Technologist and Works Community Member, Discusses the Role of Women in the Tech Industry in an Exclusive Interview

Adopting a career based on education and teamwork

Acknowledging the advantages of having a mentor at the start of a career is crucial. A Works Community member, working as an IT support engineer and content developer, attributes her success in the field to the fact that she is part of a company where women outnumber men.

Our conversation centred around the influence of female mentors on her growth in the early stages of her career and how it has impacted her current work methodology.

Following the completion of her education, she commenced her professional journey in customer service at a technology enterprise based in Asia, where she currently operates. Gradually, she propelled through different job designations in the technical department, security and quality assurance.

Her job demands a high level of technical expertise, as she clarifies: “Even while carrying out Quality Assurance, it was our duty to ensure the product was compliant with the solution’s abilities.” For organizations offering hosting or SaaS, retaining customers is dependent on delivering the promised services.

An amiable environment

The company’s workforce predominantly comprising females is noteworthy, and the work culture is highly supportive. The Chief Operating Officer left a lasting impression on her as she was an exceptional role model, exhibiting an incredible talent for adapting to new information on a broad spectrum of subjects, and maintained an optimistic outlook towards education.

She affirms that this served as motivation for her to conduct exhaustive research and learning. Therefore, the entire team is continuously pursuing new knowledge to disseminate among the members. It was comparable to a competition to determine who could acquire a new skill most efficiently.

Moreover, this experience empowered her to leverage her skills and proficiency to seamlessly switch to a new profession. “Despite being the solitary female member on a team of 15, I possessed the assurance to utilise my technical know-how to operate at an elevated level.”

Competencies and Mindset

In my perspective, gender should not be a consideration while hiring individuals for a job role. The only criterion for selection must be the candidate’s ability to carry out the role and significant contributions to the organisation. All individuals should receive equal treatment, regardless of their gender.

She frankly confesses that, contrary to numerous other women, she hasn’t experienced any impediments obstructing her advancement in her field of work. I wholeheartedly recommend that individuals should display creativity and not be bound by other people’s viewpoints. This isn’t a characteristic restricted to women; it is a quality applicable to everyone.

In her own words, the exposure she gained after joining Works was an incredibly illuminating experience. I am aware of my current abilities and aspire to extend them to other areas of programming. Harnessing the resources offered by programming opens up an array of opportunities. If any woman contemplates pursuing a profession in technology, this would be my foremost suggestion.

The introduction of remote work, courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic, provided her with the opportunity to work from home, which proved to be advantageous. This was of exceptional benefit to one of her colleagues who had recently become a mother during their three-month maternity leave, hence preventing them from having to pick between their profession and motherhood. This was indeed a magical experience.

Stay Focused on Your Goal

According to her, three fundamental guiding principles must be followed by women who desire to venture into the IT industry.

  • Retaining confidence in your abilities and acknowledging your own merits and skills is crucial for triumph. Refrain from allowing anyone to discourage you by claiming that your aspirations are impractical.
  • Fostering a positive mindset is indispensable for success. Displaying confidence towards your audience is significant, as it shows that you can accomplish whatever you set out to achieve. If you are assured of your objectives, you should pursue them with tenacity.
  • Constantly learning and enhancing yourself through pursuing fresh educational experiences is crucial. Grab hold of any chance to enrich your knowledge and comprehension, as this investment is bound to reap benefits in the future.

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