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Top 3 Holiday Activities for Your Remote Staff

As the end of the year approaches, it is important to both recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of the year, and to remain productive in the lead-up to the holidays. It can be exciting for teams to plan festive activities to mark the end of the year, and to get into the Christmas spirit at the workplace. It is essential, however, to remember to include remote workers in the festivities and ensure that their contributions and efforts are acknowledged. By taking the time to recognize the hard work of the year, and to bring employees together, regardless of their location, you can ensure that the end of the year is both productive and enjoyable for all.

Slack-jawed Sleighing

Utilize the resources available to your group for the holidays. Consider creating themed Slack channels, such as #HolidayCheer and #HolidayCocktailRecipe, to create an atmosphere of festivities in the workplace. Additionally, why not create a Spotify playlist and invite everyone to contribute their favorite holiday songs? This could be a great way to bridge the geographical distance between friends and family and provide an opportunity to celebrate the holidays together. Lastly, you could use a Trello board to encourage team members to share their plans for the break, before, during and after the vacation, to help foster a sense of community during the holidays.

Friendly Rivalry

Competition can be a great way to foster innovation among a team. With the ease of organizing a distributed competition, why not have some fun and put your creativity to the test? Challenge your team to discover the funniest “Holiday GIF” that can be shared on Slack or HipChat during your next Google Hangout or Zoom meeting. Whoever receives the most votes will be rewarded with a gift certificate to a local coffee shop – so start voting! This is a great opportunity to build morale and motivate your team.

A big thank you to our collaborator Zapier for throwing a global dance party for our whole team of 170 people located all over the globe!

Secret Santa Around the World

With the advancement of communication technology, we are now able to spread joy and cheer to our colleagues across the county and around the globe. In order to facilitate the organization of Secret Santa exchanges, Elfster offers a free platform for employers to connect their remote employees in workplace gift exchanges. This allows them to become more familiar with each other and the company can promote team spirit and camaraderie by rewarding those who provide presents that are reflective of the local office. This is especially beneficial for companies with a global presence as it strengthens the bond between the members of the team.

If your team is particularly busy during the month of December and unable to implement the proposed initiative, you may wish to consider sending Christmas presents to your remote employees in the early part of the new year. #NewYearNewSwag

Sending Best Wishes for the Holidays!

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