Screening Prospective Teleworkers

It is imperative to carry out a comprehensive evaluation process to appraise candidates for a position, extending beyond just an interview. Despite apparent suitability during an interview, there might exist undisclosed behavioural or competency concerns to be mindful of.

By conducting a thorough screening and background check, any inconsistencies in an individual’s application, such as falsifications or concealed criminal records, can come to light. This process grants the opportunity to catch any suitability issues in the candidate that might clash with the ethos of your team or to alleviate any doubts you may harbour. In this blog, we delve into the current screening process for prospective employees and how it can be tailored to your needs.

What Determines Acceptability

In the recruitment process, the specifications for acceptable qualifications, experience, and personal qualities are crucial components. Though it is vital to have an ideal contender in view, what predicts a fruitful employment?

This isn’t merely a theoretical concept: you’ll cause the members of your team to weigh in on what they believe about the minimum needs for a given role.

Jot down a catalogue of vital attributes that are necessary for the candidate, be it proficiency using a specific software or more intangible abilities like customer service. These requirements must be mentioned in the job profile or taken into account during the assessment of applications and interviews.

Depending on the trade, you’ll barely maintain legitimate needs to fulfil. Will your candidate have the acceptable accreditations or licenses for your workplace?

Has the non-disclosure agreement previously signed by the former leader’s endorsers been modified to prohibit them from entering into any new contractual obligations? For instance, Buffer has prospered as a remote-first organisation, granting employees the autonomy to devise their own work schedules for a healthy work-life equilibrium. Nevertheless, it is imperative to ascertain your own expectations and prerequisites to enable you to evaluate any prospective ventures throughout the hiring process.

Screening Staff: A Step-by-Step Guide

By identifying the domains that demand your attention and devising a uniform approach that can be applied to every new undertaking, you should be able to efficiently handle the matter.

Review one technique that could be utilised to painstakingly vet potential employees before recruitment:


Employer-initiated pre-application screening may facilitate the prompt evaluation of potential candidates. The efficacy of this approach rests upon several factors, including the job posting’s locale, the verbiage employed, and the application process.

Candidates were not deemed qualified for the position owing to their lack of confidence in completing the task successfully. A successful recruitment process ought to facilitate the identification of the most fitting candidate and emphasise the requisite traits and abilities for the job.

Publicize vacant positions on online communities and job boards designed for remote employees. In the case of a creative position, for instance, submissions could be solicited in the form of a creative writing piece, a trailblazing concept, or exhibits from their portfolio. To evaluate technical aptitude, a quiz may be administered. Requiring applicants to present a video introduction might offer greater insight into their conduct and communication abilities, which can be used to appraise their soft skills.

It is advisable to prompt them to personalise the email’s subject line or send it to a specific recipient. Additionally, you could consider querying them about their professional social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


When contemplating a candidate situated remotely, it is crucial to bear in mind that the entire recruitment process must be conducted via phone or internet, including interviews and communication. This necessitates that the in-house team or recruitment agency be conversant with the requisite remote communication software/tools.

When conducting a virtual or remote interview, it is essential to comprehend the intricacies of remote and virtual communication, regardless of whether it is the first or hundredth time. This allows the interviewer to gauge the candidate’s familiarity with the electronic communication tools and techniques required for the position. As such, it is imperative to pose queries during the interview that exemplify the candidate’s familiarity with the necessary equipment.

When interviewing a candidate, it is useful to evaluate their remote communication competencies and determine whether they are suitable for the management style. To thrive as a remote worker, it is crucial to be reachable via various mediums, such as SMS for quick updates and video conferencing for meetings. Hence, it is advisable to assess these proficiencies during the interview phase.

Suitability for Remote Work

Remote work may offer benefits such as wearing pyjamas and cutting down on fuel expenses. Nonetheless, not everyone is equipped for telecommuting, hence it is vital to distinguish oneself from other candidates during the interview procedure.

The increasing populace of short-term remote workers is a testament to a burgeoning set of individuals possessing extensive expertise and experience in various fields, implying the emergence of a cohort of professionals proficient and well-versed in a myriad of specialisations.

If the candidate has prior experience in remote work, it offers an excellent starting point to explore. It is imperative to comprehend how the individual was guided and what spurred them. Delving into the candidate’s preferred aspects of the remote working environment will provide valuable insight into their approach and perspective. In addition, it could be advantageous to ascertain how the candidate quantified success and assessed performance.

Conduct a background check

When ready to proceed with a candidate, it is crucial to have all the requisite information for making an offer. Emphasising the importance of verifying the candidate’s experience and qualifications is paramount. Moreover, it is imperative to ensure that their resume and academic credentials raise no concerns.
When conducting a background check, you may request information concerning a candidate’s credit history, drug testing, driving records, and other details pertinent to the position.

It is crucial to recognise that utilizing bankruptcy or other public records to make hiring decisions is not legally permissible. Prior to carrying out a background check, it is recommended to obtain counsel from a legal expert or screening agency, as this may contravene privacy regulations in specific states.

Ensure References are Verified

This process may entail considerable effort when considering remote candidates. It could take longer than usual, particularly if the candidate is contracted to multiple companies. Nonetheless, it is essential to contact all prior employers to gain insights into the candidate. Reaching out to all references and points of contact for past contracted roles will give an accurate impression of their skills. You will obtain a better understanding of the candidate’s approach to managing clients, time management, and multiple projects remotely.

Final Words

When hiring specialists for a remote position, it vital to evaluate more than a candidate’s CV to confirm they possess the requisite expertise to thrive. Taking the time to thoroughly assess suitability can hasten the recruitment process and guarantee the right individual is selected.

It is plausible that the candidate in question is an excellent match in terms of qualifications and attitude. Although they may seem like the ideal choice, we must take necessary measures to ascertain if they meet the high standards we have established for our team. Additional inquiry is required to ensure this.

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