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Top 3 Holiday Activities for Your Remote Staff

As we approach the end of the year, it’s crucial to take a moment to appreciate and celebrate the year’s accomplishments while remaining focused on productivity leading up to the holiday season. Many teams look forward to planning fun and festive activities to mark the end of the year and get into the Christmas spirit at work. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember to include remote workers in the celebrations and recognize their contributions and hard work. By appreciating the work done throughout the year and striving to build team spirit regardless of location, you can ensure that everyone enjoys productivity and fun during the holiday season.

Slack-jawed Sleighing

Maximize the resources at your disposal during the holiday season, such as creating meaningful Slack channels like #HolidayCheer and #HolidayCocktailRecipe, to infuse a festive mood at work. You can also make a collaborative Spotify playlist where people can share their beloved holiday songs. This could be a great way to bridge connections between loved ones and create opportunities to commemorate the season as a collective unit. Besides that, you could also make use of a Trello board to encourage team members to share their vacation plans beforehand, during, and after the break to build a strong sense of community during the holidays.

Friendly Rivalry

Organizing a team competition can be a fantastic way to promote innovation and creativity. With the convenience of arranging a virtual competition, why not enjoy yourselves and put your creative skills to the test? Challenge your team to find the most amusing “Holiday GIF” that can be shared on Slack or HipChat during your next Google Hangout or Zoom meeting. The team member with the highest number of votes gets rewarded with a gift certificate to a local coffee shop, so start voting! This competition is an excellent way to boost morale and inspire your team.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to our partner Zapier for hosting an incredible worldwide dance party that brought our team of 170 individuals from across the globe together!

Secret Santa All Over the World

Thanks to advances in communication technology, we can now share joy and happiness with our colleagues across the country and around the world. Elfster offers a free platform to help facilitate remote Secret Santa exchanges, allowing employers to connect their teams for office gift exchanges. This is a great way to promote camaraderie and team spirit, especially for companies with a global presence, by encouraging employees to send thoughtful gifts that represent their local office. This not only helps connect team members but also improves the bond among the entire team.

If your team is preoccupied with work throughout December and can’t execute the proposed plan, you might want to think about sending Christmas gifts to your remote employees in January, when they are likely to be less busy. #NewYearNewSwag

Wishing You Happy Holidays!

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