Taking Advantage of a Fully Remote Workforce and What We Learned

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One of the hallmarks of Works is our creative outlook and dedication to assisting small businesses in satisfying the requirements of their clients. We firmly believe that incorporating enjoyment into our work is paramount and we aim to cultivate a pleasant and fulfilling atmosphere for all involved.

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Works offers an optimized customer support desk solution specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses. Our ticketing system streamlines customer communications and grants organizations an all-in-one view of a customer’s interaction history, spanning several channels including email, social media, live chat, and phone calls. This allows you to offer an unparalleled level of service in the least amount of time possible. We forgo unnecessary functionalities that are of no use to you. Our versatile service can even integrate with popular platforms like Slack and Zapier and generate vital performance metrics like response times and quality.

Works is immensely impressed with Groove and their incredible achievements. Despite being an entirely remote team, their workforce of 16 individuals is dispersed across 16 different locations and 4 different continents. Over the course of just 5 years, they’ve assisted over 8,000 small businesses in resolving a staggering 25 million customer support inquiries. Moreover, their stellar rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Capterra serves as a testament to their continued success.

Works is thrilled to have our Editor-in-Chief, Luis Magalhaes, pen an article last year about Groove’s efforts to prevent burnout in their remote team. Now, we’re circling back to Groove to explore the invaluable lessons that can be taken away from this tremendously successful fully remote enterprise.

The rationale behind Groove founder Alex Turnbull’s choice to not hire any in-office personnel

At Groove, remote work is not solely a business strategy, but rather a fundamental value. They firmly believe that exceptional work doesn’t mandate a physical office space and that it is achievable to build a thriving enterprise with each individual working on their own terms. It is precisely why we hold Groove in such high regard.

Alexander had previously expressed difficulty in maintaining productivity within a traditional office environment and had resolved that, when the opportune moment arrived, his own business would operate entirely remotely.

What are the criteria Groove uses for selecting remote hires? During his interview with Zapier, Alex emphasized the importance of inquiring about a potential remote hire’s workspace. Responses that indicate the individual works from their couch or kitchen table may warrant further scrutiny and should be taken into account when evaluating their suitability for the position. Conversely, if the candidate has a dedicated workspace for remote work, it should be viewed as a major advantage. For some time now, we have been assessing our remote staff based on their response to this question.

Below are several other attributes that Groove looks for in its remote employees:

  • Prior experience in entrepreneurship or remote work
  • Independent contractors who consider efficiency to be a necessity, not an added benefit
  • Capability to exercise sound judgement in decision making
  • Highly communicative (with a maximum response time of 24 hours, though a few hours is preferable)

Groove’s Tools for Remote Work

A few beneficial resources for the globally dispersed Groove team:

  • Slack – team messaging app
  • Zoom – high-definition video conferencing and screen sharing platform
  • “Groove” serves as shorthand for a team’s collaborative effort in delivering customer service.
  • World Time Companion (WTC) – a tool for global time management
  • Trello – a tool for managing workflow processes
  • Teamweek – a robust project management platform for teams
  • GoogleDocs – a tool for hosting and sharing files

At Groove, we recognise that a business’s success is shaped by the tools it employs and how its users engage with them. We value transparent and open communication, and endeavour to help our customers maximise the benefits of our services.

Our fully remote team at Works gathers daily for stand-up meetings, during which each member reports their progress and sets out their goals for the day. We keep our workforce engaged through weekly scheduled meetings, casual “water cooler” chats on our Slack platform, and quarterly and annual goal-setting sessions.

Seven Key Takeaways from Works to Help Your Company Shift to a Remote Workforce

Discover why Works has thrived as a fully online business, in their own words.

Access to a global talent pool means that Works can recruit the most exceptional candidates available.

Despite its small size, Works boasts a diverse team of sixteen experts based around the globe, from the United States to Poland, Russia, Malta and Germany. Our dedicated, motivated and diligent workforce is unparalleled in any single location.

At Works, we have a diverse array of entrepreneurs among our ranks, including Matt Beedle, who launched a Berlin-based company that generated $1 million.

Flexibility in work hours promotes greater global team connectivity at Works.

At Works, we encourage all employees to use Slack to stay informed about daily activities, regardless of time zones. This communication tool fosters both business and personal interactions, which has been essential in building a strong sense of camaraderie among our remote team.

Works Lesson #3: With a fully remote workforce, every team member has equal participation and investment.

Working remotely means that all team members are aware of each other’s progress, challenges and support needs.

At Works, every team member is keen to contribute and collaborate without concerns about hierarchy or power dynamics.

The Works platform allows for task tracking across the entire team.

Works Lesson #4: In a remote setting, qualities like creativity, resourcefulness and enjoyment are highly valued.

Works values key principles when it comes to remote work, prioritizing focused and organized work without unnecessary complexity, expenses or supplies. By working on their own terms, our employees enjoy greater job satisfaction and fulfillment.

Works Lesson #5: To attract and retain remote workers, comprehensive employee benefits are essential.

At Works, we believe in valuing and respecting all team members, including those working remotely. We demonstrate this by providing competitive compensation, flexible time off policies without pay reduction and promoting reasonable work hours to prevent burnout. This sets us apart and shows our commitment to ensuring employee wellbeing.

Works Lesson #6: Building a remote team diversifies your pool of potential hires and lends itself to a more interesting roster.

The Works team is made up of individuals who embrace an active lifestyle, participating in activities like surfing, mountain climbing, long-distance running, travelling and more. One of our team members, Glenn, even identifies as a ‘digital nomad’ and has a unique sleeping schedule.

This could be why our team is always excited to kick off the work week on Monday!

Works Lesson #7: Making remote work a core corporate value promotes seamless and efficient operations.

Works prioritizes results-based assessment over micromanagement of time, allowing our employees to thrive and be successful. We trust that they will complete their work effectively and emphasize the value of their achievements rather than tracking their schedules or time off.

Works has achieved significant success as a remote business in just five years, thanks to our passionate team and unwavering commitment to excellent customer service. If you’re looking to achieve growth and success in your own business, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can work together to help you thrive and deliver outstanding products or services.

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