So, What Exactly Is JavaScript Used For?

It’s quite likely that you’ve been exposed to JavaScript at some point. Regardless of whether or not you’ve personally coded in JavaScript, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a website or application that utilises it. This language is known for its vast array of functionalities.

If you’re curious about the potential uses of JavaScript, the skilled team of developers at Works is here to help your business unlock its capabilities.

The Versatility of JavaScript

The fact that JavaScript has diverse applications has certainly contributed to its sustained popularity. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common uses for this language.

1. Creating Dynamic Web Pages

Before JavaScript was introduced, websites were limited to using basic HTML and CSS, which meant that the only way to interact with a web page was by selecting a link.

JavaScript was created to allow web pages to offer users an interactive experience by enabling dynamic content modification, element animation, and audio and video playback.

JavaScript is particularly well-suited for programming for the World Wide Web, as highlighted in our Synchronous vs Asynchronous Programming blog post. Its extensive adoption and utilization have become crucial for modern Internet development.

2. Practical Applications

Over the past few years, web applications – which work as an extension of a website – have experienced a considerable increase in popularity among users. Because of their compatibility with various browsers and operating systems, they’ve become a go-to option for those interested in developing cross-platform mobile applications, as discussed in our Future of React Native Development blog post.

Numerous JavaScript frameworks have emerged over time, streamlining the process of developing and launching web applications. Some noteworthy examples include:

Node.js stands out among other development options because it can build both the front-end and back-end of an application, which is a substantial advantage since it enables the construction of a web application entirely in JavaScript.

With its React Native component, the React library enables developers to create native mobile applications using React components. React is ideal for those interested in developing a web application that can potentially be converted into native mobile versions in the future.

3. Virtual Reality and Games

As web browsers progress, they’re progressively capable of displaying intricate graphics, enabling the development and launch of applications that were previously difficult to run directly on a browser.

Frameworks such as Phaser have made it possible for developers to create browser-based, 2D interactive encounters. Furthermore, when it comes to creating 3D content in JavaScript, developers often utilize libraries and frameworks like Three.js and A-Frame, which can also create games, augmented, and virtual reality experiences.

JavaScript: Purpose and Substitutability

JavaScript is renowned for its ability to generate dynamic content, which is a critical aspect of contemporary websites and applications. It is therefore the most popular language for both professional and personal projects, according to StackOverflow’s user base.

JavaScript is necessary for developing any kind of interactive website. Though initially designed for web development, it has progressed into a general-purpose language suitable for programming any kind of application.

JavaScript: Pros and Cons

Concise and simple; quickly graspedNot a simple bug to fix
Fluent, rapid interpretationLow security on the client side
Compatible with a wide range of languages.Support for multiple inheritance is not present.
Reduces server stress by processing data locallyIts functionality may vary from browser to browser.

Require Assistance with JavaScript? We’ve Got You Covered!

For organizations, having at least one JavaScript expert on their team is crucial, given the programming language’s application in various contexts beyond web development.

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