Resume Criteria for Software Developers

When hiring a new team of developers, a substantial number of applications may need to be reviewed. You’ll be looking for specialists in web/mobile application engineering, cloud-native development, and DevOps integration, as well as developers with proficiencies in multiple languages, including JavaScript, Java, C++, Python, PHP and .NET. With numerous factors to consider, reaching a decision about whom to hire might seem like a daunting task.

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When reviewing a significant number of applications, it’s crucial to have a clear comprehension of the criteria needed for a successful applicant. To ensure a developer’s CV stands out, it’s important to consider the following eight points; not following these guidelines may lead to the dismissal of their application.

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So, what should you be looking out for? Let’s break down the sentence.

Career Pathway

When evaluating the CV of a professional developer, it’s crucial to consider more than just their technical programming abilities. It’s necessary to examine their career path, ensuring it’s clear and straightforward. Their work history should demonstrate a steady progression from their initial experience to present-day. Also, there shouldn’t be any gaps in their professional history, as this might indicate a lack of consistency in their work. A successful developer should demonstrate how they have continually developed their skills and made efforts to advance their career.

A career trajectory that’s moving upwards is desirable; the applicant should demonstrate their professional progression from being an intern to becoming a senior developer. Although a setback in this journey might be a warning sign, it isn’t necessarily an immediate cause for concern.


We seek candidates who have customized their CVs to the position they’re applying for. A generic, pre-designed template may indicate a lack of effort and forethought. Furthermore, any mentioned side projects should be seamlessly integrated into their professional history with great care and attention.

Spotting developers who have experience developing projects independently, in addition to those for businesses and open source projects, can demonstrate their ability to go beyond what they have been trained to do.


Hiring individuals who have a genuine passion for their work is likely to produce code of higher quality and a long-term commitment to the company. Can an applicant’s level of enthusiasm be determined from their CV?

Examine personal projects, certifications, and mentoring programmes in the ‘Skills’ section. Also, assess the variety of programming languages they are proficient in. Evaluate the remarkable long-term projects they have developed and maintained.

It’s even better if they list any of their managed repositories on GitHub.


Creating a list of pertinent keywords to be included in the CV of each applicant before reviewing applications for the position is recommended. These keywords may or may not be directly linked to the job, but it might be beneficial to conduct a keyword search of each CV to assess which applicants meet the criteria.

However, it’s vital to be exact about the specific terms you’re looking for, as well as any potential variations or synonyms.

Substance over Aesthetics

It’s fantastic if a candidate can provide a visually appealing CV with elegant fonts, layout, and even a photo. However, if the design is given greater importance than the content, it’s worth considering this as a potential warning flag. If a person lacks a substantial amount of experience, they may spend a lot of time crafting their CV to create the impression of extensive experience.

It’s preferable to identify CVs that effectively blend both form and function. Such CVs show that the applicant is proud of their achievements and has taken the time to present them in an appealing manner.

No Spelling Errors

It’s evident that CVs containing spelling or grammar mistakes ought to be excluded immediately. Such applications raise significant concerns, and it would be unwise to contemplate recruiting a programmer who cannot demonstrate a high standard of written communication in their CV.

Naming Conventions for Documents

It can be challenging to distinguish between developers’ CVs when they are all saved as ‘resume.pdf’. Though this may appear to be a minor problem, it’s worth considering the ramifications of receiving multiple applications for the same role.

Naming a CV file according to the sought-after role or company is a commonly accepted practice. For instance, ‘Bob Java Dev.pdf’ and ‘Bob CompanyX.pdf’ are two ways of naming CV files. The latter approach can be particularly advantageous since it clearly illustrates that the applicant has customized their CV to meet the requirements of the desired organization, making it easier to evaluate a large number of applications.


When hiring a developer, having an organized and well-structured CV is of utmost importance. CVs that are poorly constructed and disorganized should raise concerns and be viewed as a warning signal.

It’s crucial to seek CVs that tell a compelling story from start to finish, giving the impression that you’re already acquainted with the person before meeting them in person. Resumes that are well-organized suggest that the applicant is also likely to be well-organized in their work, which is a crucial attribute for a developer.


To efficiently screen through a large number of CVs when recruiting, having clear and easily recognizable criteria is crucial. Incorporating the following aspects into your process should enhance the effectiveness of the recruitment process: AIOPS.

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