Supplementing Existing Personnel. Plan for Recruiting Additional IT Staff

As a means for companies to enhance their development capabilities, IT Staff Augmentation has become increasingly popular. This term references a service that expedites the recruitment of staff for particular assignments. Businesses may opt for IT Staff Augmentation to promptly address any shortages in their IT departments, by contracting staff either temporarily or permanently.

Staff augmentation presents a substitute to conventional outsourcing techniques, where you take on staff and oversee their management directly, instead of acquiring a pre-determined output without any supervision.

Works, a provider of IT personnel, supports businesses in expanding their in-house development teams by procuring top-rated programmers globally. Engaging a remote development team in this manner helps to decrease expenses without compromising the quality of engineering solutions. Below are the steps involved in the process.

How Can Your Business Gain from Utilizing This Hiring Method?

Given the heightened competition and increasingly challenging hiring environment, businesses have explored supplementary methods to fill open positions. These may include outsourcing, as well as enhancing resources and staffing.

By augmenting their existing IT teams, businesses have the capacity to…

  1. Discover candidates who possess expertise in your preferred field
  2. Acquire a competitive advantage by providing job seekers with greater flexibility in terms of choice and location while seeking a job.
  3. Staff augmentation is a practice that serves as a connection between temporary staffing and the creation of a full-fledged workforce.

Key Details About Expanding Your Workforce

Here are some reasons why staff augmentation can be a valuable tool for augmenting your company’s workforce.

Can You Elaborate on the Benefits of Expanding Your Team?

  1. Minimize Expenses on Essential Items

    Adding temporary workforce to your team can assist in reducing costs for your business, as you will only remunerate for the work that is actually executed. You might sign a contract with a staff augmentation provider to recruit the precise number of personnel you need for a fixed period, instead of hiring permanent employees.
  2. It Saves Time

    By collaborating with a staff augmentation provider, you can save both time and money. Your obligation will be to furnish the necessary supplies and remunerate the contracted workers; the provider will take care of everything else.
  3. Offers Control over the Most Crucial Tasks

    Staff augmentation can present an efficient solution to fulfill project deadlines without the need to hire a whole new team. By adding a few new members to the existing in-house team, the project can be finished within the set timeframe, with both the in-house and contracted teams collaborating.

    If you have your own in-house team, you can guarantee that their deliverables comply with your company’s quality standards. To secure the optimal output, we advise assigning an individual specifically for quality assurance.
  4. Enhanced Efficiency in the IT Department

    Staff augmentation provides the means to outsource intricate and specialized tasks which your in-house team may not be capable of handling, in contrast to burdening all duties on your existing personnel. By concentrating each team member on their respective strengths, productivity is boosted.
  5. Access to a Vast Pool of Prospective Employees

    Companies seeking proficient IT experts, including front-end and back-end developers, cybersecurity professionals, product designers, and network engineers, can derive advantage from IT staff augmentation services. By collaborating with a reliable provider, businesses can access the talent they require promptly and effectively. This can prove to be a more economical solution than searching and recruiting candidates in the job market.
  6. Lower Overhead Costs

    Staff augmentation is advantageous for companies, as it can aid in reducing expenses. Hiring a developer from Eastern Europe could result in a cost saving of up to 50% compared to hiring a developer based in the US, owing to the region’s lower cost of living.

    Several businesses aim to diminish operational costs and are progressively hiring remote workers residing in countries such as India and the Philippines. This can be an excellent way to attain cost savings without compromising the quality of services provided. By taking advantage of the lower labor costs in these countries, companies can obtain a wealth of skills at a reduced expense.

Types of Additional Personnel

NameDescriptionUsage Examples
CommodityWhen no specified qualifications or experience are needed for the position, use this.Positions in retail, basic manufacturing, and warehousing (such as good relocation)
Skill-basedUsed when the position requires a specific competence but advanced proficiency isn’t mandatory.Copyediting, Data Entry, and Transcription
Highly-skilledUsed when the position requires specialised knowledge that can only be acquired by extensive prior experience or education.Engineering, Legislation, and Advertising Graphics

Tactics for Determining the Appropriate Model of Staff Augmentation

  • Traditional Agencies with Substantial Experience in the Field

    Temporary staffing services offer organizations access to skilled and diverse workforce. When a specific assignment does not require specialized expertise, conventional staffing providers can be the best-suited option.

    Here’s one example: Adecco
  • Specialized, Boutique Recruiters:

    Businesses that employ personnel specifically for individual roles or assignments.

    Here are a couple more examples: Works
  • Recruitment Agencies Contracted by External Businesses:

    This pertains to the extensive recruitment activities of a company, which provide a perfect solution for companies looking to swiftly expand their workforce without incurring excessive expenses.

    The third example is the enterprise Randstad.
  • Diverse Websites:

    Online platforms provide a centralized platform for independent contractors and freelancers, facilitating the search for suitable candidates. This is a fitting solution for companies that aspire to simplify their recruitment process without compromising on the competence of personnel they onboard.

    Upwork is an additional example.
  • Technology for Finding On-Demand Freelancers:

    We can grant you instant access to exceptionally skilled candidates for recruitment. This solution is perfect for enterprises requiring swift fulfillment of a remote position.

    Lastly, let’s consider BTG as an example.

Consultancy for augmenting existing staff.

Hiring a staff augmentation consultant can prove advantageous if you are uncertain about which model to select or if the optimal one for your particular circumstance is not evident. They can impart valuable input and guarantee the safety of your company and its data when drafting the agreement.

How do you distinguish between outsourcing and staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation might be mistaken for outsourcing, but these methods of hiring personnel are significantly distinguished. Outsourcing entails delegating the task to a third party, who has complete authority over how the project is executed and is responsible for any associated risks. This can be a disadvantage for businesses.

Staff augmentation is the process of engaging individual specialists rather than a complete team to assist with a specific project. By adding supplementary personnel to your in-house team, you can retain control over project execution and assure timely delivery. This empowers you to uphold the elevated standards established by your organization for all accomplished projects.

Effective Information Technology Services

If you are seeking proficient IT specialists to fulfill your staffing requirements, please feel free to contact us. We will offer essential assistance in discovering the suitable candidates for the job, considering not only their credentials and proficiency but also other factors.

Here at Works, we take essential measures to verify that all personnel we furnish to you are a suitable fit for your enterprise, taking into account the work environment and other elements. This encompasses executing references and background checks, as well as managing the requisite documentation. This enables you to focus on operating your business without the burden of the recruitment process.

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