Showclix’s Struggle to Recruit and Retain Skilled Workers in Pittsburgh and Its Success in Meeting Its Growth Objectives

Patron Technological offers ShowClix, their flagship product, as a comprehensive technology platform for professional event organisers. ShowClix is designed to assist with all facets of event management, such as ticket sales, seating, promotion, data analysis, and onsite service during the event.

Showclix, a Pittsburgh-based start-up, faced a difficult task when attempting to recruit employees due to the competitive market in the city. With many of the top universities’ graduates seeking opportunities in larger markets and tech companies establishing offices in the local area, Showclix was confronted with the challenge of finding developers who could keep up with the company’s growth.

When Jarrett Hawrylak was in charge of Software Engineering at ShowClix, he was aware of the fact that vacant positions often remained open for many months. After finally having some viable prospects, he carefully weighed up the associated expenses. He estimated that it would take at least four to six weeks for someone to join the team – an even longer period in a tight labour market. The company’s difficulties were further compounded when it was acquired by Patron Technology, and ShowClix was given the task of expanding its team of developers in order to meet the more ambitious growth goals. The company found itself lagging behind in the recruitment process, with the deficit swelling from two to three people. This dire situation required ShowClix to rapidly mobilise its resources to take on new initiatives and to look into acquiring additional businesses.

ShowClix needed to rapidly grow its employee base without compromising on quality. According to Jarrett, they sought something that was more comprehensive than a traditional outsourcing contract. ShowClix wanted true team integration, rather than just sending out tasks and hoping to get back a solution, due to the immense scale and complexity of their projects and the fierce competition for open positions.

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