Supplementing Existing Personnel. Plan for Recruiting Additional IT Staff

IT Staff Augmentation has seen an increase in popularity as a way for businesses to bolster their development capabilities. The phrase “staff augmentation” is used to describe a service which enables the swift recruitment of personnel for specific projects. Companies may choose to use IT Staff Augmentation to quickly fill any gaps in their IT departments, by either hiring employees on a temporary or permanent basis.

Staff augmentation provides an alternative to traditional outsourcing methods, whereby you invest in personnel and retain direct management, rather than purchasing a pre-defined output with no oversight.

Works, an IT employment provider, facilitates businesses in increasing their in-house development teams by sourcing top-level programmers from around the world. Incorporating a remote development team in this manner allows you to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of engineering solutions. The process is outlined below.

How Would Your Business Benefit from Using This Method of Hiring People?

In light of intensifying competition and more arduous recruitment conditions, businesses have been investigating additional approaches to fill vacant roles. These include outsourcing, as well as augmenting resources and staffing.

By supplementing their own IT teams, businesses have the ability to…

  1. Find people that have experience in your desired field
  2. Gain a competitive edge by giving job seekers more freedom of choice and location in their search for a job.
  3. Staff augmentation is a practice that provides a bridge between temporary staffing and the establishment of a permanent workforce.

Essential Information About Adding Personnel

Let’s look at some of the reasons why staff augmentation is a useful tool for bolstering your company’s workforce.

Can You Explain Why It’s a Good Idea to Add to Your Team?

  1. Only Spend Money on Necessary Items

    Supplementing your team with temporary workers can help your business save costs, as you will only be paying for the work that is actually performed. You may choose to enter into a contract with a staff augmentation provider to obtain the exact number of personnel you require for a specified duration, rather than recruiting full-time staff.
  2. It Is a Time-Saver

    By engaging a staff augmentation provider, you can save both time and money. Your responsibility will be to provide the required items and pay the contracted workers; the provider will take care of the rest.
  3. Gives You Command Over The Most Important Tasks

    Staff augmentation can provide an effective solution to meeting time constraints on a project without having to contract out for a whole new team. By supplementing the current in-house team with a small number of new members, the project can be completed in a timely manner, with both the in-house and contracted teams working together

    If you have your own in-house team, you can ensure that their work meets your company’s standards for quality. To ensure the best possible results, we recommend assigning someone specifically to quality assurance.
  4. Intensified Efficiency in the IT Division

    Personnel augmentation allows you to outsource complex and specialized tasks which your internal team may not be able to perform, instead of assigning all duties to your current personnel. By focusing each team member on what they excel in, productivity is enhanced.
  5. Having a huge pool of potential employees to choose from

    Organizations looking for skilled IT professionals, such as front-end and back-end developers, cybersecurity experts, product designers, and network engineers, may benefit from IT staff augmentation services. By partnering with a reputable supplier, businesses can access the talent they need quickly and efficiently. This can be a more cost-effective solution than seeking and recruiting candidates in the job market.
  6. Minimal Running Expenses

    Staff augmentation is beneficial for businesses, as it can help to reduce costs. Hiring a developer from Eastern Europe could provide a cost saving of up to 50% compared to hiring a developer based in the US, due to the lower cost of living in the region.

    Many businesses are looking to reduce operational costs and are increasingly turning to remote workers located in countries such as India and the Philippines. This can be a great way to achieve cost savings without compromising the quality of services offered. By taking advantage of the lower cost of labour in these countries, companies can access a wealth of expertise at a reduced cost.

Forms of Supplemental Personnel

NameDescriptionUsage Examples
CommodityWhen no specified qualifications or experience are needed for the position, use this.Positions in retail, basic manufacturing, and warehousing (such as good relocation)
Skill-basedUsed when the position requires a specific competence but advanced proficiency isn’t mandatory.Copyediting, Data Entry, and Transcription
Highly-skilledUsed when the position requires specialised knowledge that can only be acquired by extensive prior experience or education.Engineering, Legislation, and Advertising Graphics

Strategies for Deciding on an Appropriate Model of Employee Supplementation

  • Agencies that have been in business for a long time and are used traditionally

    Temporary staffing services provide businesses with access to a qualified and diverse workforce. When specialist skills are not needed for a particular job, traditional staffing providers can be the ideal solution.

    Here’s the first: Adecco
  • Small, specialised recruiters:

    Organizations that hire people to do certain jobs or tasks.

    Two more examples: Works
  • Staffing agencies contracted by third-party companies:

    This refers to a company’s comprehensive recruitment initiatives, which offer an ideal solution for businesses seeking to quickly grow their workforce without incurring excessive costs.

    The third illustration is the company Randstad
  • Various Websites:

    Online hubs provide a centralized platform for freelancers and independent contractors, making it easier for recruiters to find suitable candidates. This is an ideal solution for businesses who wish to streamline their recruitment process without compromising on the quality of staff they hire.

    Upwork is a fourth example.
  • Technology for sourcing freelancers on demand:

    We can offer you immediate access to exceptionally skilled applicants for employment. This solution is perfect for companies that need to swiftly fill a remote role.

    As a last example, let’s use BTG.

Consulting to supplement existing personnel.

Hiring a staff augmentation consultant can be beneficial if you are unsure of which model to choose, or if the best one for your individual situation is not apparent. They can provide valuable insight and ensure that your company and its data are protected when drafting the contract.

Where do you draw the line between outsourcing and staff augmentation?

People may confuse staff augmentation with outsourcing; however, these approaches to acquiring personnel are very distinct. Outsourcing involves assigning the job to another party, who then has full control over how the project is executed and is accountable for any risks associated with it. This can put businesses at a disadvantage.

Staff augmentation is the practice of hiring individual experts rather than a full team to aid with a particular project. By supplementing your in-house team with additional personnel, you can maintain control over project execution and ensure deadlines are achieved. This enables you to maintain the high standards set by your organisation for all completed projects.

Information Technology Services That Actually Work

If you are looking for qualified IT professionals to fulfil your staffing needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will provide the necessary support in finding the right individuals for the job, taking into account not only their qualifications and experience but also other aspects.

At Works, we take the necessary steps to ensure that all employees we provide to you are a suitable match for your business in terms of culture and other factors. This includes conducting reference and background checks, as well as managing all necessary paperwork. This allows you to focus on running your business without having to worry about the recruitment process.

Work now to expand your IT workforce.

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