Should Your Company Invest in LinkedIn Premium, and if so, Why?

LinkedIn serves a diverse range of functions for its users. The social-business platform has gained credibility as a reliable source, catering to both personal and professional endeavours.

LinkedIn’s inception dates back to 2002, post which it has witnessed a monumental expansion, amassing over 690 million members across 150 countries. This meteoric rise can be attributed to the surge in remote working and the prevailing pandemic. With a focus on capturing leads, gaining talent, and enhancing brand perception, companies are gravitating towards LinkedIn to enhance their virtual image.

When considering investing in a LinkedIn Premium account for your enterprise, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons. While the upgraded version provides add-on features beyond the free option, it is necessary to determine whether the benefits justify the expense. A mere status symbol or more? It is essential to analyse the features of the Premium plan to ascertain its potential to augment your business.

How can your enterprise profit by becoming a member of LinkedIn?

In present times, customers exercise caution while making purchases and resort to online research to seek reviews and ratings before proceeding to buy. Irrespective of their longevity in the business, companies must build a robust virtual persona to thrive in the current fiercely competitive market.

Hiring web developers to curate customised websites is a popular way to enhance a company’s online recognition. Nonetheless, LinkedIn offers a proficient medium for enterprises to create accounts and advertise their products and services through articles and other content. By leveraging this platform, businesses can increase visibility among users and attract potential collaborations.

Discover intriguing insights into LinkedIn’s future in 2023.

  • There are 30 million business profiles on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn surpasses Facebook and Twitter by 277 percent in lead generation success.
  • 90% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn for their hiring efforts.
  • LinkedIn’s user base grows by over two new users every second.

With LinkedIn’s expansive professional network, individuals and enterprises can expand their opportunities and potentially engage in meaningful partnerships. To gain a deeper insight into the platform, below is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn:


Demonstrate Your Value

If you wish to make a formidable impact with your business, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you. Showcase your products and services to the public and interact with potential customers. One of the valuable attributes that LinkedIn offers is the “Recommendations” section. It enables users to endorse and share posts from other accounts, which can boost your reach and enhance the trust and loyalty of existing and prospective customers.

Generate More Prospective Customers.

An appealingly crafted LinkedIn profile has a higher potential to garner a larger viewership. Consistently sharing but up-to-date, engaging content on your business page can boost the visibility of your profile. If viewers find your profile informative and valuable, they may choose to follow you and reach out to you directly. The advantages that your profile can yield ultimately depend on the way you exploit it.

Develop a Web Profile.

Establishing a presence on LinkedIn is a valuable technique to pique curiosity in your company. By delivering regular updates and high-quality content, you can ensure that your business appears prominent in Google searches whenever someone searches for your product or service.

Creating Valuable Connections

Enterprises are keen to expand their client base and obtain new customers, often by networking and forging strategic partnerships with other organizations. In the realm of online business, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the prime platform for networking and creating valuable connections. In the past, attending trade shows and conferences was requisite for promoting one’s products and services, and building relationships with businesses in the same industry. However, LinkedIn eliminates the need to travel and enables all of these tasks to be accomplished from the convenience of one’s home, making it one of LinkedIn’s foremost benefits.



Building a company profile necessitates only a modest amount of effort, but consistent upkeep and maintenance are crucial for producing top-quality content that will entice potential customers. It is imperative to ensure that the initial impression of your business conveys professionalism and reliability, as this can have a long-lasting impact. Investing an appropriate amount of time and effort into your profile can foster intrigue in your products and services. Remembering the age-old maxim that “first impressions are the most enduring” is pivotal when developing your professional presence on LinkedIn.

A Potential Spam Message

Regrettably, spam has become an inescapable facet of modern life. Companies and individuals are resorting to aggressive sales tactics on LinkedIn, and if they recognize that you have been viewing their content, they may inundate you with ads, connection requests, and other forms of communication.

Decreased Number of Communication Elements

The primary objective of LinkedIn is to establish and uphold a professional ambience for its users. Therefore, there are no polls, games, or similar features available. Users are able to connect with one another, exchange messages, produce and distribute content, and propose content created by other users. However, they will not have access to any features that are present on other platforms.

A Comprehensive Exploration of LinkedIn Premium

  1. What is the cost of upgrading from a free LinkedIn account to a premium one?
  2. Which premium subscription strategy would you prefer? LinkedIn offers four premium subscription options:
  3. Top-Quality Profession
  4. A Premium Offering
  5. Expert Sales Navigator
  6. Recruiter Essentials

Extraordinary Career Opportunities

Individuals who are seeking job opportunities and those who aspire to succeed professionally may find the Career section of LinkedIn Premium most advantageous. It encompasses everything in this strategy:

  • Limited to 3 InMails a Month
  • Potential to track profile views
  • Disclosure of job poster identities
  • Access to additional study materials in the form of videos and written content
  • Creating a resume with Resume Creator

Exceptional Commercial Benefit

If you are searching for ways to enhance your company’s online visibility and wish to learn about how marketing can assist you accomplish this, then you have landed on the right page. Our comprehensive strategy covers the following:

  • 15 internal email messages
  • Advanced sorting options
  • Open searches
  • Additional details about the business
  • On-request education
  • Option to track profile views

The cost is $47.99 per month in USD.

Expert Sales Navigator

Our suggested strategy is created to assist companies in expanding their customer base, increasing their revenue, and discovering potential markets for future growth. It includes the following components:

  • 20 InMails available
  • Customized list of potential clients
  • Private company information
  • Education available as needed
  • Advanced filtering alternatives
  • Potential to track profile views
  • Recommendations for potential clients

Streamlined Version of a Recruitment Service

In essence, this package caters exclusively to those who are actively seeking the most talented personnel. Its contents are:

  • 30 Internal Emails
  • Advanced search technology
  • Automated tracking of potential employees
  • Keeping a designated area for profiles that pique your interest is a great way to maintain your talent pool.
  • Opportunity to track profile views
  • You may view as many profiles within your social circle as you desire.
  • There are eight distinct Premium search criteria to locate candidates.
  • Discover individuals who may be interested in purchasing shares in your company.

Is Upgrading to LinkedIn Premium Worth it for Small Businesses in 2023?

Undeniably, businesses can reap numerous benefits from using LinkedIn without spending any money. Nevertheless, you may be questioning the value of transitioning to a premium version of the platform. Ultimately, your business objectives should determine whether upgrading is worthwhile.

If you simply want a basic profile with minimal followers and restricted engagement, then the free version is the ideal choice for you. Rather than splurging on tacos, consider saving your money instead. However, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to produce top-notch content that will attract clients, upgrading to a Premium account can be a smart move. There are numerous benefits to doing so.

LinkedIn’s search limitations can pose a major obstacle for businesses seeking to connect with customers and potential employees. Nevertheless, upgrading your account can grant you access to a wider variety of search functions. Furthermore, there are other features, such as the InMail service, that are available as well.

For those who are new to LinkedIn’s InMail feature, it’s crucial to understand that sending a message to another user is only possible after establishing a connection with them. However, the InMail feature, which is part of the premium version of LinkedIn, removes this restriction and enables users to send messages to any user on the platform.

Making an investment in a new business can be a daunting task, regardless of whether you are a small business owner or a startup. However, the size of your company is not the main concern; it’s all about having a clear vision for your objectives and where you want to go. At Works, for example, we are a team of 27 individuals but that hasn’t stopped us from striving to become the world’s preeminent remote employment agency. To aid us in achieving this goal, we have utilized the powerful features available through LinkedIn Premium.

In our capacity as a staffing agency, we highly recommend subscribing to Sales Navigator Pro. Here’s a testimonial from one of our best hires:

LinkedIn’s free version allows you to search for potential job openings. However, the premium version offers a host of additional advantages, including increased efficiency, enabling employees to obtain the same outcomes with less effort. Furthermore, the profile search feature has been enhanced to provide even more comprehensive search results. Testimonial by Leticia Naranjo.

Final Thoughts on LinkedIn Premium

If you are still uncertain about upgrading to LinkedIn’s premium service, we advise you to think about your organization’s long-term goals. Assess the features of each version closely to determine whether they will aid you in achieving your objectives.

Irrespective of the size of your business or the fact that you may be paying the full monthly fee of roughly $100 USD, the service is unlikely to be helpful if it is not used in an effective manner. Small businesses, however, might be more inclined to make the additional investment and take the necessary steps to create engaging content, as well as actively interact with visitors and other sites. In the end, investing your money can lead to growth and achievement.

We are extremely pleased with the platform and have accomplished a lot by utilizing it. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the degree of its usefulness primarily hinges on the user’s specific requirements. To maximize the benefits of the platform, it is critical to utilize all of its features fully, rather than simply possessing them.

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