remote worker on a trial basis and then consider making them a permanent employee if they provide good value for money. It is important to remember that setting a low salary due to the worker’s location should be avoided, as it is generally true that you get what you pay for.

Not Having Enough Available Remote Employees

Over the last decade, we have seen considerable progress due to technological developments. However, the additional restrictions imposed by COVID-19 have made it difficult to operate in many areas. As humans, we require a certain amount of motivation and social interaction to remain productive. As a result, it is possible that the quality of work produced by remote workers may decline due to demotivation, burnout, or a change in attitude. If your business is expanding or preparing for a major event, this could be a significant concern. Therefore, it is advisable to have a backup plan in the form of a team of remote workers who can step in if necessary.

Rushing the Hiring Process

It is important to take the time to ensure that the right candidate is selected for any role, especially in the current age of online job boards. Although it can be tempting to rush into a hire due to the urgency of the situation, it is not a wise decision as it can lead to overlooking key criteria or disregarding obvious warning signs.

Time is of the essence, so it is essential to ensure that the applicant chosen for the task is able to complete it successfully. This will save precious time and resources which would otherwise be wasted if the individual was not able to fulfill the role. By taking the time to ensure that the right person is recruited, it is possible to avoid unnecessary delays and ensure the job is done correctly the first time.

Integrating Works Into Your Online Job-Hunting Procedures

It is important to take care when staffing remote positions to ensure that the most suitable candidate is chosen. The employer-employee relationship is a complex one and, although careful preparation can help, it is also important to ensure there is a good rapport between the parties involved.

We are able to provide you with the ideal candidate for the role and for you as a company. With over 10 years of experience operating as a remote recruitment firm, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist with virtual candidates and remote businesses. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the global market and are well-equipped to interact with individuals from different countries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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