Take Advantage of These Digital Resources to Promote Your Company’s Growth

Although larger corporations have the upper hand in the realm of data analytics, specialised consultants and corporate solutions, small business owners and managers have advantages of their own. Small firms are renowned for their greater flexibility and ability to respond quickly to changes in the market. It has become increasingly obvious in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that smaller businesses were able to efficiently adapt to the needs of remote working.

With advancements in technology, smaller businesses are now able to reap its benefits. Cutting-edge analytics, in-depth marketing data and powerful customer service software are now readily available to businesses of all magnitudes, allowing them to meticulously plan their product launches, effortlessly alter their strategies in response to market changes, and significantly enhance their chances of success.

Acquiring knowledge of the resources at your disposal is the first step towards using them effectively. At Works, we have compiled an index of the most useful resources that can aid in taking your startup to the next level.

Engagement in Project Management

The effectiveness of project management methodologies and the implementation of appropriate project management software are responsible for numerous corporate initiatives. To aid and streamline this process for smaller organisations, Trello can prove to be a valuable tool for keeping teams on track. With the help of cards, monitoring the status of each project, pending tasks, allocation of responsibilities, and accomplished tasks is simple and clear.

Asana dashboards are an invaluable resource for small business owners and managers, serving as an efficient method of organising, executing and overseeing projects. The user-friendly interface provides a clear and concise view of pending tasks, responsible parties and their respective deadlines, facilitating the possibility of obtaining a comprehensive outlook or concentrating on specific areas.

Customer Service

Effective management of customer relationships is crucial, irrespective of the size of the organisation. HubSpot simplifies the process of incorporating new clients, keeping track of their progress, and sending notifications when required. This ensures a comprehensive comprehension of consumer conduct and enables timely communication.

Establishing and maintaining robust relationships with clients is crucial for the success of a small business. Providing exemplary customer service is a key component of this process. By employing a platform such as Zendesk, customer service professionals can benefit from the inclusion of automated assistants, messaging, chat, tickets and voice contact, streamlining the process and contributing to their success.

The subsequent video deliberates on the significance of creating a customer service strategy beforehand, and subsequently choosing the most appropriate technologies to facilitate its execution.


Employing analytics software such as Google Analytics can furnish valuable insights into the conduct of website visitors, their objectives, and the efficiency of site navigation. Subsequently, this data can be utilised to enhance the accessibility and user-friendliness of your website, potentially boosting visitor numbers and conversion rates.

Despite advancements in technology, email marketing remains a highly effective means of engaging with both existing and potential clients. Mailchimp is an exceptional tool for constructing and distributing emails, managing mailing lists, and analysing recipient behaviour. Advanced features, such as customising content and segmenting recipients can further enhance the efficacy of your email campaigns.

Hootsuite and similar platforms afford users the ability to manage and post content to several social media accounts from one central location. By scheduling posts in advance, users can save both time and effort while simultaneously ensuring the maintenance of a regular online presence. Subsequently, reporting tools can be employed to evaluate the success of social media marketing campaigns and track any brand mentions.


Maintaining precise financial records is a crucial aspect of the success of any organisation. QuickBooks is an advantageous tool for managing invoices, expenses, and payments, as well as generating necessary reports for accountants when filing tax returns.

Sage Cloud Accounting provides businesses with complete authority over their financial operations including cash flow, invoices, payments, and banking, as well as more advanced features such as inventory and debtor management, akin to those offered by QuickBooks.

Human Resources

Employees often constitute a business’s most valuable asset, and managing them can be a daunting task. TalentSoft Human Resources Software accommodates a variety of modules to simplify this process, including tools for hiring, retaining, and orientating staff. Additional features include an application tracking system, wage evaluations, and educational resources.

PayFit is a platform that enables systematic payroll processes with a personal employee portal and committed payroll specialists. When integrated with HR software, it creates an efficient and user-friendly method of managing employee benefits.

Coordinating Efforts and Collaborating Effectively

Organisations necessitate seamless communication and collaboration between on-site and remote employees, or those who fulfil both roles, to accomplish their objectives. Microsoft Teams is a prevalent platform for teams to communicate, collaborate, and share files in real-time. It additionally offers video and audio calling features, screen sharing capabilities, plus presence tracking to ensure clear visibility and audibility of everyone in the virtual room.

Zoom rapidly gained popularity in the early stages of the internet as teams sought methods for remote communication. It has since evolved into a robust tool for scheduling recurring meetings, in addition to hosting virtual conferences, presentations, seminars, and other forms of intensive training.

Utilise Your Skills to Compete with Established Competitors

To guarantee the successful incorporation of these technologies, it is significant to confirm their ability to meet the specific requirements of your business. Several of these systems offer free trials, which allows you to evaluate their functionality before making a purchase commitment.

The importance of these resources for small businesses with aspirations of expansion cannot be exaggerated. A recent essay published on the Forbes Technology Council explains how their usage can aid business owners in achieving “comprehensive visibility and control over all aspects of the company,” such as marketing, customer service, and financial results. Additionally, thanks to these applications, “small businesses have access to the same quality of data as larger enterprises,” allowing them to make informed decisions that enhance efficiency and productivity.

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