Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Skilled Technologists at Competitive Salaries

Whether in our personal or professional spheres, one of our top priorities is typically to save money. The financial repercussions of the post-Covid ‘new normal’ have impacted many businesses, necessitating careful price reviews. If your business is considering scaling up during these economically challenging times, you may be wondering how to hire quality IT personnel without breaking the bank. Below are some suggestions to ponder.

Ensure Human Resources is Firmly in Control of its Function

To avoid bearing the brunt of the hiring process solo, it’s crucial to make sure that Human Resources have a thorough grasp of the job requirements. Posting a comprehensive job description is the best approach for attracting suitably qualified IT professionals. Additionally, it might be advantageous to consider candidates who have worked on similar projects, even if they are familiar with a different codebase, rather than those with knowledge of the same codebase who would need to get acquainted with your organization right from the beginning.

To guarantee that the job description is both comprehensive and accurate, it is crucial to write it yourself and seek input from the current developer (if applicable) and other individuals in comparable positions. Rather than merely listing technical requirements, the job description should encompass information about the work setting, the candidate’s responsibilities, and the success criteria. Click here to learn more about crafting effective job descriptions for your IT roles.

Emphasize Results, not Paychecks

There is a popular belief that some developers can complete the work of ten people in one, making them ’10x developers’. However, the reality is that not all developers possess the same level of efficiency and capability, so it may be reasonable for them to demand higher wages for their efforts.

Although it may be alluring to hire two developers for the price of one, it’s critical to weigh the cost-effectiveness of this solution that could ultimately lead to several months of project delay. Hence, when searching for the perfect candidate, don’t be tempted to bargain over money if you come across someone who is an excellent cultural fit, has the necessary skills and expertise, and boasts impressive references.

Understand the Requirements of Software Engineers

Given the significance of technologists in today’s workplace, it is crucial to identify the top 10 factors that entice them to job offers. To gain a better understanding of this, priority should be given to the 2023 Stack Overflow Survey. Based on the hard work and commitment of developers, we can confidently state that they are likely to hold factors such as the following in high esteem:

  • The programming languages, frameworks, and other technologies being used (54.1%)
  • The culture or atmosphere of the workplace (48.5%)
  • Flexibility in managing their time (45.6%)
  • Boosting one’s employability (43.5%)
  • Opportunity to work remotely from home (31.7%)
  • The extent to which their contributions will be utilized or impactful (23.5%)
  • The industry sector they would be working in (15.0%)
  • The financial performance of the company or organization (13.8%)
  • The team or capacity they will be employed in (12.8%)
  • Workplace diversity (6.8%)

Providing developers with what they need makes your offer more desirable, irrespective of the compensation offered.

Allocation of Resources

If your business is not situated in one of the most in-demand cities for tech expertise, settling for subpar talent may seem like your only option. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. The notion that the most skilled technology professionals can only be found in Silicon Valley is a misconception. By expanding your search to include remote developers, you increase your chances of finding the ideal candidate without requiring them to relocate.

If the idea of hiring employees from abroad brings back memories of the initial days of outsourcing, there’s good news. Technological advancements have made it possible to integrate employees from around the world seamlessly. With the appropriate tools and platforms, connecting with and managing a global workforce is now simpler than ever, allowing your business to enjoy the benefits of a diverse workforce.

The United States must come to terms with the fact that it will inevitably need to seek software developers from remote locations. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be over a million vacant IT positions in the years to come. Given the current immigration policy, companies will need to explore options outside of the US to locate ideal candidates for IT sector roles.

Hiring Time

In the United States, recruiting a fresh employee comes at a high cost, with projected expenses amounting to approximately $30,000. Additionally, it can take an average of six weeks to discover the right candidate, which may delay project progress and hinder the new employee’s ability to adapt quickly to their new role.

Partnering with a remote technical recruitment agency such as ours eliminates the challenges mentioned above. Within two weeks or less, we can offer you a group of developers who possess the appropriate technical skills, align with your company culture, and are prepared to work remotely.

Expert Headhunters

A dedicated tech recruitment service can help you secure the most skilled IT professionals for your business. These services are experienced in the best approaches for hiring IT professionals and are familiar with the most productive markets for identifying top talents. Additionally, they possess an in-depth understanding of the job description you have created.

Partner with Works

In the beginning of this article, we posed a question regarding the importance of being sincere and open about your emotions. We firmly believe that expressing your genuine emotions allows you to stay true to yourself and the people around you. Similarly, when it comes to recruiting qualified and competent professionals, you can rely on us to handle the task. We have an excellent track record of successfully matching highly skilled candidates with ideal job openings. Our large pool of remote working experts possesses extensive experience, and if we don’t have the perfect candidate for you, we are confident that we can locate one.

Before presenting a candidate’s CV to you, we will rigorously evaluate their technical qualifications, ensure that they align with your organization or team’s culture, and verify their comfort level with remote working. We’ll handle all the essential human resources documentation, giving you peace of mind that you’ve made a well-informed decision. Does this meet your requirements?

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