Skills Employers Want from Laravel Developers in 2023

Recruiting proficient Laravel developers can be a challenge if you are not familiar with the key traits to seek in the hiring process. It is crucial to understand the essential qualities to look for when scouting for Laravel experts.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a web framework that offers developers an open-source bundle of tools and resources to assist in building and sustaining PHP applications. Its wide range of features, packages, and extensions make it a top choice among web developers.

With more than 1.1 million websites built using it, PHP framework Laravel is amongst the most commonly used. There are several benefits to utilising Laravel for the development of websites and web applications, such as:

  • It offers more room for software scalability.
  • The Laravel framework speed up web application development through the reuse of components from popular frameworks, leading to better time management.
  • Laravel’s use of namespaces and interfaces enables you to efficiently organise and manage your resources.

Distinctive Laravel Code Features

  1. MVC Architecture

    MVC, or Model View Controller, is a software architecture frequently utilised by developers in application development. It aids in the separation of business logic and user experience functionalities within the code, resulting in organised and structured code. MVC is critical for organised coding, just as building a house without a blueprint is difficult. Laravel’s MVC foundation simplifies the creation of new applications for PHP developers. By taking on the configuration and architecture, developers can concentrate on code writing and start working right away.
  2. Web Application Security

    One of Laravel’s key advantages is its strong focus on security. With many instances of websites being hacked, leaving users vulnerable to data loss and financial harm, security is a top priority. Laravel provides an added layer of security by utilising both hashing and salting methods to protect your database from unauthorised access. Hashing transforms passwords into an unreadable string of numbers that is never stored in plain text, while salting improves security by adding a random string of characters to the hash. You can trust in Laravel to secure your data and defend it from hackers.
  3. Creative Professionals

    Laravel’s Artisan command-line tool is a powerful asset for developers, simplifying the process of writing code for repetitive or tedious tasks. Artisan acts as a ‘cut and paste’ button, cutting down the time and effort required to manually type out the code from scratch. This not only saves time, but also minimises the risk of errors. Web application developers can optimise their workflow by implementing Artisan into their toolkit.
  4. Database Migration System

    Database migration is the transfer of data from one system to another, and although it may seem simple, incorrect execution can result in a significant loss of important business data. To ensure successful migration, it is critical to employ a competent developer and utilise Laravel’s migration mechanism. This is useful for both developers and companies since it removes the requirement to start from scratch when modifying code. As more businesses switch to better services, Laravel’s migration mechanism allows for seamless expansion of their web app’s database structure.
  5. Unit Testing

    As the most commonly used web application framework amongst developers, Laravel offers numerous benefits. One of the most significant advantages is its unit testing feature, ensuring that even the slightest alterations will not disrupt a web application. Think of it as playing Jenga with a partner – developers can make modifications to the application with confidence, knowing that Laravel’s unit testing function can resolve any issues quickly.

Key Requirements for PHP Laravel Developers in 2023

Maintaining focus on the task at hand is crucial. When hiring for a Laravel job position, it is vital to ensure that applicants have the required skillset. Top-notch Laravel developers should demonstrate the following five skills:

  • Demonstrating the capability to develop websites.
  • Proficient in Database Management.
  • The Importance of OOP and MVC Expertise.
  • Proficiency in Identifying and Implementing Best Practices in Project Management.
  • Interpersonal Skills.
  1. Web Development Tools and Techniques

    Laravel web developers must be well-versed in the basics of web development. This entails having a solid command of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and JavaScript. Without these skills, maximising the potential of Laravel software will be challenging. In this section, we outline why these languages are essential for any web developer, not just those focusing on Laravel.
    • HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a fundamental aspect of webpage development. It employs tags to organise page content, distinguishing between elements like the headline, body text, and subheadings of a website.
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) specify how HTML elements are displayed in a user’s browser. Whereas HTML establishes the structure of content, CSS enables its presentation.
    • JavaScript is a programming language used to develop advanced web applications. Typically, it is used to change a website’s behaviour and content. JavaScript is behind most interactive website elements such as checkboxes and buttons.
    • Laravel framework applicants should exhibit proficient skills in PHP, MySQL, and Angular.
  2. Database Management Techniques

    Laravel developers are experts in managing databases, responsible for streamlining the conveyance of business information to clients. Organized databases can benefit companies by measuring performance and identifying avenues for growth. Prior to the interview stage, candidates for Laravel roles must have a good grasp of popular DBMSes such as Oracle 12c, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL.
  3. Object-Oriented Programming and Model-View-Controller Concepts

    Laravel is based on the MVC architecture, streamlining the development process for new projects. All approaches in Laravel utilise object-oriented concepts, as is typical of most frameworks. Therefore, it is necessary for Laravel developers to have a solid comprehension of object-oriented programming principles in PHP.
  4. Familiarity with Project Management Frameworks

    Project management frameworks can offer tremendous benefits to technical fields. They detail resources, processes, and steps necessary for successfully concluding a project, providing an effective approach to achieve favourable outcomes. Two of the most well-known project management methodologies are Agile and Waterfall.

    However, having experience in this area is especially important when recruiting developers who will operate in a team.
  5. Interpersonal Skills

    It is a fortunate occurrence to find someone who not only completes their work to a high standard but is also a pleasure to work with. However, evaluating a candidate’s soft skills during the interview process is essential. It is crucial to onboard a team member who is not only skilled in Laravel development but also possesses the following capabilities.
    • Demonstrates the ability to collaborate with team members, consider the opinions of others and contribute their own perspective when appropriate.
    • Handles constructive criticism effectively and endeavours to enhance their skills.
    • Proposes innovative solutions to challenges.
    • Exhibits outstanding verbal communication and listening skills.
    • Manages time efficiently and consistently meets project timelines.
    • Displays a strong sense of autonomy and self-reliance.

Hiring an Exceptional Laravel Developer

Recognizing the requirement for a Laravel developer and understanding the vital abilities for the position is crucial. The subsequent phase is to locate and recruit the ideal candidate.

1. Ask for Recommendations from Your IT Team

Before initiating the hiring process (drafting the job description, posting it on job boards or social media platforms, etc.), it is recommended to consult your IT team. Developers are active members of diverse online communities within the technology field and may recommend potential candidates upon request. Even if they do not personally know someone, they could establish contact through mutual connections. If you don’t have an IT team, you should inquire with your current staff to see if they know of anyone who might be suitable for the position.

2. Implement a Dependable Hiring Process

To hire an experienced Laravel developer, it is important to establish a robust hiring process. Given the fierce competition in the IT job market, it is necessary to go above and beyond the basic requirements to ensure success. This includes creating a comprehensive job description and promoting it online, as well as conducting headhunting activities. Moreover, finding potential leads on professional networks such as LinkedIn, and approaching them with enticing benefits may yield positive results. Even if a candidate is currently employed, the offered perks might persuade them to consider leaving their current position.

3. Adopt Remote Hiring

Providing remote work options is a fantastic method to attract the finest engineers. As the popularity of telecommuting continues to rise, it’s challenging to comprehend why a company would prefer a conventional office setting.

Broadening your hiring scope can unlock additional opportunities. Although it may be possible to find suitable candidates locally depending on the industry, remote recruitment can offer access to some of the best IT talent available. Additionally, you may be able to lure developers who are happy to work for lower pay due to the lower cost of living in their region.

In just two weeks, our company can assist you in finding an expert Laravel developer. We recognize the frustration of firms who spend a lot of money on developer recruitment but are unable to locate the ideal candidate. For almost a decade, we have been providing our remote engineering recruitment services, assisting many companies in finding the right professionals for their specific needs.

At Works, we believe that exceptional digital talent should be accessible to companies of all sizes, ranging from startups to multinational corporations. Our services can assist you in elevating your hiring process, enabling you to attract the finest developers for your business. If you need to hire a Laravel developer, please contact us without any hesitation.

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