Supporting Digital Transformation with off-Site Engineers

Despite the economic slowdown due to the ongoing global health crisis, some sectors have managed to thrive. The shift towards a “remote everything” mindset has seen companies actively searching for proficient software developers who can rapidly and efficiently produce top-notch digital products.

In fact, a job listing website has reported a 138% surge in the need for immensely skilled software developers.

Short on Time?

Life prior to the COVID-19 pandemic was already busy, but as per analysts at McKinsey, the pace of work has only intensified since the outbreak began. Firms that previously preferred a more leisurely approach to their digital transformation programs, typically spanning one to three years, must now be able to adapt and scale their initiatives in mere days or weeks.

Currently, companies are more inclined to engage with remote engineering staff augmentation firms to acquire the right skills, at the required time and location, to meet their stringent deadlines. These organizations have a pool of adept, senior engineers who can quickly integrate into ongoing projects or initiate new ones with minimal disruption.

Remote Assistance for Field Engineers

As per McKinsey, staff augmentation providers give companies the flexibility to rapidly reassign personnel as their goals and priorities change. This distributed network of technical experts offers several benefits to businesses undergoing transition.

  1. They are adept at remote work culture.

    Companies that focus on staff augmentation can offer businesses a valuable chance to understand how to enhance the efficiency of dispersed engineering teams. This is because a significant number of the engineers employed by these organizations are seasoned remote workers.
  2. Under pressure to recruit.

    Companies without the necessary knowledge, resources or infrastructure to identify, interview and evaluate potential recruits without a physical workplace find it harder to fill engineering positions compared to their peers. Thankfully, staff augmentation firms are ready to handle local taxes, labour laws, payroll, and benefits related to each new appointment. This eases the load of the recruitment process, enabling companies to concentrate on selecting the ideal candidate for the role.
  3. Skilled at onboarding.

    Engineering staff augmentation organizations have perfected the task of training and integrating new software developers.
  4. Experimentation without undue risk.

    Enlisting individuals possessing the necessary skills empowers an organization to address gaps in its workforces. Contractual staff provide immense flexibility, as they can be ramped up or reduced based on the organization’s shifting requirements, without the obligations associated with hiring full-time employees.
  5. Facilitate your team’s acquisition of valuable knowledge.

    McKinsey suggests that working alongside senior engineers could significantly hasten your team’s learning process.
  6. Diversify Geographical Reach.

    Engaging with developers across different parts of the world may aid in withstanding future challenges limited to a smaller region.
  7. Responsibility.

    Integrating engineers from staff augmentation firms smoothly into your team provides you with direct oversight of the project, avoiding outsourcing without accountability. This leads to a more efficient and gratifying outcome for all parties involved.

Driving Transformation

Rather than just adapting to the growing prevalence of remote work, incorporating remote software engineering staff into their operations may provide significant benefits to businesses. As per McKinsey, harnessing the flexibility and diversity provided by remote employment is an emerging trend that is crucial for fully maximizing the potential created by this unique situation.

Hundreds of businesses have leveraged Works‘ remote staff augmentation offerings, accelerating their development process with experienced senior-level engineers.

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