Salary Estimates for .Net Programmers

Developing a range of applications through several languages, editors and libraries is made possible with .NET – a powerful framework. In fact, employing a .NET developer is an excellent long-term investment, as they can create native programmes for a myriad of platforms, including macOS, Windows, Android, Linux, among others. The cost of .NET developers primarily depend on their expertise levels and proficiencies, coupled with their place of work.

Currently, as many as 220,476 businesses utilise .NET due to its unmatched benefits. This free, open-source framework offers the following perks:

  • With .NET, developers can choose from an array of languages, including C#, Visual Basic, and f#, to create applications.
  • The .NET platform is operating system agnostic – meaning your code runs seamlessly across all devices that support your chosen language, without the need for modifications. Assisting developers in this regard are the .NET Core, .NET Framework and Xamarin/Mono implementations.
  • Resources are unlimited, with over 90,000 software packages available on NuGet.

Notable companies like Microsoft, Accenture, Stack Overflow and Trustpilot are among the top organizations that utilize .NET. While these are large corporations with the financial power to provide substantial remunerations, what about smaller businesses and start-ups? Is it a wise investment for such businesses to employ a .NET developer with the hope of a favourable return on investment?

In this article, we have an inclusive.NET developer pay guide that incorporates both the level of proficiency (junior, mid, and senior) and location as key factors.

Remuneration for .NET Developers Globally

In recent times, offshoring development teams has become increasingly popular because it offers the opportunity to employ full-time professionals at a reduced fee without compromising on the excellence of service.

Beyond the United States – home to a vast number of proficient .NET developers in areas like Silicon Valley – our findings indicate that several other countries are increasingly becoming desirable locations for the recruitment of skilled computer programmers. We have pinpointed the following countries as countries with exceptional programming talents in the world.

  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • India
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Philippines
  • Ukraine

It is evident that the United States did not make it to the list of countries with the highest pay rates for .NET developers. Although American developers have displayed good performance, they have yet to attain the same level of success as their counterparts in the regions mentioned. Nevertheless, there is still a demand for highly qualified and talented software engineers in the US, hence its inclusion in this guide.

To curate our data, we referenced a number of platforms including PayScale,, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Mobilunity, Salary Explorer and Salary Expert.


For U.S-based companies, it can be advantageous to contemplate hiring a .NET developer from nearby countries such as Canada, considering their similar time zones and the negligible language barrier, as Canada is an English-speaking nation.

Furthermore, the IT industry in Canada is booming, with the BLS estimating a 21% employment growth in software development from 2018 to 2028.

Czech Republic

Owing to its exceptional quality and affordable rates, the Czech Republic has become a desirable location for businesses and entrepreneurs. The country’s economy has been booming, with Statista stating that the software market was estimated to be worth $1,225.01 million in 2023 and is expected to rise to $1,335.83 million by 2023.

Of the four primary coding languages employed by developers today, .NET is particularly widespread in the Czech Republic.


In recent times, India has emerged as a progressively appealing choice for firms seeking to outsource or offshore their operations. One of the main appeals is the lesser cost of labour in comparison to other English-speaking nations, such as the United States. Additionally, with India being the world’s second-most inhabited English-speaking country, it is a practical option for U.S. businesses that are seeking to employ English-speaking individuals.


Eastern European IT experts are in high demand, as stated by Statista, with the domestic market for this field estimated to reach $12.4 billion by 2023. Additionally, when developers from across the globe took the HackerRank exam, the country was ranked in third place.


As per the data from the country’s central bank, Romania’s export of IT services amounted to a total of $6.2 billion in 2023, marking a rise of 10.4%, when compared to the previous year. The government has accorded high priority to technology, with hundreds of new software developers joining the workforce annually. Moreover, the Romanian IT industry has over 400 startups, and esteemed companies such as Coca-Cola, Ford and Microsoft have established development centers in the nation.


Numerous universities in the Philippines currently provide various specializations in the domain of Information Technology. Some noteworthy examples of such institutions include AMA Computer University and STI College, which offer degree programs customised specifically for the IT industry. This has resulted in a heightened global requirement for software engineers from the Philippines, owing to the nation’s significant number of educated individuals and fluency in English language.

United States

Apart from being home to an exceptionally advanced IT industry, the United States also possesses the world’s biggest IT market, with a share of 32% of the overall market. This corresponds to an expected aggregate of $1.70 trillion in 2023. Firms are willing to pay a premium for American developers due to the abundant availability of expert professionals in the market.


Ukraine has emerged as a notable outsourcing destination for Western nations, employing over 200,000 individuals in the IT sector. This number is set to experience an annual growth of 30,000. The most sought-after and popular technologies in Ukraine are PHP, .NET, Java, and JavaScript. The nation now stands as one of the leading outsourcing destinations for the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland.

Additional Factors That Influence Pay for .NET Developers

The compensation received by a .NET Developer is determined by their level of expertise and the geographic location they are situated in. Nonetheless, this is not the sole determinant of the recompense received by a .NET Programmer.

When planning to recruit remote .NET engineers on either a full-time or part-time basis, it is important to bear in mind that freelancers are generally remunerated based on an hourly or project-oriented arrangement rather than a fixed salary. Therefore, the extent of the tasks executed by them is usually more restricted when compared to full-time employees. According to information from the freelancing platform Upwork, the typical hourly rate for .NET developers is as follows:

If you require the services of a .NET developer for a specific task and do not intend to establish a long-term relationship, it might be reasonable to consider this choice. Nevertheless, you should examine if engaging them is in your best interest, as they may already be tied up with several other projects and affiliations.

The pay of a .NET developer is influenced by an array of factors, including the developer’s years of experience and the company’s requirement for full-time, remote, or freelance aid. Moreover, certain skills are more in demand than others, such as:

Are There any Countries where.NET Developers Can be Employed for a Lower Cost?

The remuneration of a .NET developer can differ considerably based on their location. Nevertheless, we want to guarantee our clients that we will not compromise on quality in order to minimise expenses. Therefore, we suggest our clients to ensure that any remote developer meets all of their requirements before making any commitments.

Check out our article to gain insight into the differences between .NET and .com domain extensions.

Here are some key takeaways from our guide, including the least and most expensive countries to employ .NET professionals from:

  • When compared to other nations, the Philippines pays the lowest yearly salaries to .NET developers, with Juniors earning $6,333 and Seniors earning $16,773.
  • The United States offers the most expensive salaries for .NET developers with a range of $67,721 (Junior Developer) to $111,651 (Senior Developer) per year, making it the priciest country to find this kind of skilled labour (Senior Developer).
  • In this article covering Eastern European countries, Poland is the costliest to employ .NET developers, with a salary bracket of $20,809 (Junior Developer) to $48,356 (Senior Developer). Meanwhile, Romania offers the lowest salaries in the area, ranging from $9,000 (Junior Developer) to $20,440 (Senior Developer).
  • India offers one of the lowest global annual salary ranges for .NET developers, starting from £5,096 for Junior programmers and increasing to £13,462 for Senior developers.
  • With a yearly range that starts at $51,959 (Junior Developer) and reaches $87,454 (Senior Developer), Canada provides the second highest salary range for .NET Developers.

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