Supporting Employee Growth on a Distant Team

Ensuring remote teams have equal access to training and professional development opportunities as their onsite colleagues is crucial. However, virtual teams often find themselves lacking in this regard, leading them to independently seek out progression without formal support. Thankfully, numerous top-notch online training programmes are available, such as and Udemy, which can help address this disparity.

The Lack of Professional Development Opportunities for Remote Workers Affects the Company’s Profitability.

The success of a business heavily depends on its employees’ ability to effectively promote and market its offerings. As such, it is the responsibility of leaders to provide guidance and instruction to their teams, including remote workers, to enhance their skills in this area. Despite the unique challenges of training remote teams, it is crucial to remain fully committed to this task.

Leaving remote staff to self-teach or receive inadequate instruction can result in disorderly outcomes. It’s possible that such individuals may not make the necessary effort, and some may not even have the means to pay for training. This could be equally as harmful to your finances as hiring poorly trained in-house employees.

Crucial Areas for Professional Advancement

The lack of professional development training can negatively impact four critical areas, namely: meeting essential business needs, fulfilling an organisation’s promise to its customers, upholding high employee engagement standards, and promoting optimal resource utilisation. All of these are indispensable components of thriving business operations.

  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Ensuring Quality
  • Specialised Field Expertise

Miscommunications among team members can significantly hinder a company’s success. It’s crucial to ensure that staff possess the requisite communication skills to provide customers with necessary information, upsell additional services and address any concerns that may arise. If customers receive insufficient information or are treated impolitely, they may opt to seek products or services from alternative sources.

Technology has transformed the way geographically dispersed teams work together, enabling them to collaborate and communicate effectively regardless of distance. However, for such teams to work efficiently, they require more than basic, high-level summaries of the company’s processes. Hence, it is essential to implement comprehensive training programmes in various areas, including remote communication, screen sharing, and system security, for the smooth functioning of these teams. Additionally, offering training in time management, typing speed, and operating systems can significantly enhance the productivity of remote teams.

Companies must ensure that their production staff possess a thorough understanding of their industry to ensure optimal quality assurance levels. The absence of such product knowledge proposes risks to the company’s ability to maintain expected standards of excellence.

For remote teams responsible for selling company products, it’s essential to meet both the organisation’s and industry’s quality standards. Equipping them with essential data highlights the company’s commitment to attaining these benchmarks.

Online Platforms Developed to Streamline Remote Training

Training delivery can pose a challenge in the light of widespread distributed workforces. To overcome this hurdle, it’s advisable to utilise the extensive collection of online educational resources, including, Udemy and, which make training materials accessible to all employees despite their location.

1. Learning Platform

LinkedIn is the proprietor of the renowned online learning resource, Although its service charge is higher than most other learning management systems, it’s justified considering the quality of its instruction. courses are taught by qualified professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

Academics can substantiate their expertise by providing the requisite documentation. A diploma can be awarded to students who complete webinars successfully in recognition of their accomplishment. However, certain training programmes may not provide any certification.

This educational platform is an ideal option for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge, enhance their industry-specific expertise and progress in their career. Utilising the library membership, it is possible to gain access to without incurring any supplementary charges, making it an incredible incentive for library users. Many public libraries provide this service free of cost, enabling people to enrol and attend classes without any expenses. On the other hand, companies can benefit from discounted subscriptions to access courses at discounted rates.

2. Udemy

Udemy provides an economical solution with an inclusive variety of features and content. Instructors can promptly create an account and commence delivering their lessons without undergoing a verification process. Udemy has taken a crowdsourcing method to ensure quality and prevent fraudulent activities and unskilled instructors.

Instructors depend on their students’ feedback to market their lessons successfully. Just as Fiverr is to the freelance marketplace, Udemy is to Fiverr: teaching requires demonstrating value to ensure success.

Udemy platform encompasses a vast array of course topics, from Business English and Software Fundamentals to Marketing and Sales. Additionally, courses delivered on this website are more compact than the ones provided on, enabling students to earn a completion certificate in a shorter duration.

Udemy presents a dedicated business account for corporate learning necessities. Businesses can establish their own training programmes by creating a corporate account.

3. E-Learning Portal has a distinct approach to business training. Initially created as an educational resource, the company has evolved to cater to modern-day corporate requirements. With more than thirty-five different certifications and licences, courses provided by enable individuals to garner knowledge and skills. The programmes of study at comprise…

  • Training Aspiring Marketers in the Western Region
  • Family and Consumer Science Methodologies
  • Language Acquisition through Multiple and Connected Experiences
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Every instructor at possesses a postgraduate-level qualification, such as a Master’s or Doctoral degree, in their respective teaching field. The curriculum is not devised by individual instructors; instead, all course material has been pre-developed by the organisation.

Effective Training Can Boost the Morale and Productivity of Remote Workers.

Adequate training is crucial for remote teams to function effectively. Using online training solutions is an excellent approach to ensure that all employees receive the same level of instruction irrespective of their location. To choose a reputable and trustworthy online training provider, it is advisable to research various options. It is also essential to investigate the methods adopted by the provider in familiarising new hires with the company and its policies.

To succeed, receiving feedback from dispersed teams is imperative. Such advice is valuable in identifying the types of training that are most advantageous, and those that are not. Utilising this insight can help create an effective and economical syllabus.

Apprehension or anxiety should not deter you from considering constructive criticism. No one in the workplace is complaining or seeking significant changes, but instead, they aspire to create a successful and beneficial environment for all.

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