Remote Work Made Easy: How 2 Gamers Went on to Create a Multimillion-Dollar Industry

Do you have reservations about tapping into a global talent pool, while also reaping considerable cost savings, due to perceived difficulties in handling remote teams?

Thanks to the convenience and efficacy of remote work, two dedicated individuals from opposing corners of the globe can now collaborate and create a revolutionary product with the potential to sell millions of copies. Let’s take a closer look at the origins of RocketCat Games.

The birthplace of RocketCat Games was rather unusual, as it was established in a chat room dedicated to the now-defunct MMO Asheron’s Call. It was there that Kepa Auwae, RocketCat’s primary designer, met the two other young entrepreneurs who would go on to become the company’s programmer and artist. (We couldn’t resist commenting on the brilliant name of the company; perhaps we’ll create DistantCat to find entertaining cats from afar!)

After discussing their creative vision and development strategies, the two designers commenced work on their inaugural game, despite being geographically distant from one another. The game was an immediate hit on the iPhone platform, affording the designers the chance to devote more resources and energy to creating a sequel that achieved astounding success, selling over one million copies and paving the way for their independent company. As a fully virtual workspace, this setup enabled them to maintain remote collaboration.

Having made a name for themselves in the industry, the company is known for creating dependable, top-notch software that consistently yields substantial profits, with their games having earned millions of dollars in revenue over the years. Additionally, their capacity to deliver timely and frequent software updates has been highly acclaimed.

How did they manage to work from home?

During my interview with Team Leader Kepa, I inquired about the methods and tools that were employed to achieve their exceptional levels of productivity. What was his response to this question?

At Works, we keep an updated checklist and a collaborative design document to ensure that we are all aware of what tasks require attention. Every team member has the freedom to make decisions that they think are advantageous for the project’s success. Our employees can readily contribute to the project by using our proprietary game creation tools.

Kepa, I suspect that there is more to this tale than what appears on the surface. To acquire a more comprehensive understanding, I have asked for further details on the specific tools and approaches that Works can offer to our customers and readers.

In short, there were no such tools or details.

The Significance of Simple Remote Work

Kepa provided me with an intriguing revelation – their team did not rely on sophisticated project management tools such as Trello or Slack. Instead, Skype was primarily used for international calls, while an old online game’s chat channel, which has been around for eleven years, was their main means of communication.

The response is that “it just works.”

The team employs Google Docs to collaborate on a design document and track the project’s progress, milestones, and tasks via a shared checklist. This system is sufficient to run their multi-million pound video game empire, all while incurring minimal operating expenses!

Excellent Remote Work Entails Engagement and Drive, Just Like Any Other Job.

It is completely correct to presume that such conduct is not acceptable under our company policy. Although only three people are involved, we have a vast team of [insert number here] members.

At Works, we strongly advise leveraging excellent tools such as Slack and Trello to facilitate efficient remote work. It is not our recommendation that you completely abandon these tools.

The significant lesson to take away from this narrative is that acquiring the appropriate equipment is critical to establishing a successful team, but it cannot replace hard work and dedication. Despite having only the most basic tools, Kepa and team have been able to collaborate effectively, even while working from different locations. In the end, it is the individuals’ zeal and perseverance that are the primary factors in achieving success.

Instead of relying on complicated structures, the effectiveness of this division is attributable to their simple approach, which creates minimal levels of resistance (reviewing the shared document, choosing a task, and commencing work). This simplicity is bolstered by their dedication to both each other and the project, which is a reflection of their shared values. This exemplifies corporate culture, which we aim to cultivate within our organisation to elicit the best possible performance from our staff.

Concluding Thoughts and Future Endeavors

It is apparent that these tools are incredibly advantageous and can enhance performance efficiency like never before. Nonetheless, it is crucial to remember that they cannot remedy a malfunctioning machine that is either missing components or functioning inadequately. Therefore, it is imperative to evaluate the team itself first before attempting to acquire the required tools.

Are all your personnel passionate about their work? Is there any indication of employee discontent? Are there specific tasks or responsibilities that they find arduous or unpleasant? How can you tackle this problem? Are there any potential individuals who would be eager to take on the challenge and excel in the role?

Whether you are a member of a virtual or in-person team, these queries can assist you in overcoming any impasse. Before investing in any new tools, take a moment to ponder if the problem could be rectified by other means. Oftentimes, acquiring new equipment is utilized as a means to sidestep confronting the root cause of the issue.

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