Successful Techniques for 2023 Technical Interviews

Over the past decade, we have honed our abilities in evaluating qualities like openness to feedback, initiative, and efficient time management. Additionally, we have gained proficiency in devising interview questions that accurately appraise a candidate’s technical and interpersonal skills. We have consolidated the essential pointers to help you excel in a technical interview.

Conducting Technical Interviews Remotely: A Comprehensive Guide

Communicate Your Expectations Clearly

While gearing up for a technical interview, it’s crucial to realize that face-to-face interviews often demand less groundwork than virtual ones. To guarantee a seamless process, it’s imperative to chart your course and account for all the essential factors.


Booking an interview session for candidates based in the same country should be uncomplicated. Just confirm their availability and slot the appointment in your schedule. However, if the candidate is residing in a different time zone, you might need to schedule a non-standard meeting time, such as afternoon according to their time.


Could you please furnish the communication mode that’ll be employed for the forthcoming interview? Applicants should make certain that they’re equipped to handle the diverse applications and platforms that may be utilized for virtual interviews.


It’s highly advantageous for applicants to know the identity of their interviewers. It could be either the Human Resources department or the business’s owner.

Exclusively Employ Video Interviews

It’s crucial to bear in mind that video conferencing is a superior interview medium. Engaging in a direct dialogue is way more potent than communicating via email or phone. Video calls are also the most effective way to engage with remote candidates and employees.

According to Software Advice, 60% of recruiters and HR managers favor conducting virtual video interviews. There are numerous websites and applications available that can aid in conducting remote interviews and aid in comprehending potential applicants better.

Always Be Prepared

Prior to the interview, make sure that the Zoom or Skype connection is stable and that the internet connectivity is robust. Verify your camera and microphone and acquaint yourself with the settings. Dodge eleventh-hour dilemmas by guaranteeing that your microphone is operational, and all essential upgrades are installed.

It’s important to keep in mind the surroundings in which you’ll be hosting a virtual technical interview. A calm and serene workspace is perfect for such an interview, so it is suggested you locate a spot that is free from noise or distractions. If you have kids at home, a separate room away from the play area is the perfect option. Alternatively, you can visit a peaceful café having a trustable internet connection.

Avoid ad-libbing; instead, contemplate your questions beforehand.

It’s essential to allocate enough time to draft questions for technical interviews, even if you have an idea of the kind of candidate you’re scouting for. Although it may seem doable to ad-lib, this approach should be treated with caution. The questions you pose will determine the interview’s outcome and the quality of responses that you obtain. To ensure that you find the best fit for your team and receive the information you need, it is recommended to spend some time devising the questions.

The task of seeking accomplished individuals could be quite protracted, which is why we follow an open-door policy for recruitment at Works. Nevertheless, we would prefer to abide by a structured and orderly process, thereby, during interviews, we focus on one topic at a time. Our interview queries are tailored to appraise a candidate’s technical prowess and determine their suitability to our organization’s culture – which may require conducting more than a single interview.

It’s suggested to employ team interviews while recruiting new staff members. When several team members converse with candidates, it assists everyone in reaching a consensus about their impression of the candidate.

Preparing for a Technical Phone Interview

We understand that video interviews can’t entirely substitute face-to-face meetings, yet we acknowledge the growing prevalence of this trend. Video interviews could assist in developing rapport with the candidates, yet this heavily relies on the interviewer’s proficiency, particularly when it comes to technical positions.

While discussing how to ‘set the stage’ for an in-person interview, it’s imperative to consider not only the physical environment, such as lighting and background music, but also the ambience that can be created, making it vital to establish a comfortable atmosphere for the candidate to give their best response. Please bear in mind that the candidate may feel nervous and uncomfortable being on camera. Therefore, it’s crucial to take all necessary measures to ensure an easygoing ambience.

Emphasize Technical Proficiency During Virtual Interviews

Effectuating the employment of developers could be achieved efficaciously through remote evaluation of technical expertise. With a strong technical base and an understanding of the mandatory proficiencies, this procedure should be uncomplicated.

Frequently, gauging a programmer’s capabilities could be achieved through a live coding assessment. The ability to share your screen enables you to monitor the candidate’s advancement in the task assigned. Several programs, including GitHub, Google Docs, and Miro, are suggested for this form of evaluation.

Technical questions hold the dual advantage of assessing a candidate’s technical expertise and their communication skills. If additional developers are accessible on your team, it’s feasible to observe the candidate’s problem-solving aptitudes in action. Ditto could be attested by scrutinizing their confidence level in their answers and elaborations, as well as whether they are reciting from their memory.

Enhance Your Recruitment Success and New Employee Quality by Gaining Insights from Our Technical Interviewing Methods

We are cognizant that recruiting remote engineers could be strenuous, particularly when you already have a busy schedule, paucity of requisite know-how, or have had unsatisfactory experiences in the past. This is why we provide our services to aid you in conducting an efficacious technical interview remotely. With our expertise, you could meet your new programmer within two weeks and be assured of their exceptional skills and seamless integration into your organization. Our aim is to make elite technological talent accessible and economical for businesses of all sizes, globally.

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