Successful Techniques for 2023 Technical Interviews

In the past 10 years, we have developed our skills in assessing qualities such as receptiveness to feedback, proactivity and time management. We have also acquired expertise in forming interview questions that assess a candidate’s technical and interpersonal capabilities accurately. We have compiled the most significant points to help you succeed in a technical interview.

Remote Technical Interviewing: How to Do It

Make Your Expectations Known

When preparing for a technical interview, it is important to bear in mind that on-site interviews typically require less preparation than remote interviews. To ensure a successful process, it is essential to plan ahead and consider all the necessary factors.


For candidates located within the same country, scheduling the interview should be straightforward. Simply check their availability and add the appointment to your calendar. However, if the candidate is located in a different time zone, you may need to arrange an unconventional meeting time, such as the afternoon.


For the upcoming interview, could you please provide details on the method of communication that will be used? Candidates should ensure that they are prepared for the various applications and platforms which may be employed for remote interviews.


Candidates benefit greatly from being aware of the identity of the interviewers. Either the Human Resources department or the company’s owner.

Use video interviews exclusively

It is important to remember that video calls are an excellent form of interview. Holding a face-to-face conversation is much more effective than communication via email or telephone. Video calls are also the best way to connect with remote prospective employees and workers.

Software Advice has reported that 60% of HR managers and recruiters prefer to conduct video interviews remotely. There is an abundance of websites and applications that can assist in facilitating remote interviews and help to gain a better understanding of potential applicants.

Always Come Ready

Before the interview, please ensure the stability of the Zoom or Skype connection and that the internet connection is reliable. Please also check your camera and microphone, and familiarize yourself with the settings. Avoid any last minute issues by making sure your microphone is working and that all necessary upgrades have been installed.

It is important to consider the environment in which you will be conducting a remote technical interview. A quiet workspace is best suited for such an interview, so it is recommended that you find a location which is away from any noise or distractions. If you have children at home, a separate room away from the playroom is ideal. Alternatively, you may wish to visit a quiet coffee shop with a reliable internet connection.

Do not wing it; instead, think out your questions in advance.

It is important to take the time to prepare questions for technical interviews, even if you already know the type of candidate you are looking for. While it may be possible to improvise, this strategy should not be taken lightly. The questions you ask will shape the outcome of the interview and the quality of the responses you receive. To ensure that you find the right person for your team and receive the answers you desire, it is beneficial to spend time preparing questions.

Finding talented individuals can be a time-consuming task, which is why at Works we have an open-door policy for recruiting. However, we do prefer to keep the process organized and structured, so during interviews we focus on one topic at a time. Our interview questions are designed to assess a candidate’s technical skills and establish their suitability to our organization’s culture – something that may not be achieved during a single interview.

It is recommended that team interviews are also utilized when recruiting new employees. Having multiple team members converse with applicants can help to ensure that everyone is in agreement with their impressions of the candidate.

Preparing for a Technical Interview Over the Phone

We acknowledge that video interviews cannot replace the benefit of meeting someone in person, yet we still recognise the increasing prevalence of this approach. There is potential to establish a rapport with candidates through video interviews, but this largely depends on the interviewer’s expertise when it comes to technical roles.

When discussing how to ‘set the scene’ for an in-person interview, it is not only important to consider the physical environment, such as lighting and music, but also the atmosphere that can be created. It is essential to make the candidate feel comfortable and at ease, in order for them to provide their best answers. Remember that the candidate may be feeling nervous and not everyone enjoys being on camera. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to ensure a relaxed atmosphere.

Focus on Technical Knowledge During Interviews Online

Employing developers more effectively can be achieved by utilizing remote testing of technical skills. With a robust technical foundation and an understanding of the required competencies, this process should be straightforward.

Assessing a programmer’s skills can often be done through a live coding exam. Screen-sharing capabilities enable you to observe the candidate’s progress as they tackle the task at hand. Various programs, such as GitHub, Google Docs, and Miro, are recommended for this approach.

Technical queries offer the benefit of both assessing a candidate’s technical knowledge as well as their communication ability. It is possible to observe a candidate’s problem-solving abilities in action if additional developers are available on your team. This can be determined by assessing their confidence in their explanations and responses as well as whether they are reciting from memory.

Increase Your Hiring Rate and the Quality of Your New Employees by Learning From Us About Technical Interviewing.

We understand that recruiting remote engineers can be a hassle, especially when you are already busy, lack the necessary expertise or have had poor experiences in the past. That’s why we offer our services to assist you in conducting a successful technical interview from a distance. With our expertise, you can meet with your new programmer in just two weeks, and be sure that they possess exceptional skills and will fit seamlessly into your organization. Our goal is to make top-tier technological talent accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes, worldwide.

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