Talent Retraining for High-Paying Tech Jobs New Charity Edition by Works Is Out Now

Presently, the US is grappling with a severe dearth of IT professionals, with over 100,000 vacant positions. What steps can be taken to address this issue? It’s worth noting that qualified individuals can be found worldwide, and ought to be considered irrespective of factors like age, orientation, creed, or any other discriminating factor. Thus, our quest for solutions should not be constrained.

At Works, we attach great importance to diversity, and it’s for this reason that we came up with the Works Giveback Program.

How Can I Get Further Information About the Works Pay It Forward Plan?

The Works Giveback Program’s seventh edition bestows monetary backing to Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) that foster employment avenues for underrepresented groups in the tech industry.

Our aim at Works is to encourage our clientele to assist us in promoting public cognizance of critical matters. We offer them the chance to select the charities we donate to, from a meticulously collated list of organizations. Our clients can choose the organization they wish to support, and we will handle the proceeding steps. All the funds we donate are derived from our corporation.

In its 2023 Year-End Giveback Program, Works has identified “reskilling talent for professions in IT” as its area of focus. We believe that exclusive training opportunities should be accessible to members of underrepresented groups, enabling them to develop skills necessary for success in today’s tech industry. To this end, we will finance three non-profit organizations that offer reskilling programs for individuals who aspire to work in the technology sector while already holding a job.

  1. Per Scholas’ primary goals involve the promotion of economic justice and bridging the gap between highly accomplished individuals and top-tier corporations through the execution of efficient training programs.
  2. Generation’s education-to-employment approach aims to aid individuals in making career transitions at various stages of their lives.
  3. Reskill Americans offers complimentary software development courses to underrepresented individuals in the US job market who are unemployed, underemployed, or seeking to switch career paths.

Promoting Greater Diversity in Technology-Related Professions

We are thrilled to be a part of a movement aimed at achieving remarkable strides in guaranteeing equal prospects for people from various backgrounds to thrive in the Highest Paying Tech Jobs.

The principle objective of Works’ Giveback Program is to create openings for growth and advancement. With the generous contributions of our clients, we have contributed over $700,000 to over 100 charitable organizations worldwide, with the aim of enhancing opportunities for skilled IT professionals.

We are pleased to declare that our Program has received the Bronze award for CSR Program of the Year at the 20th Annual American Business Awards, presented by the Stevie Awards. Our goal is to promote the progress and elevation of IT skill sets, both during and after the program’s existence.

Discover the Giveback Program’s particulars and learn how you can contribute to creating a more diverse and inclusive environment in the IT sector.

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