Require the Services of a Programmer? Methods for Recruiting Software Engineers (2023)

If you’re experiencing any difficulties, Works, an IT recruitment company with over a decade of experience collaborating with startup entrepreneurs, is ready to help. We provide unwavering support throughout the entire process and have even created a manual to guide you in selecting the ideal developer promptly.

The following section is:

  • Where Can a New Business Find Programmers? Effective Recruitment Methods
    • Determine the objective of your project.
    • Making a Priority to Recognize Exceptional Candidates.
    • Establish the Kind of Developer You Need
    • Hire Remote Programmers
    • Avoid Freelance Platforms
    • Establish a Dependable Process for Conducting Interviews.
  • Discovering and Hiring Capable Software Engineers for Your Startup
    • The Emergence of Freelance Platforms
    • Organize Student Programming Competitions to Spot Talent
    • Regional Employment Agencies
    • Online Job Boards are a Great Resource to Discover Skilled Developers.
    • Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Facebook)
    • Engaging with the Developer Community on Reddit
    • Utilize a Job Board to Find Coders
    • Online Employment Agency

Where Can a Startup Find Programmers? Effective Recruitment Strategies

It is crucial to keep a few things in mind before beginning your search for developers to build your team. When seeking to hire developers for your startup, presenting a simplistic pitch such as “Join my millionaire company!” is highly unlikely to yield positive results.

Outlined below are the top five essential steps to take when seeking to recruit developers for your company:

1. Define the Objective of Your Project.

Hiring developers for your company necessitates having a clear understanding of the project’s scope and requirements.

To effectively entice developers to commit to your project, it is crucial to present a clear definition of the solution, product, or service you are offering. When working with limited finances or unable to offer high salaries, it becomes even more important to convey your passion and vision for the project in a compelling manner. Failure to do so could result in a higher risk of project failure.

To assist you, you can consider the following basic questions as a reference:

  • What precisely is the project focused on?
  • Who are the individuals that I intend to target? Is it achievable through web or mobile platforms?
  • A developer appears unneeded.

2. Prioritize the Identification of Exceptional Candidates.

In the early stages of a startup’s growth and hiring process, budget constraints can sometimes make it more challenging to offer competitive salaries for open positions, leading companies to settle for the first feasible candidate available.

It is a known fact that most new businesses do not achieve profitability. Unfortunately, this outcome cannot be solely attributed to chance; there are particular elements that can greatly affect the success of any fledgling company. Surprisingly, a lack of qualified personnel is often the cause of startup failures.

According to CareerBuilder’s research, three-quarters of companies have made a regrettable hiring choice, with the consequences potentially being pricey, as it is said to cost businesses up to £15,000.

When hiring a developer, it is crucial to verify that they possess the appropriate skills and expertise, as well as a genuine enthusiasm for the project.

To bolster your team, it is vital to dedicate a significant amount of time to proactively searching for and conducting interviews with prospective new members, as highlighted in our blog post on optimizing a decentralized workforce with Tresarti’s CTO.

3. Define the Developer Type You Need

Be certain that the job description covers all the necessary qualifications and experience for a prospective candidate to be considered, as well as the versatility required to thrive in a startup atmosphere (which may exceed expectations compared to a conventional workplace).

It is crucial to be transparent when drafting a job description. Coders who comprehend that the position primarily involves independent coding may feel grateful for the opportunity. However, individuals who wish to interact with clients, provide technical assistance, and work on new projects might have a distinct idea of their ideal job.

The most detrimental outcome is recruiting someone and subsequently discovering that they are not well-suited for the role. This only serves to impede progress and diminish team morale.

If you do not have a technical background, this section is particularly essential. Several different types of developers specialize in distinct areas.

To offer an explanation, developers may be compared to household appliances. It is apparent that a knife is not intended to serve the same purpose as a pot or a coffee machine. Moreover, developers with diverse backgrounds may have comparable skills, but specialize in distinct areas, such as PHP, Clojure, or ReactJS programming.

Requesting a Python programmer for assistance in creating a mobile app is not feasible, as Python is primarily utilized for web development rather than mobile app development.

4. Hire Remote Programmers

If your company is situated in a technology epicenter like Silicon Valley, it is possible that the top talent may be located in close proximity. Alternatively, you may need to explore a wider geographical area to find the right fit.

As a developer, there is always a possibility of taking a chance on a business if fortune favours you. Nonetheless, if you are open to applications from diverse locations, you will have increased opportunities to discover the most competent candidates.

Hiring remote developers may prove to be a viable means of swiftly reacting to opportunities while keeping costs to a minimum. The onboarding procedure can be concluded within weeks, enabling you to leverage their expertise in a brief period of time.

The noteworthy benefit of not requiring physical office space and the consequential expenses is especially advantageous, particularly since numerous businesses operate from a residential property or garage owing to affordability and ease. When hiring engineers, adding additional debt to a startup’s budget is not required.

5. Avoid Freelance Platforms

Starting a business can present challenges in various ways, but managing every aspect from the beginning can be particularly daunting. There are several resources available to locate developers, ranging from freelance platforms to staffing agencies. It is up to you to decide where you are most likely to find a budget-friendly developer.

For startups in the software development industry, freelancers can serve as a valuable resource; nonetheless, it is not advisable to employ them on a full-time basis. While it is feasible to locate suitable individuals on freelance platforms, these marketplaces can be chaotic environments where individuals compete on price, which can adversely impact quality. Additionally, freelancers may make commitments they are unable to fulfil, leaving their clients in a worse position than before.

We’ll revisit this topic shortly, when we’ll guide you on how to select a stellar developer for your company.

5. Establish a Dependable Protocol for Conducting Interviews.

Congratulations, you have interviewees!

As the interview date draws near, it is crucial to deliberate on the most effective method to demonstrate your skills. While traditional methods like whiteboard coding were commonly used for evaluating programming proficiency, studies have shown that this method cannot be relied upon. Consequently, it is advisable to explore other alternatives.

Although you could give it a try, there are alternative techniques to appraise the value of a prospective employee. For instance, if you need a website to be developed, you could give a potential candidate a test run through a small project.

When evaluating a developer for your company, it is crucial to keep in mind that their expertise is not the sole criterion to consider. Their zeal and the value they can bring to the team are equally relevant. Employing competent staff members right from the beginning will simplify the process of expanding your startup’s operations.

How to Find and Hire Competent Software Engineers for Your New Business

Discovering an appropriate developer for your company can be accomplished through several means. However, it is crucial to evaluate the pros and cons of each potential approach to guarantee the optimal solution is chosen.

1. The Emergence of Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms are a useful means of procuring developers for specific tasks. For instance, to enhance website performance, a freelance developer can be hired without the requirement of a long-term commitment.

Freelance platforms can be classified as either general, offering a range of tasks, or specialized, providing only specific tasks. Additionally, there are platforms that are exclusively developed for facilitating certain tasks. For instance, IT freelance websites can be leveraged for this aim.

One of the typical issues related to online freelance platforms is the challenge of finding authentic talent, in spite of the availability of numerous job opportunities. As the reputation of freelancers is critical in the gig economy, many are willing to lower their rates to acquire more work and enhance their profile.

Freelancers may not be as committed to your project as full-time employees, since they may have other projects to attend to, and they may not be acquainted with your company’s culture and management processes.

When launching a company, having personnel who are dedicated and accountable is pivotal. Nevertheless, this level of commitment and involvement may be lacking when working with a freelancer. Collaborating with freelancers differs significantly from having full-time employees who are committed to the company’s success.

Works, Guru, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour are all instances of freelance marketplaces.

2. Conduct Programming Competitions for Students to Discover Talent

There are diverse competitions open to software engineering students to exhibit their work. Students in this phase of their life usually have moderate salary expectations and a deep yearning to learn. If you want to hire and gain a personal insight into an individual’s skills, then this method is strongly suggested.

What are the main disadvantages of depending on student competitions to find a developer? Searching for the appropriate programmer for your project can consume a significant amount of time. Most people don’t have the privilege of being able to allocate a whole day to scouring the internet and attending student engineering competitions with the aim of finding the ideal collaborator. This process can be monotonous, and there is no assurance that the proper programmer will be discovered.

Recruiting a developer through a student competition can be demanding, as the person must possess an entrepreneurial outlook to thrive in a business setting, where each decision in the initial stages can be pivotal.

3. Regional Employment Agencies

One of their core goals is to discover an optimal solution for your company. Thanks to their proficiency in this area, they possess the knowledge to recognize the most fitting candidates for the job. Although the cost of these services may be higher at the outset, they ultimately save you time and energy by managing all the requisite administrative responsibilities.

Collaborating with a local staffing agency may entail several drawbacks, such as restricted customization possibilities due to their centralized configuration. Furthermore, sourcing talent from a single region can curtail the pool of eligible candidates. Additionally, recruiters may not possess the required technical proficiency to discover and hire top-notch developers in the sector, unless they have an IT recruitment specialist.

4. Online Job Boards Are an Excellent Source to Discover Skilled Developers.

Publishing a job on a job board is the speediest method to promptly discover a programmer. Developers frequently publicise their expertise by posting their resumes and portfolios online, thereby simplifying the process for employers and employment agencies to locate eligible candidates. Employers and developers seeking work can swiftly connect through this approach.

One of the key disadvantages of employing online job sites is the sheer profusion of prospective candidates. Without performing background verifications on candidates, it can be challenging to determine whether they would be a perfect match for your company.

Platforms Such as Monster, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn are Instances of Such Forums.

5. Social Media Networks (Twitter, Facebook)

Hiring developers can be effortlessly accomplished using both Twitter and Facebook. On Facebook, there are numerous communities where users can distribute and deliberate content on specific subjects. To discover potential candidates, it is advisable to join development-oriented communities. The same holds true for tweets, where tweeting your need for a developer (using the hashtag #hiringdevelopers) can assist you to locate the suitable individual. Two effective methods to ascertain which developers are currently seeking employment are posting a job ad or scrutinising their profile page.

What are the primary disadvantages of employing social networks to recruit programmers? Time and effort.

It can be challenging to find fitting candidates, as the most promising ones are likely to have been already recruited. Devoting time to search, join groups, and engage with other individuals in the sector may be advantageous in discovering the necessary developer. Unfortunately, there is no evaluation procedure, so it is impossible to assess the qualifications of the candidates. Additionally, you will be accountable for overseeing all contracts from the start, entailing a substantial amount of effort to contemplate.

6. Utilising Reddit, the Developers’ Community

Numerous professionals use Reddit for networking, marketing their services, and showcasing their knowledge. They examine captivating visitor inquiries and furnish responses that reveal their proficiency in a particular domain. If you are searching to recruit a developer, searching niche forums and posting relevant queries is an effective approach. Quora is a remarkable source for discovering proficient developers owing to their eagerness to disseminate their knowledge.

The primary drawbacks of sourcing and recruiting engineers through social media are the substantial amount of time and resources needed. Moreover, the most talented engineers on Reddit are probably already employed by prominent tech giants such as Google and Microsoft. As a result, this procedure could be moderately arduous.

7. Utilise a Job Board to Find Coders

Our home-sharing service provides a streamlined substitute for conventional job boards. Users can promptly and effortlessly search for job opportunities using various criteria, including location, specialisation, and availability. As a result, the recruiting process is becoming progressively more rapid.

One of the chief disadvantages of employing marketplaces to find new programmers is the challenge of accurately evaluating the candidate’s entire skill set. This is because it’s not feasible to appraise their interpersonal competencies like teamwork, initiative, and communication, as well as their professional proficiency and technical expertise. Furthermore, there is no assurance that the candidate will harmonize with the current team at the company.

Hired,, Product Hunt, and the Muse are merely a few examples of such websites.

8. Digital Employment Agency

Virtual staffing agencies like Works aid enterprises in discovering skilled remote IT personnel. Instead of confining the search to a local region, they take a comprehensive approach to find the most suitable aspirants. These agencies will evaluate the candidate’s compatibility with the organisation’s values and practices, as well as fulfilling the requisite professional standards. Additionally, offshore staffing firms have an advantage in seeking out the most talented prospective employees in countries with lower pay scales.

What are the primary disadvantages of online job boards and recruitment companies? Their name implies that they focus on supplying remote workers, so they may not be appropriate if you are not seeking a remote developer or a remote team.

You can acquire programmers for your startup at The Works in Two Weeks Developer Marketplace.

Hiring IT specialists with outstanding skills can be a daunting undertaking. As numerous talented professionals are already engaged by major software corporations, sourcing the right personnel for your firm can be challenging. Nevertheless, Works can support you in this procedure. Additionally, you can find highly skilled recruits via their platform.

At Works, we have a specialisation in recruiting IT professionals from all over the globe. Our proficiency in identifying and hiring remote IT specialists at a cost-effective rate is unmatched. Additionally, our ten years of experience has equipped us to discover and select personnel who can seamlessly integrate with the values and protocols of your company.

Our clients have access to first-class remote developers who possess the required skillset, qualifications, and personality traits to smoothly integrate with their teams.

  • Are you looking to find a competent programmer?
  • Do you consider it essential to have authentic experts working with you?
  • What is the desired timeline you have in mind?

In that case, a strategy for remote recruitment may be the solution you require, and Works is here to support you.

At our organisation, we are committed to supporting businesses – whether established or startups – to discover competent, well-endowed developers from around the globe. You can rest assured that the candidates we offer possess the requisite technical prowess and can operate efficiently within a geographically dispersed team. Would you like to learn more? Please feel free to contact me without hesitation.

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