Showclix’s Struggle to Recruit and Retain Skilled Workers in Pittsburgh and Its Success in Meeting Its Growth Objectives

Patron Technological offers event organisers their signature product, ShowClix – a holistic technology platform that streamlines all aspects of event management including ticket sales, seating arrangements, promotions, data analysis and on-site services during the event.

Located in Pittsburgh, ShowClix struggled with recruiting new employees due to intense competition within the city. With top candidates from renowned universities looking for career opportunities in larger markets and tech giants establishing offices in the area, ShowClix was faced with the unique challenge of finding experienced developers who could match the growth of the company.

During his tenure as the Head of Software Engineering at ShowClix, Jarrett Hawrylak was well aware of the persistent issue of vacant positions remaining unfilled for long periods of time. After finally sourcing viable candidates, he meticulously analysed the associated expenses, estimating that it could take as long as four to six weeks for the candidate to join the team, and even longer in a tight labour market. ShowClix’s difficulties were exacerbated when it was acquired by Patron Technology, which set more ambitious growth goals requiring the company to expand its developer team. The recruitment process was further hindered, with the company faced with a deficit of two to three people. This critical situation called for ShowClix to quickly mobilize its resources and explore new initiatives, including potential business acquisitions.

ShowClix faced a formidable challenge of expanding their workforce while ensuring that the quality of their talent remained uncompromised. Jarrett stated that they were searching for an arrangement that was more exhaustive than typical outsourcing contracts. Due to the sheer magnitude and intricacy of their projects and the competitiveness of open positions, ShowClix desired genuine team integration and cooperation, rather than simply outsourcing tasks and hoping for a satisfactory outcome.

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