Staff Augmentation 2.0’s White-Glove Benefits and Hidden Values

The aim of version 2.0 of Engineering Staff Augmentation is to remove the geographical boundaries that have traditionally hindered the ability to source and staff software development teams with highly-skilled engineers. Through their “white-glove” assistance, this software outsourcing model provides clients the opportunity to integrate developers within their teams for the long-term, allowing them to become immersed in the company culture and workflows.

White-glove service is a term used to describe a high-level of support, responsibility, and assistance that engineers and customer teams receive from a larger team. In this post, we will explore how Staff Augmentation 2.0 can help clients in carrying out their strategic plans and achieving their organisational goals.

Engineers and clients alike rely on the combined efforts of numerous management departments and teams to provide support. Examples of these kinds of supportive roles include human resources, finance, legal, marketing, and customer service. These departments and teams work together to ensure that projects are completed on time, that resources are allocated effectively, and that client needs are met in a timely manner.

  • Evaluation and Compatibility At the outset, the management team carries out an in-depth analysis of the technical and cultural requirements of the client. This involves exploring the technical needs, culture and values of the customer, and working in tandem with engineering managers to create a portfolio of suitable candidates for the customer to select from.
  • Onboarding Engineers who receive onboarding support can anticipate being fully competent in their role within 90 days of starting their engagement, and capable of making a substantial contribution. During this period, the onboarding manager monitors the progress of the developer and provides guidance as needed.
    • Locate and fill up any informational voids
    • Formulate a strategy for engineers to acquire any missing expertise.
    • Coordinate an induction process with engineers and clients by using a checklist.
  • Direction in Engineering Once developers have been hired and onboarded, internal managers are assigned to the engineering teams to provide ongoing technical oversight. Additionally, these managers may reach out to clients to solicit feedback regarding the engineers’ performance. During these check-ins, the following topics are typically discussed:
    • High-Quality Source Code
    • Velocity
    • Messages between Engineers
    • Professionalism
  • Strategic Administration of Relationships Relationship Managers are divided into two distinct roles: Customer Advocates and Project Managers. Together, they ensure that the engagement is delivering the desired financial returns to the client. Customer Advocates provide their clients with guidance and assistance in order to achieve their desired outcomes, while Project Managers take the lead in managing the project’s timeline and budget. Both roles are essential to ensure that the client is receiving the maximum benefit from the engagement.
    • Identifying and addressing client concerns before an interaction begins
    • Maintaining consistent check-ins with clients
    • Fixing any operational or commercial problems
    • Initiating routine audits of financial records

When it comes to customer satisfaction and engineering productivity, Staff Augmentation 2.0 is committed to providing the highest level of support. Our engineering managers are dedicated to helping software engineers succeed throughout all stages of a project, from the initial onboarding process to the final delivery. We strive to ensure that our engineers receive the support they need to progress in their careers by providing regular one-on-one meetings, addressing technical concerns, and offering feedback and guidance. We recognise that successful engagement relies heavily on engineer retention, so we strive to provide the right level of management to ensure that our engineers remain satisfied and productive.

At Staff Augmentation 2.0, we understand that a group of engineers can only be as successful as the individuals who comprise the team. Therefore, we go beyond just matching candidates’ skills to job vacancies; we focus on finding and qualifying the most talented software engineers and providing them with a team of dedicated managers to help with any and all aspects of their engagement. Additionally, we always strive to ensure that the engineering and customer teams are communicating effectively, staying on schedule, and consistently delivering exceptional results in terms of speed and quality.

Reading about the qualities of a high-performance engineering team can provide valuable insights into how to most effectively develop and expand your business. By understanding the four core components of any successful engineering team, you will be in a better position to create and maintain a team that is capable of achieving the highest possible performance.

Learn more about how to build and maintain a high-performance engineering team by reading our article, “4 High-Performance Team Qualities You Must Understand“. Here, you’ll find valuable information on the essential characteristics of a top-performing engineering team, as well as tips on how to ensure that your team remains a high-performing one.

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