Take Advantage of the Epidemic to Boost Your Company

Businesses have been presented with a range of challenges caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including supply chain disruptions, changes in customer demand and the introduction of new regulations. Whilst these difficulties must be managed in the short-term, the pandemic may also present opportunities to improve the organisation in the long-term through careful consideration.

Your organisation could benefit from the “new normal” by making strategic adjustments to its culture, services and products, supplemented with outsourced software services. The following paragraphs provide guidance on how to successfully navigate the current climate and emerge stronger afterwards.

1. Approach Problems in the Manner of a New Venture

As a result of the pandemic, businesses from various industries are responding to customer behaviour changes. Even if your business has been operational for a while, adopting a startup mentality may help you come up with the most creative solutions. This mentality involves developing characteristics such as:

  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Courage to try new things
  • Critical pondering beyond the norm

As the business environment continues to evolve, it is important for companies to stay ahead of the game. Taking risks and innovating can open up opportunities that were once thought impossible. This can be achieved by adopting the mindset of a startup – taking calculated risks and embracing new ideas. To help you understand the potential of this approach, we have included a video below which showcases some of the best aspects of a new business.

2. Take Your Culture into Account

It is essential for businesses to foster a strong culture in order to be as innovative, creative, and adaptable as possible. This culture should include shared values, objectives, attitudes and practices that are able to withstand change and recognise the potential that can be gained from a crisis. If your organisation’s current culture does not provide the necessary resilience to face the current pandemic, then it is imperative to take steps to rectify this.

Developing resilience, adaptability, inventiveness and flexibility in employees to enable them to rapidly adapt to change should be a primary focus. Rather than maintaining the status quo, encourage open questioning of existing processes and invite employees to share their ideas. Celebrate the successful implementation of innovative concepts and encourage your younger members of staff to contribute their suggestions. By doing this, your organisation will be better equipped to respond to a changing environment.

Help your staff to develop both professionally and personally by offering them opportunities for training and development that focus on the skills they require in the present.

Our commitment to our customers’ convenience and safety is demonstrated through the introduction of services such as online ordering and curbside pick-up, and should be a cornerstone of our company culture. We may also consider offering additional goods which help customers stay safe, or granting financial assistance such as longer payment terms or increased discounts, to support those customers who may be facing financial difficulty.

Make sure to express your concern for the wellbeing of others. This will be remembered and will increase their loyalty to you in the future.

3. Redirect Your Offerings

The outbreak has caused considerable disruption, however customers remain eager to use their preferred services when possible. To meet customer expectations, it is recommended that service models are adapted to include digital or remote access options. Even if in-person service provision can be resumed, clients may still prefer remote service for its ease and speed, and therefore it should be kept available for the foreseeable future.

Think about changing directions and growing in places where demand is rising. Here are a few illustrations:

  • An extended selection of goods available for home delivery.
  • Assistance with cleaning.
  • Online exercise programs and coaches may help you get in shape from a distance.
  • Online storefronts where one may place an order.
  • Distribution models for courses taught online.

Government authorities in various locations have revised their regulations to provide customers with increased services, such as the delivery of alcoholic drinks to their homes and the growth of al fresco dining options. Businesses should take full advantage of these changes wherever possible. Customers who have benefited from the new services may wish for the regulations to remain flexible in the future.

4. Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Utilize sales slumps as an opportunity to fine-tune operations. As an example, you may

  • If you want better quality and more efficiency out of your manufacturing, you need better systems and procedures.
  • Redesign your website, fix your mobile apps, and upgrade your company’s administration tools.
  • Make your supply chain more adaptable so you can quickly switch to a different provider if necessary to meet your deadline.

As an additional step, consider how you can improve your current products for the benefit of your customers during and after the pandemic. Develop innovative products, such as branded face masks, portable sanitisation devices for schools, or improved collaboration tools for remote workers, to help your business expand into new or existing markets.

5. Seek Out Collaboration.

State and local governments, as well as other service providers, are already facing increasing demand for social services, despite limited public financing. The current epidemic has put further strain on these organisations. It is important to look for opportunities for your company to partner with these organisations in order to ensure the quality and quantity of their services are preserved.

By forming strategic partnerships, your company can help to address a wide range of community requirements, from supplying food for children during school closures to equipping teachers with the skills needed to move to digital teaching methods. Customers will be more likely to remain loyal when they see that the company is taking an active interest in the local community.

6. Play Around with Technology

The use of modern technology developments such as e-commerce and video conferencing have undoubtedly enabled businesses to remain operational during the public health shutdowns and restrictions. These resources may also prove invaluable in helping companies to continue to prosper in the post-pandemic years.

Technology advancements can provide your business with the opportunity to improve cost savings, productivity and customer satisfaction. Utilising the latest technology can help to improve the working environment of your staff and drive business growth.

There are several advantages to remote work and virtual meetings that may make you want to keep using them even when limitations are relaxed.

  • Gain access to a greater supply of qualified personnel.
  • Minimize unnecessary costs by cutting down on travel and overhead.
  • Reached more people in more places.
  • Let your staff have some leeway in their schedules.

As your organisation relies increasingly on technology, it is essential to ensure that you are taking the necessary security measures. With remote working, the use of collaboration tools and conducting virtual meetings, your company is inherently more vulnerable to cyberattacks. It is therefore important that all employees’ personal devices are equipped with the latest firewalls, antimalware and antivirus software. Furthermore, you should upgrade to the newest versions of all applications and browsers.

Move Beyond Crisis Management into Long-Term Improvement

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has seen drastic changes. Whilst some may present challenges, others could offer promising opportunities for the growth of your business. To successfully adapt to the new environment, it is essential to adopt a startup attitude, reinforce the company culture and utilise technological resources more effectively.

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