Taking Advantage of a Fully Remote Workforce and What We Learned

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At Groove, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach and our commitment to helping small businesses meet the needs of their customers. We believe that having fun is an essential part of our work and we strive to create an enjoyable and rewarding environment for everyone involved.

What the heck, if you believed it was you… When in doubt, introduce yourself.

Groove is a customer support desk solution tailored to the requirements of small businesses. Our ticketing system facilitates the centralization of customer communication, enabling organizations to access a customer’s entire interaction history across multiple channels such as email, social media, live chat and phone conversations. This way, you can provide customers with the best possible service in the shortest amount of time. We don’t provide superfluous features you’d never use. Our service is also flexible and extensible, working with integrations like Slack and Zapier, and providing key performance indicators such as response times and quality.

We are truly impressed by Groove and their accomplishments. Not only are they a completely remote team, but their small team of 16 employees are spread across 16 different locations and 4 continents. In only 5 years, they have successfully helped over 8,000 small firms resolve 25 million customer support issues. To top it all off, Capterra has rated Groove a 4.5 out of 5, which is a further testament to their success.

We are delighted that our Editor-in-Chief, Luis Magalhaes, wrote an article last year on the measures that Groove took to prevent burnout in their remote team. Now, we are revisiting Groove to explore the lessons that can be taken away from this highly successful, fully remote business.

The reasoning for Groove’s founder Alex Turnbull’s decision to hire no in-office staff

At Groove, remote working is not only a business choice, but a core value. They firmly believe that great work does not necessitate a physical office, and that it is possible to build a successful business with everyone working on their own terms. This is just one of the many reasons why we are so impressed by Groove.

Alexander had previously suggested that he struggled to be productive when working in a traditional office setting and had determined that, when the time was right, his own business would be entirely remote.

So, what criteria does Groove use for remote hires? Alex highlighted the importance of asking potential remote hires about their office setting during an interview with Zapier. Responses that involve them working from the sofa or kitchen table may be cause for concern and should be taken into account when assessing the candidate’s suitability for the role. On the other hand, if the individual has a dedicated workspace for working from home, then this should be viewed as a significant advantage. For a while now, we have been categorising our remote employees based on the answer to this question.

Here are a few other qualities Groove seeks in its remote workers:

  • Previous remote/entrepreneurial experience
  • Independent contractors for whom efficiency is not a “perk”
  • Competence in making responsible choices
  • Extremely talkative (max response time being 24 hours, a few hours is better)

Groove’s Remote-Working Tools

Some helpful resources for the internationally dispersed Groove team:

  • Slack – team chat
  • Zoom: HD video conferencing and screen sharing
  • “Groove” is shorthand for a team effort in customer service.
  • Global Time Companion – WTC
  • Workflow Management using Trello
  • Teamweek: Powerful Project Management with Teams
  • File hosting using GoogleDocs

At Groove, we understand that the success of any business is defined by the tools it uses and the manner in which its users interact with them. We place a great emphasis on fostering clear and open communication, striving to ensure that our customers are able to get the most out of our services.

We hold daily stand-up meetings, wherein all members of the entirely remote workforce report their progress and outline their goals for the day. We ensure our workforce remains engaged with weekly scheduled meetings, ‘water cooler discussion’ on our Slack platform, and quarterly and annual objectives sessions.

Here Are 7 Groove Learnings That Can Assist Your Company in Making the Transition to Remote Employees

A few words from Groove on why they’ve been so successful while operating entirely online.

First and foremost, the best of the best are available for hire when the whole globe is your talent pool.

No matter the size of the business, Groove has a total of 16 employees. Our team of specialists are located all over the world, ranging from the United States to Poland, Russia, Malta, and Germany. To put it simply, there is no single place where one can find such a dedicated, motivated and hard-working group of people.

Matt Beedle, who started a firm in Berlin that made $1 million, is just one example of the many entrepreneurs that work at Groove.

Secondly, allowing workers to choose their own schedules implies a more connected workforce throughout the world.

As an employee of Groove, it is expected that colleagues will be kept up to date via Slack regarding the morning’s activities, regardless of the time of day. This form of communication allows for the exchange of both business and personal information, which has been instrumental in cultivating a strong sense of camaraderie amongst the remote team.

Lesson #3 When everyone works remotely everyone has an equal stake

In the remote work environment, everyone knows what everyone is working on, how they are getting on, and what type of support they may require.

Everyone at Groove is eager to pitch in and do their part without worrying about who has the upper hand in the workplace.

Everyone’s task may be tracked through their platform.

Lesson #4 Simple, scrappy, and fun are attractive qualities in a remote context

At Groove, we strongly believe in the importance of key principles. When employees are not working from the same location, it is not beneficial to complicate matters further. It is essential to cultivate the ability to remain focused and organized. We are mindful of not wasting money on rent or on any superfluous office supplies. Working on one’s own terms provides an opportunity to gain more pleasure and fulfilment from their career.

Lesson #5 Remote jobs demand killer benefit packages

Groove recognizes that it is no longer acceptable to look down on those in remote positions. To demonstrate this, they ensure their staff are appropriately compensated, as well as allowing them to take as much time off as they require without experiencing a reduction in their wages. Moreover, Groove are also strong proponents of “sane work hours” as a means of preventing employee burnout, distinguishing them from other organizations who may not have the same attitude towards their workforce.

Lesson #6 You get a lot cooler staff list when you recruit remotely

Groove personnel are renowned for their active lifestyles which encompass a wide range of activities such as surfing, mountain climbing, running, travelling and participating in long-distance competitions. To further illustrate their enthusiasm for physical activities, one of them, Glenn, even has the title of ‘digital nomad’ and only sleeps on Tuesdays.

That might explain why they’re so eager to start the work week on Monday.

Lesson #7 When remote is established in the corporate value, work comes smoothly

At Groove, employees are not judged on the time it takes for them to complete a project; rather, their success is measured by the results they achieve. Overall, the employees are productive and successful. There is no need to keep track of when they are working or taking time off; instead, their accomplishments are emphasized.

At Groove, we have learned that progress is the key to success. In the five years since our founding, we have become a thriving remote business, unaffected by distance or time zones. We owe this success to our dedicated team and exceptional customer service. If you are looking to achieve the same level of growth, please get in touch with us. We are sure that, together, we can help you to flourish and provide a fantastic product or service.

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