Solutions that Will Help Your Company’s Ukrainian Employees the Most

In a televised address at 5:55am Moscow time, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia pronounced his intention to carry out a “military action” in the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine.

The risk of conflict in Ukraine is causing distress for many of our employees, and as a result, we are becoming increasingly concerned. To help our staff in Ukraine, it is necessary for us to explore the most effective ways of providing remote assistance. Below are a few suggestions on how we can achieve this.

What’s Happening in Ukraine?

In the aftermath of President Putin’s military intervention in Ukraine, there have been multiple explosions throughout the country. President Zelenskyy has accused Russia of targeting Ukrainian military installations and border patrols with missiles. It has also been reported that Russian troops have crossed into Ukrainian territory along the border shared by Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

Cruise missiles, artillery, and airstrikes were used in the initial wave of attacks on military installations and border posts, which led to the unfortunate deaths of more than forty innocent individuals, according to Ukrainian authorities. The fighting has reportedly spread throughout the country, with Russia having launched over 203 strikes.

What You Should Know About Russia’s Deployment of Troops in Ukraine

Acquiring a comprehension of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine can assist you in determining the best way to assist your Ukrainian colleagues. It is worth noting that despite the media’s coverage of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, this conflict is not a new development.

What are the origins of the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, and when did they emerge? Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union before gaining independence in 1991, and many Ukrainians have come to regard Russian as their native language and identity, although it was imposed upon them.

After achieving independence, Ukraine developed robust relationships with both the European Union and the United States. It was expected that Ukraine would join the European Union by 2023, which posed a challenge to Russia, as there would be a potential rival right on its doorstep.

Ukraine’s current president, Viktor Yanukovych, chose not to sign the European Union’s agreement for political association and free trade, which led to an immediate response from the Ukrainian people. Thousands took to the streets in protest, resulting in turmoil and loss of life in the capital city of Kyiv. The president resigned from his position as a result of the protests.

The rebels in Crimea received support from President Putin and the Russian Federation, which resulted in the annexation of the peninsula by Russia. Within a month, two regions in eastern Ukraine declared their independence.

The regions in question are not recognized by any nation that does not have a formal alliance with Russia. President Putin expressed his discontent with the economic sanctions that the United States and the European Union imposed on Russia as a consequence of Crimea’s annexation.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has yet to be resolved since January 2023, when Ukraine announced its intention to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Russia has expressed strong opposition to Ukraine’s potential membership in the United States-led NATO military alliance.

Negotiations have been ongoing since then, and Russia conducted “training exercises” near the border with Ukraine in the spring and fall of 2016. President Putin has cautioned other nations against interfering with the conflict in Ukraine, warning of severe consequences. Today, he has launched a military operation in the region.

5 Methods to Provide Support to Your Ukrainian Remote Workers

1. Prioritize Their Health and Safety

To offer effective support to those impacted by the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, we must first inquire about their well-being. It is critical that we express our concern for their safety and assure them that any existing appointments or deadlines will not be affected by the situation.

Maintaining open communication channels is crucial to gain an insight into the unique circumstances that each employee is facing. This will allow us to determine if they need time off, a salary adjustment or a change to their working schedule. By doing so, we can offer additional support to individuals within our team.

Moreover, it is probable that a significant number of them may need additional financial support to relocate to a more secure neighbourhood, city, or even country. This would give them the necessary funds to feel secure before they start their job.

2. Keep the Entire Team Informed

As a remote manager, it is your duty to maintain the unity and coherence of your team, irrespective of their geographical location. It is critical that everyone comprehends the severity of the situation to provide the best possible support to your Ukrainian colleagues.

Several of your employees outside of Ukraine may not be familiar with the ongoing conflict. It is critical to keep everyone informed to garner support for the Ukrainian team. Informing the rest of the organization may help them comprehend the gravity of the situation and provide complete support.

3. Foster an Activist Spirit: Inspire

Staying informed and spreading the news is crucial. Displaying solidarity with Ukrainian workers requires more than just raising awareness or using the #IStandWithUkraine hashtag on social media. The most effective approach to support Ukrainians is to become a proactive advocate.

To inspire workplace activism, it is crucial to keep team members informed and encourage them to contribute in any way possible. Research into charities and non-profit organizations that would benefit from financial aid is advised. Presently, numerous charities are seeking financial support.

In the instance of military provisions:

  • Always Remember to Return to Works Safe and Sound
  • Require Assistance? Contact Works

Products sold at Pharmacies:

  • Cheering for Ukraine!
  • Support for Ukraine from Across the Globe
  • Sunflower of Peace Hosts a Fundraiser.

A message to the children adversely affected by the war:

  • Amplifying Children’s Voices


Regardless of your location, you can assist Ukraine in its battle against injustice. There are many avenues to voice your opinion like protests and social media, and your support is invaluable. We strongly encourage you to unite with us in our quest to terminate this unfairness.

4. Remember to Replenish Your Supplies

A lot of Ukrainians cannot presently afford to relocate to a different city. This predicament can jeopardize their health and welfare while carrying out routine tasks like purchasing groceries or picking up medicine.

Supplying workers who are unable to procure their essentials is another means of showing your solidarity. How can you accomplish this? Delivery services like Zakaz make it easy to shop for workplace groceries and have them delivered straight to the employees’ homes. Ukraine’s national postal service also maintains a vast inventory of medical items, equipment and medication that are available for purchase.

Note: “Zakaz” should be hyperlinked to its website URL with `target=”_blank”` attribute.

5. Offer Mental Health Resources

Boost the morale of your employees by providing them with assistance during these testing times. The best approach to demonstrate your support is by regularly checking in with them and encouraging other colleagues outside of Ukraine to do the same.

Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affect individuals residing in areas of conflict at an alarming rate. Seeking timely medical evaluation may aid in the improvement of their symptoms, and it is advisable to seek professional treatment when required.

Mental health professionals and therapists can offer remote counselling sessions via technology to furnish support. Offering leave for mental health reasons can further show empathy for the individual’s wellbeing.

It’s Time to Act Now!

Staying abreast of the news is crucial to remain well-informed, but it is equally important to be attentive to the needs of personnel and others. A few members of the workforce may not want to appear needy and may be reluctant to seek aid. Hence, it is vital to keep communication channels open and regularly check on the well-being of staff. This would demonstrate appreciation for the employees’ necessities and a readiness to supply assistance.

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